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About Epoch.com

Epoch.com has been a leader in the payment card industry (PCI) and a compliant Internet Payment Service provider (IPSP). They are considered a third party credit card billing processor and have built up a large database of clients. 

Cross-selling is one of the premium features awarded to Epoch’s clients. Additionally they offer a CamCharge automated customer upgrade features and products suitable for clients who wish to integrate an affiliate program. Epoch’s main attraction is geared toward companies who want to expand their international reach. Their payment processing capabilities enable them to accept payments in different currencies.

Their platform enables you to track payments and sales by URL or by affiliate. Client’s rates are based on weekly sales volume with no reserve required. At the lowest point of sales, ranging from 0 - $5,000, there is a processing rate of 15.00%. With more sales, the percentage drops; if your weekly sales climb above $45,000 the rate drops to less than 13%. Clients are paid with a check or through a wire transfer every two weeks.

Epoch offers a three day trial membership to interested consumers, requiring a payment method on file to start. Even though trial members cancelled within the required time frame, to avoid account charges, it did not work. Individuals who took advantage of this free trial were charged anyway. Online reviews also mentioned monthly fees continued forth regardless of what was cancelled, whether it is a trial or a standard membership. 

Epoch began their company servicing merchants in the online adult entertainment industry, acting solely as the middleman between banks and customers. They expanded into all markets servicing all types of industries. The growing number of unauthorized charges processed through the system by these companies was affecting the reputation Epoch had built up. Epoch had to terminate contracts with some of their clients due to questionable business practices, the majority being clients affiliated with the adult entertainment industry. 

When a customer has been charged for something they have never signed up for and their bill indicates Epoch as the processor, customers call the phone number associated to this company. Complaints display Epoch has a nonresponsive customer service department; they are known for hanging up on callers for no reason.

While a customer may find random charges on their credit card statement, processed through Epoch, it appears as if Epoch is responsible for such unauthorized charges. However, because their clients are collecting and submitting payment information from their own customers, it is hard to distinguish who is really at fault for these unjustified charges.

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September 4, 2018
after a refund and the closing of the account the sum is taken back, the customer service does not help, they are scammers