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They do no follow up on their warranty.
November 11, 2022

I have an eight-foot length of gutter that rainwater flows over the edge and does not go into the gutter. This is washing out all the filling between the stonework on my patio. I have called them three times to come and fix it, but they have not done a thing about it yet, and this has been over a period of two years. If I do not get any satisfaction soon, I am going to the local radio station for help. I would like to know if any of the people who have written complains have gotten any kind of response from the company. For the amount of money that was spent on these gutters we should get much better service.

Unhappy with work and charges
August 12, 2022
I had these gutters installed 11 months ago. Had several issues with the work, men were sent twice to fix the issues, they still are not fixed to my satisfaction. I was also charged $53.60 for a part that was not installed, I was charged $1242.18 for removal of the old gutters which they pilled in the woods below my house, I had to get someone to haul them away.

Safety Issues, and causing problems with my home and garden.
May 16, 2022

Got Leafguard in March of 2020. For the past 2 winters I have had 8 foot icicles off the gutters which have ruined my garden bushes and cause severe safety issues. My front porch gets very icy because of the icicles melting and freezing and the huge icicles could kill someone walking underneath them. I called LeafGuard today 5/16/2022 and they said, "sorry. Nothing we can do"

I would not buy these leaf guards again.

Very poor work
May 8, 2022

The two young men that they sent me we're not experienced with an older home. When they couldn't get the shingles to lift up to slide the required materials under them instead of using a putty knife to gently lift them they pulled the bottom strip out from underneath the shingles and form that on top of the gutters with all the holes and in some places the miss coloring.

Also I had a 90-degree corner and they just wrecked that corner. I would never recommend them ever again, for work on an older home. I wish I could post pictures.

Not a Happy Camper
March 2, 2022
Well, after paying an arm and a leg for new gutters, and our big down pouring rain, since the installation, I have a MAJOR water leak in my bedroom on the corner where their gutter is. They checked it today and said, it's not their gutter causing it. I said, amazing for 15 years or more with my Old Plain gutters I NEVER had a leak in my bedroom. Funny it JUST sprang up since they installed their gutters. I want my old gutters BACK.

October 2, 2021
Taking advantage of vulnerable adults with high pressure sales and unnecessary product! $11,240 for 130' of rain gutter on a mobile home for a 75 year old living on social security is criminal. Financing it at 9.9% without giving her the details or any written information should never have happened.

Virginia T.
August 5, 2020

Mine got installed really quick after I signed the tablet after a 4 hour estimate and talk to rep. Like 4 days latter on a Saturday over a month ago. On Sunday it was leaking, then pouring water at 3 end caps and a triangle shaped corner pan above my porch steps due to the bottom corner hanging down with a 1/4 inch open hole clear across and filled in with Gel u cell caulking but it still had air gaps.

Now when it rains or storms it is coming 6 foot onto my porch and downpouring all over my entry steps. On Sunday after install we tried notifying with great difficulty contacting anyone, but then J.Sallows a manager answered, I sent pictures 3 different times, finally at almost dark a week later the boy and a trainee came, stayed 45 minutes and said the boss wanted them back in PA.

So they left and no one has contacted me since about getting this fixed. Other scratches and open hole left on back of my house on the roof from taking the smaller gutter down and installing the larger. Sure it looks nice but I never had all this water coming down all over with my old gutters even if I did have to clean them out a few times a year. I paid them on Saturday when they completed the job and they cashed my check on Monday.

Lifetime warranty even to whoever I leave my home to. I need this mess fixed the right way or my money refunded to put up something else. I could have done seamless gutter myself from Lowes with a filter on it for less than 800.00. Theirs cost me a little less than 10,000.

Clog near the drain spout
July 12, 2019


First real clog in 10 years, but it took 5 weeks and numerous phone calls to get a crew from leafguard to fix it. They came yesterday. Stephen D was the crew chief, and he was pleasant, courteous and efficient - as were his crew. They cleaned up, and washed down the area of the clog.