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Easy Power Plan Review: Legit or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 14, 2023


The Easy DIY Power Plan is an eBook by fictional character Ryan Taylor, that claims to offer step-by-step blueprints you can use to build a power generator from home.  

But is the Easy Power Plan just a scam?  Let's find out.

How Does it Work?

According to the creators, you can make a system anywhere you are - even outdoors or in a garage.

The plans can be downloaded to your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can access that any time, and the materials only cost around $100. 

After you build the system, you can connect it to any appliance so that you have an unlimited supply of electricity to your home.

It supposedly uses the 'endless power principle' that helps make electric cars constantly charge themselves when not being accelerated. However, there are some flaws here.

The Easy DIY Power Plan essentially alludes to being a blueprint for a perpetual motion machine, a machine that doesn't exist because you cannot get more energy out of a machine than you put into it.

You would still rely on some source of electricity in order to make this thing operate - meaning it’s pointless to install in your home in the first place.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Do a quick search for Easy DIY Power Plan, and you’ll find lots of reviews singing its praises - but very few of them give concrete examples of which this generator book is so great.

In fact, most are affiliate websites which redirect you to the sales page to purchase the blueprint in order to earn a commission.

The website itself gives us some reason to pause, too.

It is incredibly salesy with no actual information or customer testimonials for you to find out the real advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Easy DIY Power Plan is just one of many companies out there looking to make a quick buck from homeowners seeking affordable and reliable energy solutions. 

Another example is the Power Efficiency Guide (which operates similarly to the Easy DIY Power Plan).

If you’re looking for a more legitimate solution, you might want to consider a more realistic, science-backed approach.

One is to install residential wind power. Depending on where you live, you can see a return on investment in just six years, and then the electricity will be virtually free.

You might also consider geothermal energy. These heat pumps use up to 50% less electricity and last at least 20 years or more. They can be installed just about anywhere.

Other options include micro-hydropower (a great option for people who have flowing water on their property) or solar power.

There are even solar shingles, or photovoltaic roof tiles, that can help you lower your electric bills without having to install unattractive, cumbersome solar panels on your roof.

The Bottom Line

While the Easy DIY Power Plan sounds great in theory, our opinion is that it is no more than a hoax. 

It claims to defy the basic laws of physics, and with no actual customer reviews to rely on, only scam-filled affiliate advertisements that all say the exact same thing verbatim.

Our opinion is that this product is likely not worth your time or money.  Sure, it’s not very expensive, but you won’t get much out of it either.

Long story short?  You shouldn't fall for scams like the Easy DIY Power Plan to try to reduce your energy expenses.

If you have any experience with the Easy DIY Power Plan, please leave your reviews below.

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Easy DIY Power Plan Customer Reviews

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The Scam is clearly exposed in the Sales Pitch
June 23, 2023

This product works perfectly, just as it was designed to do. Obviously the product isn't really about building a tabletop perpetual energy machine, capable of supplying the energy needs of the average family home.

No it is designed to remove a set amount of money from the poor person's bank account, who can not see the flaws, and contradictions, in the scam sales page. That money is then put into the bank account of the person who did such a fine job of writing the very imaginative, and totally fictional Sales (SCAM) Page. Along with the cut of the sales that goes to Clickbank. Shame on you Clickbank for being a part of this fraud.

My guess is they are hoping that most people will end up feeling embarrassed, and ashamed that they fell for this con job, and won't ask for a refund.

If you purchased this, do yourself a favor and try to get a refund ASAP.

A whopping lie and fraud... it's about solar panels.
June 6, 2023
i knew it was impossible to produce more power than you put into it because there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine.. The joke is that it's all about solar panels, the one thing he discounts up front. this is a lie on it's face. just a fraud.

rogerdavis June 07, 2023

"Too good to be true"

I can't review Easy DIY Power Plan because I'm not dumb enough to try it.

If anyone would care to spend a few $ and a few hours as advertised...be my guest!

