About is an online brokerage company connecting consumers to insurance providers. Through their website you may generate quotes for a range of insurance coverage plans, some of them include health, dental, vision, and life. In addition, some of their partner affiliates offer discount prescription cards, telemedicine, and Medicare plans.

Applications for individual plans, family plans or small business plans are submitted directly through their site and forwarded to the appropriate insurance company. Their network has grown substantially since its inception; they now have connections to over 180 insurance companies nationwide and offer more than 10,000 insurance products.

Before submitting an application, use their online Federal Tax Credit calculator to see if you are eligible. eHealthInsurance cannot qualify everyone who needs a federal subsidy because they are only contracted with 34 states. This means those individuals qualifying for a federal tax credit in a state not covered through their site will have to apply on

When Comparing eHealthInsurance vs. it is clear to see how much easier it is to apply for plans through eHealthInsurance. They only require age and zip code to generate initial quotes. is still in the process of uncovering glitches in the system. To shop insurance products on you are required to create an account and complete a long form asking for detailed personal information. 


eHealthInsurance is known for its easy online shopping experience, quick approval process and affordable pricing. By using their online service you avoid typical broker fees since they connect you directly with the insurance provider. 

Applying for insurance online is not a person-to-person interaction; it can be confusing for individuals who do not understand how prices are generated. Reviews stated eHealthInsurance is tailored to applicants who know which coverage to select. They are able to use factors such as deductibles and out of pocket expenses to make a decision.

Understanding the provisions of the contract and terminology used, to assess and compare the plans offered, is extremely important. Those who are unfamiliar with how to read a plan may overlook small details, details leaving you with hardly any coverage. This is one of the most common complaints of eHealthInsurance customers. 

Any online marketplace used to generate quotes for comparison purposes are based on very few factors. In most cases the actual price, after revisions are made and prices are re-calculated, will end up much higher than what was relayed to you. This is a legit concern for applicants who enroll in a plan and discover the monthly payment charged to their account is not what was agreed upon.

Verify what is covered, the amount of the deductible(s), exclusions, in-network doctors, out of pocket expenses and co-pay details. Compare various pricing and coverage; talk with an insurance agent or consider asking friends and family for advice before signing up for a plan.

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