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Great search engine!!
March 30, 2018
I love how i can plant trees while searching. Its very good for the environment and is very quick at searching.

love it
March 14, 2018
#ECOSIAISREAL my friend in middle school showed me this search engine so i researched about (on the search engine of course) and figured out the're not using the money for themselves, but for the environment.

Bad search functions
February 23, 2018
No boolean operators, and nothing to replace them. The keyword search, which is the only functionality you get, is also poor, heedlessly replacing certain words with other words. Because it does not search phrases, that means that there is no way to get Ecosia to search for the actual word you want. It seems to do this most with foreign words, "mjarra" became "mojarra," and "tsunaina" became "sunaina." Really poor functionality, switching back to google.

January 31, 2018
I love that I am able to plant trees by doing what I would anyway be doing- searching. This is a great search engine that helps the environment.

Excellent search engine
November 29, 2017
The engine works flawless. And I like the idea of returning some money they earn into the environment. People wonder if they really do this. On the website you can find descriptions of projects Ecosia has been working on. Also you can find the financial reports. You can also bring a project you think is worthwhile to support under the attention of Ecosia management. So, I like this search engine a lot and can recommend it fully.

SamAndre Oytaben January 23, 2018

If it is advertised "as is" and genuinely then yeah I think it's amazing. I just hope to see the "fruits of our labour" to coin an expression suitable for this situation...

very quick search engine
November 29, 2017
The search engine is very quick but i want to know where are the trees being planted and are they just getting cut down again

SamAndre Oytaben January 23, 2018

I'd second that where ARE these trees that seem to appear 1 per second approx.?

յանքեշիշյան February 06, 2018

If you hit "ecosia" on youtube, you will come across plenty of video-reports from their planting sites. Ecosia team takes care to ensure that their tree planting is sustainable, that local people concent and will be able to benefit from the planted trees economically, environmentally and health-wise. In other words, they don't just hit a random desert where trees will dry out or plant trees that the locals won't be able to benefit from and would choose to cut them down in near future.

Where do the trees get planted?
October 22, 2017
What if there not planting trees? How do they plant at night?

LoraKlimkiewicz October 29, 2017

If you read the website, it explains all of your questions. Great idea.

LoraKlimkiewicz October 29, 2017

Read the website, it explains how it works.

Sandra Molnar October 29, 2017

You do know the whole world doesn't experience night at the same time, don't you?

ErnestGleeson November 04, 2017

Also, there is not the same as they're which is the contraction of they are.

AND when people show a statistic such as: "Plants a tree every 30 seconds" this number is usually figured out by taking the total number of trees they've planted and dividing it by how long they have been operating and giving you an average. So no, they probably aren't planting at night wherever it is they MAY OR MAY NOT be planting trees but that doesn't mean your comment makes any sense. K thx bye

ErnestGleeson November 04, 2017

THEY ARE = THEY'RE not there which could be used as "over there".


Usually when a statement like 'every 30 seconds' is an average. They take the total number of trees they have planted divided by the total time they have been in business and that average is what they use. So no, they probably aren't planting trees at night wherever they MAY or MAY NOT be planting them.

SamAndre Oytaben January 23, 2018

I think that is a very good analysis of the entire situation... at least they could use a Phone Camera and show how it works out at approximately 1 per second... I understand that averages and statistics probably are going to be the source for this but again... once one is stating 20 MILLION TREES HAVE BEEN PLANTED when it was in the 19,997,841 or something YESTERDAY (to me)... it doesn't take much "human error" or "miscalculation" shall we say to make that 20 million into 20 thousand... and we all know that by the state the World is in nowadays that is VERY POSSIBLE. After all... DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A!!!!

Jeff February 06, 2018

Thank God Donald Trump is President of the USA.

I wanna End the Cycle
May 28, 2017
how do i know that these trees arn't being planted to just get cut down again?

LoraKlimkiewicz October 29, 2017

It doesn't really matter. Its been proved that Christmas tree farms are a lot better for your environment than making them.

ErnestGleeson November 04, 2017

For sure. Trees that are even grown to later be used as products still contribute benefits to the environment.

May 19, 2017
i want to see where these plants are getting planted ?

jane May 25, 2017

This should help:

DanielleZalud November 03, 2017