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About is a popular and well known dating site for single men and women which promises to not just provide an online meeting place for singles, but to use scientific research to match you with your most compatible partners.

In 1997, after 35 years as a clinical psychologist who counseled thousands of married couples, Dr. Neil Clark Warren decided there was a better way to find love than by simply leaving it chance.

Instead, he believed there was likely certain circumstances that could help predict compatibility and lead people to be in more satisfying relationships, and after three years of research and development, he felt that he had successfully identified them.

In 2000, was officially launched and describes itself as the “#1 Trusted Relationship Services Provider,” currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

When you sign up with eHarmony, you will be asked to fill out a Comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire, which will identify core traits like emotional temperament, adaptability, curiosity, and intellect, as well as values like feelings about spirituality and children, and relationship skills, like the way you resolve conflicts.

This patented Compatibility Matching System will use these 29 Dimensions of Compatibility to narrow down the field of thousands of single men and women to a specific pool of people that are best matched for you.

According to their website, using this system of scientific matching, eHarmony currently has an average of 438 members marry every day as a result of being matched on this site, in the United States alone.

Anyone can sign up with eHarmony for free, but in order to get full use of their entire range of features you will have to pay a monthly membership fee. This fee is dependent on the length of the membership you purchase, and whether or not you sign up during a promotional period.

It is also important to remember that even though you purchase a membership for a set period of time, if you do not want your membership to automatically renew and charge your credit card again, you must cancel your membership in writing.

If you have any experience with this online dating service, please leave your reviews below.

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They try to rip you off at every opportunity!

July 25, 2020

Regardless of a huge marketing hype over Eharmony, they are on the decline with very few real people. European sites like have more real members, there are so many gorgeous girls and you don't have to spend hours filling in any stupid application form, you can contact anyone and find out if she can be your match. Eharmony won't let you do this. You have to pay for every possible action on the site before you know if it's good or not. They insist on long-term subscriptions. If you ignore these requests, it doesn't matter, they will still auto-renew your subcription for 12 or 24 months. It's such an obvious scam!

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eHarmony is a ripoff scheme

December 16, 2014

I was a paid member of eHarmony for six months. First, their "compatibility" engine does not work. I had little in common with any of the women it picked for me. Most were older ladies looking for younger men. I was contacted by nobody within a decade of my age.

Secondly, there is no way to make a one-time subscription payment. You must set up recurring payments. This is where they get you. When you go in to turn off recurring payments it appears as though you must delete your account. (I'm sure the devil is in the details regarding wording.) So, I left my recurring payments in place. Then, a couple of weeks into the new period I had a facepalm moment and went to check if my account was still running. It was, so I called "customer support" to shut it down. The lady said they would not refund me because I had "activity" in the new period. I told her, "Yes, because I was checking to see if it was still going to bill me." She offered to refund half, which was better than nothing but still left me out a huge chunk of cash.

This is a despicable business practice, preying upon individuals who are putting a lot of trust and faith in eHarmony. These are customers who are truly looking for something meaningful in their lives. The last thing they expect is to get ripped off.

When I see that Dr. Neil Clark Warren on the eHarmony commercials, I have to change the channel. Two years later, the sting has not subsided.

January 10, 2015

Stay away from dating sites. Criminals lie and act smarmy anywhere, and dating sites are no exception.

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