I'll enjoy reading your review proving "there's one born every minute"

Website reduced price to $10 when I tried to add new tabs to the browser
June 4, 2023
Aside from the fact that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, I seem to have stumbled on something that definitely revealed this Power Plan is a scam. I skimmed through the text option of the ad and went to add a new tab to the browser (Safari), but before I could a popup appeared that reduced the cost from $49 to $29. After attempting to add two more tabs, yet another popup appeared that offered the Power Plan for only $10! This told me that the Plan was basically worthless and a scam. What agency can this be reported to?

Foolish Money
June 2, 2023

A fool and his money are soon separated...

Principal 13

The Unfeasibility of the DIY electric generator
May 28, 2023

I'm an electrician,with training in consumer electronics as well.I am currently(no pun intended)rewiring the workshop in my barn,to meet the demands of electricity I need.

The total draw of the workshop AND home is a maximum of 200 amps,at an average supply of 120 volts. That is about 22,800 watts needed.Do you mean to tell me that a tabletop device made out of junk parts can supply a total demand of nearly 23,000 watts???

ALL home appliances,including furnace,electric water heater,range,and dryer, ALL electronic devices in the home, All the lights--and then in my workshop,my heaters,lathe,huge compressor,welder,drill press,and other assorted tools? REALLY???

Not to mention the fact that most all electric items are designed to run on 50/60 cycle current,which needs to be regulated to make sure the frequency stays at 60. Most electronics today, with the extensive use of microprocessors in them, need a VERY stable regulation of that frequency to operate properly-much deviation of that can damage the power supplies of these units.

Does the ad for this device say ANYTHING about regulating the current and the frequency of the electricity generated? When examined under this light,it is obvious the claims made for such a device is patently absurd.

Easy DIY Power Plan vs Lenz' Law
November 10, 2022
In my view, Lenz' Law, which is not only perfectly logical, but has been confirmed in millions of experiments, irrefutably negates the claim of over-unity electromagnetically generated energy. I don't know what sort of mechanism this scheme (or scam) employs, but I have seen a few that consist of a conventional magneto to which power factor correcting coils or capacitors are added to supposedly eliminate back EMF and work around the law of conservation of energy, i.e., defeat Lenz' Law. Since these are external devices, and back EMF works at the induction interface of coil and magnet, in my semi-educated view, the claim of the Easy Power Plan is bunk.

MNicholas November 24, 2022

Nikola Tesla did it - that is an easily provable fact. The science was suppressed. Sadly, people with your attitude, which assumes you know all, hold back advances. I don’t know this system works, but I have seen working examples of other systems that produce free energy. I’d like to remind you that it was once considered by “experts” that it was impossible that heavier than air machines would ever fly. I’d recommend that you start by studying some quantum physics, then you’d know that there is limitless energy available to us in the quantum field. The only question then becomes how to access it.

Richard November 29, 2022

If I spent $106 plus $49 on the how-to book, I would build the thing, package it, refine it, patent it and market it. So all these people who say it's-so-great, not one of them have thought the same thing? Ryan Taylor could have secured his 'secret' with a patent instead of selling a digital how-to book for $49. You know it's a scam because when Ryan's uncle died, the U. S. government didn't confiscate all of his documentation. Go figure. Yours truly, The Fleabag

WillimF Renninger Jr May 28, 2023

Yes like a rule of thumb if it looks to good to be true , then it is not.

GaryVandergrift December 13, 2023

A/C runs on 220. He said the machine would Run everything? How is he getting 2 phases of 110V, out of sync, to run an A/C unit? How is the voltage regulated, at 60Hz, for $105?

Joseph Newman machine
November 8, 2022
The idea is based on Joseph Newman's free energy device which has been ridiculed by many. Still, several scientists found his ideas to be innovative. It was patented in several countries but the US patent office wouldn't go for it. I give it 5 stars to counter the negative reviews.

Jax C November 15, 2022

I am going contrary to this "review" Took me all summer and a lot of help from an engineer.Yes ,,materials co$t!! over $1,000 and labor was not included.Got it running ,,we jumped for joy. After several months - we never got over 4,200 watts,,, low amperage (thats the kicker) For the wattage we got vs the return its a no brainer..stay with the local utility.

