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About Epic! Children's Books

Reading is a great way for kids to learn, but books can be expensive and difficult to cart around. There’s a solution to this problem though: Epic! books. Epic! is a company that provides unlimited eBooks all in one place, without the need for you to download books individually. Kids 12 and under especially love the game-like setup and parents love that their kids aren’t just spending time watching videos.

Epic! got its start in 2013 when the creators saw how much time their own kids were spending on their tablets. Games were easy to find, but books required a lot of work from parents whenever their kids wanted to read a new one. Founded by Suren Markosian and Kevin Donahue, Epic! is a reading app just for kids to make reading fun and easy to do.


Epic! provides your kids unlimited access to around 25,000 high-quality books and videos, all of which are set up to keep your kids entertained without mindless games. Once your child has access to Epic! Children’s Books, they can pick which books they want to read based on their age group - up to the age of 12. Every time your kid downloads a book, the app provides recommendations based upon what they’ve been reading.

How Does it Work?

First, you have to create an Epic! account. Once you’ve signed up and paid, you are able to download the app on one or all of your devices. Let your child choose the books they want to download themselves, so they can even read those books when they’re offline.

With books in English, Spanish, Chinese and French, bilingual kids can experience the joys of reading too.

Set different preferences for different kids, since up to four kids can use the app easily. Teach your kids to add books to different folders so they can access those books again later. Remember: Epic! isn’t like an online library. It will only give your child personalized recommendations tailored to their reading level and interests.

Cost and Price Plans:

When you create an Epic! account, you get your first month free and only have to pay $7.99 for every month after that. All you have to do is make your account and put in your information before you gain access on the Web, iOS and Android devices. This app is perfectly safe too, with no ads or in-app purchases that your child can accidentally click on.

Customer Service:

Try out the FAQ page before you give up all hope, but if you’re finding yourself lost or are unhappy with the app, contact Epic! at any time via email at [email protected] You are also able to find them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest if you’d like to look on social media instead.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many parents love this app, if only because they enjoy seeing their children’s faces light up when they’re reading. Of course, parents also love how current the titles are and that the books keep their children’s interest. It may be $7.99 a month, but it’s more than worth it for parents to see their kids learning and expanding their reading library.

Parents may like the app, but they do not like how difficult it is to cancel the subscription. Once their kids get too old to use the app, it’s hard to stop the monthly payments. Many parents even called it “impossible.” Parents like how the app works and how often their kids use it, but they wish it was easier to cancel when their kids grow out of it.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you’re not satisfied with Epic!, or you’d like to check out other options for your kid, consider these comparable options. Alternative options include Magic Blox, an online book library that specifically encourages kids to read all types of books while helping them become more acquainted with other cultures.

There’s also MeeGenius, another downloadable app that will provide audiobooks and other resources for kids. Finally, check out the International Children’s Digital Library, which provides books not only for kids, but resources for parents, teachers, translators and contributors too. As a parent or teacher, the International Children’s Digital Library may be your preferred option.

Where to Buy?

Epic! is still one of the best online reading apps out there for kids and if you’d like to begin your subscription, all you have to do is go to https://www.getepic.com. You are able to subscribe right on their website for easy access.

Look for the app on your mobile device or tablet too, or try downloading it from Amazon. As long as your device supports the app, all you have to do is download Epic! for your kids to begin reading.


Parents want their kids to read more, but it’s not always easy to access books online or to get your kids interested when there are games and videos at their fingertips. Try Epic! to grant them their own personal reading library instead. Kids and parents love how easy it is to download new books and with the personalization and books recommended for age groups right on the app, kids can enjoy reading wherever they go.

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