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About eFixNow.com

eFixNow.com is a company which specializes in providing the services of computer technicians to identify, diagnose, and solve your computer problems all without you ever having to leave the house.

This company claims that their US based computer technicians are highly trained and able to provide the highest quality computer technical support to their clients throughout the United States and Canada.

These technicians are said to have extensive knowledge and ability for repairing and preventing computer problems of all types, and the company promises to provide only “top notch” software and tools to give their clients service levels that are above the industry standard.

eFixNow.com says they can provide their clients without support for computers, wired and wireless routers, Smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, printers, and more.

Their website says they can handle issues such as simple setups, such as connecting printers or other devices to your computer, basic troubleshooting, or system clean ups and optimization for slow moving PCs.

However they also handle potentially more difficult computer issues, such as those that can arise when your computer has been infected or attacked by a virus or malware.

In order to receive services from eFixNow.com, you simply go to their website and click the “Get Connected” link in the upper right hand corner. You’ll have to input your basic info – name, phone number, and address – and a technician will contact you directly within minutes.

After you are connected with a technician, you will have to download an application on your computer so that they can access your computer via remote session. At that time, you will explain your complaints, questions, or issues to the tech who will diagnose your problem.

To have a technician diagnose your problem is actually a free process. Having eFixNow.com fix the problem, however, will cost a fee, though the fee will likely be determined by the type of problem and the degree of difficulty to fix it.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your eFixNow.com reviews below.

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May14, 2013

Total scam. $50.00 to help me add another email address? I don't think so.

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June 12, 2013

No, $50.00 dollars because YOU were dumb enough to lose access to your email.

bob jones
October 02, 2013

Well put innocent1

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Josh Klien


March2, 2013

This company will take you for all they can get and not fix your pc the company is owned by criminals and thugs one of them being neil warren cooper a 25%owner he worked for Itok.net in a department that generated all of the leads they aquire and he signed a non compete that he did not follow and stole all of the itok.net info to start efixnow.com illegaly then transfered the domain to kyle tippetts this is not a company you want to do business with.


Another Shane Berry who brags to employees about beating people and torturing them as well as
recording fights in the office and recording him making his employees do embarrising and dangerous acts, he also sleeps with employees as a form to guarantee they stay employeed.

Kyle Tippetts is another owner who has abused and taken any information from other sites and converted it into his programming for the website he is a coward and a scoundrel

The other owner shane obray has been working with shane berry for years ripping people off in coaching scams over the phone and if investigated would most likely be found guilty on many levels of fraud and other charges coaching programs are things like convincing people to spend anywhere from 5 thousand dollars to 20 thousand dollars for help learning ebay or for motivational classes.

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June 12, 2013

This pleasant review was written by a disgruntled former employee who was let go.

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Mary Swanson

I had a very good experience with efixnow.com

February5, 2013

I used efixnow.com to fix my computer problems. I know quite a bit about computers and I was impressed with the knowledge that the tech who fixed my computer problems had. As far as the salesman that sold me the service I do believe that $200 is a lot to pay but you get what you pay for. I was told that I had spyware and malware infections on my computer by the salesperson. When the tech installed an antispyware program it showed that I did have a ton of adware and malware infections. While some of the programs they install are free I didn't know about them so it's nice to have them.

I was very happy with the service I received from efixnow.com and I will be paying them again when I have problems because I don't want to learn how to do it myself! Also the email help the tech gave me was useful as well. FYI I also came across some tech companies in India that don't care if your happy or not because they are a million miles away. The easiest way to see where a website is located do a whois on them by going towww.whois.com/whois/ put in their website and see where it is registered. If they are not in the states or have privacy so you can't see where they are from then don't do business with them.

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