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About Englert LeafGuard

Englert LeafGuard Brand Gutters claim to provide the ultimate solution to prevent clogged gutters.  LeafGuard is a patented covered gutter system that is easy to maintain and protects your home from runoff water damage.
Englert LeafGuard was created to help homeowners avoid the hassles of clogged gutters. With the enclosed gutter you no longer have to face the dangerous feat of cleaning them from the top of a ladder. The gutter hood is not attached, nor is it added-on; in fact, the hood and gutter is fabricated into one piece. Guards are custom fit to your home dimensions and are offered in an array of color options.
There are LeafGuard retailers across the U.S. to contact for a free, no-obligation, quote. Each location has different prices and different promotions; however, the average cost per linear foot is approximately $20.00. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required before installation and the rest is due upon install. The system comes with a lifetime of free repairs and cleaning.
The system is supposed to prevent clogs, however, if the gutter is covered then any foliage that falls will land on top of it potentially collecting on your roof instead. The purpose of gutters is to move water and debris to the drain spout, but with a top gutter guard, the runoff is detracted from this controlled movement within the gutter and inherently will spill over in various directions.
If you search online you will find customer complaints regarding the LeafGuard product and installation as well as their customer service.  For those who live in colder climates and experience freezes in the winter, it is important to note that ice dams and icicles have been referenced in online reviews. This issue has been acknowledged by LeafGuard on their website; they recommend hiring an electrician to install heating cables as a preventative measure.
Unless you have legitimate concerns and recurring issues from your current gutter system, it may wise to leave it as is. For peace of mind, consider hiring a professional to inspect the gutters and ensure that the components are still in proper working condition.
Additionally, initial quotes are often much lower than the adjusted actual price. Before fronting the money for this expense, review your options and research different companies’ products. These guards are not suitable for all homes, but you must find such information on your own.

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Virginia T.
August 5, 2020

Mine got installed really quick after I signed the tablet after a 4 hour estimate and talk to rep. Like 4 days latter on a Saturday over a month ago. On Sunday it was leaking, then pouring water at 3 end caps and a triangle shaped corner pan above my porch steps due to the bottom corner hanging down with a 1/4 inch open hole clear across and filled in with Gel u cell caulking but it still had air gaps.

Now when it rains or storms it is coming 6 foot onto my porch and downpouring all over my entry steps. On Sunday after install we tried notifying with great difficulty contacting anyone, but then J.Sallows a manager answered, I sent pictures 3 different times, finally at almost dark a week later the boy and a trainee came, stayed 45 minutes and said the boss wanted them back in PA.

So they left and no one has contacted me since about getting this fixed. Other scratches and open hole left on back of my house on the roof from taking the smaller gutter down and installing the larger. Sure it looks nice but I never had all this water coming down all over with my old gutters even if I did have to clean them out a few times a year. I paid them on Saturday when they completed the job and they cashed my check on Monday.

Lifetime warranty even to whoever I leave my home to. I need this mess fixed the right way or my money refunded to put up something else. I could have done seamless gutter myself from Lowes with a filter on it for less than 800.00. Theirs cost me a little less than 10,000.

Clog near the drain spout
July 12, 2019


First real clog in 10 years, but it took 5 weeks and numerous phone calls to get a crew from leafguard to fix it. They came yesterday. Stephen D was the crew chief, and he was pleasant, courteous and efficient - as were his crew. They cleaned up, and washed down the area of the clog.