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About Empowered.com UCLA Extension Program

Deciding what field to study in school and pursue a career in can be difficult because our interests change as we get older. Taking a free career assessment on the Empowered UCLA Extension program website is helpful to those who may be pulled in a couple directions.

This program was designed to meet the needs of adult learners and help them determine what career path will suit them the best. The Career Empowerment Program is geared toward individuals who are entering into the job market, interested in advancing in their careers or have decided to change careers.

Online courses are the preferred route for most students as the schedule is a little more flexible and classes can be accessed from any location. Certification programs have been gaining popularity because they cost less than college tuition. They also require a shorter time commitment and can be worked into a schedule for those who have a full-time or part-time job.

The Empowered program is an academic part of UCLA, so it is an accredited institution. Certification programs include College Counseling, Global Sustainability, Human Resource Administration, Information Technology Management, Marketing and New Media Fundamentals, Nonprofit Management, Transformational Leadership in Health Care, Patient Advocacy, Personal Financial Planning, and Project Management.

The courses are led by instructors and students are required to participate in weekly discussions. The homework includes essays, tests; readings, discussion board participation, and have individual/group projects.

There is an $800.00 non-refundable enrollment fee that pays for the cost of the Apple iPad which is necessary to participate in any of their certification programs. The year is based on quarters, each quarter costs $1485.00, the exception is the Project Management which costs $1980.00.

During each quarter you may take one or two classes and it is still the same price regardless. The prices of class materials are not included in the tuition price; these materials can range from $300.00-$900.00 per course. A 30-day trial period is offered to decide whether or not the program is right for you. Should you decide to cancel, you will be refunded the amount of tuition less the $800.00 enrollment fee.

The iPad was chosen as the mainstream educational tool for the Empowered UCLA Extension Program because it is easy for adults to learn to use. There is an iPad orientation, prior to the beginning of the course, to familiarize students with the iPad. Some of the assignments may only be completed on a computer; this is primarily due to the iPad’s limitations.

All students have access to career counseling and support for a maximum of two years. The guidance counselors offer much more than just advice, they provide career exercises, assessment tools, videos and podcasts. These methods are used to meet the specific needs of each student as they enter into a new career or as they progress past their current career level.

Deciding if the program is right for you depends on many factors. The certifications are limited so it’s possible they may not have courses you are interested in. Another factor to consider is the method of teaching you learn from the best. Students who learn better in a classroom setting may struggle with the iPad based learning curriculum. Also, some of the certification programs require a specified time of previous work experience and some require a Bachelor’s degree.

The Empowered UCLA Extension Program offers many great reasons to pursue one of their certification courses. They guide individuals, who want to further their careers or change career fields, to success.

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To Good To Be True!

June11, 2014

I had high hopes for this program, it's connected with UCLA and several respected people...why wouldn't it be great.

Enrollment is easy...pretty much anyone with the money is in. Like a fool, I thought my company would pay for some of it; I learned soon after that they wouldn't because after looking at the course work, they felt it was not worthy of it.

We were beta testers at first...the thing often was slow or did not record assignments written on the platform...which means, some times its lost. Support is often slow and demeaning.

Empowered sold me on the iPad innovation - you DO NOT NEED an iPad to take these classes; at first they make you feel like you do. Everything is available on their web portal.

Course materials...clearly written by the instructors or their friends. Some of the worse material I've read. They all conflict with basic knowledge of the field (in this case, Marketing). Everything you pay for, is available online, for free - however, if you plan that course, you're answers (knowledge) will not match.

The peer-to-peer interaction is a joke; you must respond to two other "learners" posts. It's as simple as "I agree with you on that Maria, well said." Seriously...I said that once - and it was acceptable.

Often times instructors take a while to respond to questions, so you're late. And when they do, it's cryptic or not really answered. I had one instructor respond with "that's a great point, good job." Uh. Did you read my QUESTION?

They are selling you on the iPad innovation, the fact that they give you career coaching (I never had one person give me any real advise; find a mentor in your new field) and that it's associated with UCLA - and by that, UCLA (a prestigious institution) agreed to administer the whole thing, for a fee, and house your records and give you a certificate.

The courses are NOT up to UCLA standards. Courses are not even challenging, I found myself disengaged because of how terribly boring they are and how robotic the instructors are.

I'm out $8000+ and learned one thing...don't be such a sucker!

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Patient advocacy program

October26, 2013

I'm in the third quarter of the new PA certificate program. I've never seen an educational program run so badly. All of us have been unpaid beta testers for their "revolutionary" iPad platform. Didn't they bother testing the program before they enrolled people and started taking their money?? I've submitted almost as many complaints to tech support as I have class assignments. Lost projects, undelivered messages between students and instructors, an instructor that went AWOL for weeks at a time. And if instructors don't pay attention to their own orientation program before they start teaching a class, they can add to the chaos by creating announcements and other material that students can't access through their ipad. You're forced to check their alternate desktop platform (Canvas) just to make sure you're not missing critical information.

Investigate certificate options carefully at other schools before applying to this program and forking over your $. Yes, I've learned some things about advocacy, but the frustration level while doing it has been sky-high.

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DANGEROUS Refund Policy!

September23, 2013

Especially the last 2 sentences! Here is their refund policy, quoted directly from the Empowered UCLA web site:

"We offer you 14 days after your first tuition payment to confirm that this program is right for you. If not, we will provide you a full refund (excluding the enrollment fee). If you change your mind after 14 days, but prior to the first day of instruction, you will receive a 50% refund. Once you start classes, you are committed to the full cost of the certificate."

Did you read that last line? The minute you start your first class, you are obligated to pay for the ENTIRE CERTIFICATE?

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Nancy Rivera

Student loan

August28, 2013

They advise late at night that I hadn't finish the paperwork for the student loan and that I had until that night to finish signing some documents. I was already approved for the loan and from my understanding everything was completed. If i didn't do that they wanted me to pay an additional $1400 more the course. I already told them that I'm withdrawing but he keep on insisting. I'm not going to be responsible for there mistakes with their financial department. Don't trust them when it comes to the financial department. Never again will I go to them. I hope I get this resolve and they don't mess up my credit for it.

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Waste of time and money for the Financial Planning Certificate

January8, 2013

1) They don't tell you up front that if you don't already have a bachelor's degree, that you will never be able to hold the CFP title.
2) The instructor of one of the first classes, Survey Of Financial Planning, does NO work at all. You're on your own in this class.
3) They don't tell you that you must be proficient on a financial calculator, and if you are not, there is absolutely NO instruction on it in the class. You're also on your own to learn how to work that.
4) The mid term and final exams are only 25 or 50 questions, and some of those are actually questions from the other class (Insurance). So they don't really reflect how much you learned, which is a gauge a student needs.
5) When I asked if that same instructor would be teaching any of the next two classes, I was lied to and told they just wouldn't know until the next quarter started. And there he was again.
6) When the first quarter started, there were 10 students, and by the time of the final, there were only 4 of us left. That should tell you a lot about the success of this program.

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January 30, 2013


We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the Financial Planning courses that you took. We did provide you with a refund after you signed up for your second quarter. We also are willing to change the course sequence for students who do not match well with their instructor. That seems to be the case here.

Our website does state that: "You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in the certificate program. Additionally, you need a Bachelor’s degree to take the CFP® Certification Examination and use the CFP® credential."

We do apologize for any confusion.

Empowered UCLA Extension

May 12, 2013

Thank you so much. I will not be taking any classes for here

June 08, 2013

Thank you very much, I will not be taking these classes.

July 21, 2013

Thanks for the review. Thought it sounded too good to be true..

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