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September21, 2015

As far as I know this website is legit. I have purchased MANY things on this website including phones, fans, ipods, video games furniture and even a WII U. There was one incident when they sent me a game for the wrong console. I told about my problem and they let me keep and they also sent me the right one after. This website is good. The only thing i have to say is to make sure you read the description before buying something.

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Alan Levine

eBay Condones Seller Deception (Fraud?)

February15, 2012

Despite conclusive documentation that one of its "Power Sellers," BatteryConnection, knowingly misstated the specifications of an advertised item, eBay failed both to cancel the offer or to force the seller to correct the inflated with a stated power rating of 1500 mAh, I noticed their labels instead showed they were only 1050 mAh. Suspecting a typo in the ad, I contacted the seller, BatteryConnection, seeking an exchange. BC advised, "It seems that this is what we got from our manufacturer in this shipment," and readily refunded my money, including return postage.

In as much as I could find no other similar battery online with a power rating of 1500 mAh, I now suspected that BatteryConnection was deliberately misleading potential customers. As a test, I again ordered batteries from the same offer. Sure enough, those received were of the lower, 1050 ratings. Upon challenge, the seller feigned that he was not aware of the discrepancy. He neglected to answer why he had sent out less-powerful batteries when he had previously admitted that he did not have the appropriate ones in stock. Nor did he explain why he listed the ad on eBay in the first place when, contrary to its rules, he did not have such items in stock. Again he was quick to refund my money..

Thereupon I ordered an additional three batteries, this time under my wife's eBay account. Once again three of the 1050 mAh variety arrived. Responding to her query, BatteryConnection replied, "I checked this seems to be what we got from our manufacturer in this shipment."

Certainly three misrepresented orders indicates a pattern. I raised the matter to eBay's Resolution Center, providing a detailed description and all related emails, Appellants are forced to agree beforehand to eBay's policy that its decisions are final, so there is no means of further appeal.

Before its decree, eBay's preliminary decision was for BatteryConnection to refund the money for the last order. I informed eBay that the firm had already offered to do just that, and I was confident it would. What I was seeking was for eBay to stop running the offer and perhaps punish the seller in some way for repeatedly and apparently deliberately misrepresenting the item. Indeed, by this time I had found a good number of other eBay buyers complaining about the same misdeed in eBay's customer blog.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of deliberate misrepresentation, eBay's final decision was merely to provide refund. (By this time the refund had already been made.) Evidently, eBay declined to take action because BatteryConnection was a "Power Seller," selling great quantities of goods and achieving a high customer-satisfaction rating.

Regardless of the matter being brought to its attention, eBay continued to run the deceptive offer for at least one more month.

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