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About Erin Condren

Erin Condren came from the apparel industry before she become a stay-at-home mom for her twin children in 2001. The company began when she started selling her stationery designs to her friends.

From birthday note cards and stickers came planners, organizers, journal and notebooks. To this day, Erin Condren is now a company that is dedicated to creating new products that help their customers better organize their schedules in eye-catching designs.


One of Erin Condren’s trademark products is the LifePlanner. Over 1 million users have already purchased and used the LifePlanner from the company and its best feature is being highly customizable to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

There are three available layouts (vertical, horizontal, or hourly), two different color schemes and over a hundred cover designs to choose from. The Life Planner hourly is the most detailed of the three layouts, as each hour of every day can be planned in meticulous detail. 


Each planner comes with a removable cover that is also interchangeable with the other available designs. The LifePlanner is available in both coiled and hardbound versions, with coiled coming in 7” x 9” size and the hardbound in either 5” x 8” or 8” x 10”.

Another bestseller from Erin Condren is their academic planners. This one is made for the students, with specific pages meant for listing down projects and exams that they need to remember.

There is also a six-month allocation for both weekly and monthly planning as well as lined pages made for note-taking.

Each academic planner measures 7” x 9” and is just as highly customizable as the LifePlanner, design-wise. Customers can even opt to decorate their planner’s cover with their name or initials.

Erin also offers accessories to decorate and complement her stationery products and this includes stickers and sticky notes.

One of the handiest accessories that she offers is a stylish sticker box, which can function as a storage space for any unused stickers and other similar loose stationery materials.

For customers interested in portability, the company also offers apparel and storage items, such as a carry all clutch in different designs. You can choose from the stylish designs which one best fits your personality and lifestyle the most.

If you like a little mystery, Erin Condren also offers a seasonal surprise box that contains an assortment of best-selling items, sneak peeks for future products and exclusive content. Depending on the season it’s available, each surprise box is customized for when it’s available.

Limited quantities are available each time, so grab one while you can. The surprise box is packaged in a reversible box that you can reuse later.

How Does It Work?

Once you order a seasonal surprise box, there is an approximate date indicated when the boxes will be shipped. The contents of these boxes are based on customer feedback to ensure that it contains what the customers want when they want it.

Each box is unique for every season they are made available. These boxes are ideal for both personal enjoyment and as a gift to the stationery-lover in your life.

Cost and Price Plans

Prices for the LifePlanner begin at $55 for the coiled version and is priced at $25 for the small hardbound version. On the other hand, it is $30 for the larger hardbound version. Their academic planners are priced at around $25 as well.

The sticker box costs $12, while the clutches are around $20 to $30. The seasonal surprise box contains about $60 worth of items, but it can be purchased at around $35 with free shipping.

Customer Service

For any issues and concerns, they may be reached at [email protected] They will only process returns if the items are returned within 30 days of being received as well as if they are in new condition and contains all the original content in the initial packaging.

In the case of personalized orders, they are only eligible for returns or refunds when there are any quality control issues and/or printing issues. Products with damage from shipping can be replaced if reported to their customer service within 10 days of delivery.

Any refund requests submitted 30 days after order placement will be honored with credit, as they do not save credit card details.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most of the positive reviews for Erin Condren seem to be for their physical store. However, customers who have transacted with them online have a lot of complaints. For instance, the quality of the products delivered are often wrong or missing vital parts.

In addition, their online customer support system is mentioned to be poor. Supposedly, the quality of their products and services used to be better but have since changed and depreciated.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Happy Planner offers their trademark Happy Planner. When comparing Erin Condren vs Happy Planner, they are both quite similar to each other.

For one thing, the Happy Planner is highly customizable and disc-bound. It helps users be both creative and organized with its design and systematic planner pages.

Purple Trail also offers teacher planners as well as ones made especially for students. They also offer a variety of stationery and invitation designs on their website. This might be of interest to you too if you think about Erin Condren vs Purple Trail.

Plum Paper also has a wide variety of planners available for sale. They have vertical, horizontal and monthly layouts as well as specialized designs for teachers and students.

If you compare Erin Condren vs Plum Paper Teacher, the latter has a grid layout planner, which Erin Condren does not offer.

Where to Buy?

Erin Condren products are available for purchase on their website at You will also find their products on Amazon as well as Staples. They also have physical stores, which you can visit to browse their products.


Erin Condren offers eye-catching stationery and planners that help keep you organized. However, their online service and support may hinder how well you enjoy their products.

Their trademark products are highly customizable to fit with their customers’ personalities and preferences.

Enjoy planners made for everyday use, or one that is made for students. Choose from the various accessories they have in order to be even more creative, productive and efficient in your day-to-day life.

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Not for boys
December 6, 2018
Purchased a personalized planner for my son. Chose the neutral colors and added photos to cover. When I received the planner it is for a girl - no other way to look at it. The neutrals are pinks, purples, greens etc, pale pastels. The headings have flower like designs for page or date. The pages are written in bubbly cursive print. Very disappointed. Option offered was a less than $15 store credit