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Elite Astrology Match, found online at EliteAstrologyMatch.com, is both an online dating site and a site for people to meet new, platonic friends in a unique astrology based format.

Astrology is a system of belief that says that astronomical events are related to human events that occur here on earth. The most popular and well known example of astrology is the Zodiac – twelve different astrological signs that everyone is born under and is believed to have influence over personalities and the course of your life.

People who believe in astrology and the Zodiac believe that your astrological sign can help you find someone who is most compatible with you or, perhaps more importantly, help you identify people that you won’t be compatible with.

Elite Astrology Match works in many similar ways to traditional dating sites. They claim to have a database of “millions of interesting, hip, attractive, single men and women” for you to choose from.

They also promise that while many other dating sites offer some of their features, there is no one site besides them that offers all of their features, which include searching and email features, chat rooms, singles events and parties, and personality match services.

Features on their website which are unique, however, include the option to provide a video profile, anonymous texting and phone communication, and an advanced astrological compatibility chart.

EliteAstrologyMatch.com promises that using their website can help add variety to peoples’ social lives and can increase their chance of a quality match, both when looking for friends or looking for a romantic partner.

You can create an account with this website for free, but if you decide to actually interact on the site with other members you’ll have to upgrade to a paid account. Unfortunately they do not post their prices and membership options on their homepage – you’ll have to set up your registration before you’ll get access to that information.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Elite Astrology Match reviews below.

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