However----out there some where is another Elon Musk that has $$$ and a brain barn..of engineers or the desire to get this productive as hydro power on a local farm,, could really boost this project. The cost of a generator some day will become much lower to generate more power as this is like an after burner some what!!

As it is now magnetic generation is the least costly. Oh, one-last last comment ..my Company got me in China for a while ,,,the USA press lies!!! The Commies DO have great solar panels !! They stole the intelligence from many countries,,easily, added in their own ,,have real decent solar panels that are cost effective!! Sold those to Australia !! And lots of solar farms that are expanding strongly!! .Also electric cars are fairly common in China ,,body quality-- needs to be upgraded.

DonRoss December 10, 2022

It’s funny to comment on this. Hardly know where to start. Electric vehicles in China? Yes. Where can you drive? Better question where will the Chinese Government allow you to drive? Next time you are there. Ask anyone what is a fast charge station and where are they?Don R

DrMike Foster August 14, 2023

Newman's ideas might well have been innovative yet when it came to an actual machine, it failed scrutiny. The reason that it could not be patented in the US is that the machine did not match up to the claims made for it. In 1986 the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE undertook a rigorous test of the Joseph Newman machine. The conclusion was: "At all conditions tested, the input power exceeded the output power. That is, the device did not deliver more energy than it used."

Red Flags Everywhere
August 19, 2021

During the oh so smarmy sales pitch when the guy was describing his daughters suffering and shivering in bed through a cold night, one of them said, "I wish I could have some warm soup". Major eye roll and it went downhill from there.

1. He's a teacher with no practical engineering or energy knowledge whatsoever

2. If it only costs $106 to build, and it works flawlessly as stated, why not mass manufacture the project and walk away with billions while changing the energy industry forever?


ToonBudgie August 30, 2021

If you wish to file a complaint against the seller (or any online fraud) use IC3, the governments internet fraud website... https://www.ic3.gov/

TomRoberts December 30, 2022

ToonNudgie, making a complaint is one thing, but how does someone FIND complaints (or praise) on the "Easy DIY Power Plan" by someone who actually bought one?

I lost count of the quantity of lies in the sales pitch.
January 19, 2021

The sales pitch is beyond inaccurate. I'm yet to get any actual support after the sales video boasted it as fast and personal. It claims to cost a little over $100.00 for materials and can be built in a few hours, but on close inspection the cost is well over $1,000.00 and takes days just for curing times for the resin products suggested.

There was no blueprint as claimed in the sales pitch and many of the materials are not available at Home Depot as stated. The pitch claims many people would have many of the materials laying around at hand, I have a sizable shop and a lot of hardware and materials on hand but the materials are mostly the kind a large production facility would have around.

The ad also claims that it is so easy that anyone could build it and said "10 out of 87,435 had no difficulty building it from the plans provided." I'm extremely capable of many facets of fabrication and from the instructions it is clear to me that I know very few people that could even get started on such a task.

The video phrases it in a way to discourage people from admitting they couldn't build it thinking they should probably be embarrassed to say so. They also claim a risk free warranty that I'm preparing to test...


Update... They refunded the entire purchase with a reply to their email that more assertive. I gave them a star for that.


KevinMcDermott July 05, 2022

One thing I haven't read anyone saying 'Why not build a unit and sell it ready made'It would be more a seller and of course easier to send it back if it didn't work so they couldn't blame you for building it wrong!

Plus you must buy it now to save money is a ploy used to boost sales and speed up making money process for something not worth the original price in the first place. It's 100% scam leave it alone.

let's talk about behind the scenes
December 27, 2020
5 entire pages of google search results and only after adding "hoax" in my search query did this site pop up. just how much did they invest into this scam?

ToonBudgie August 30, 2021

Indeed... I think they have a much better understanding of google algorithms than they do energy!

If you wish to file a complaint against the seller (or any online fraud) use IC3, the governments internet fraud website... https://www.ic3.gov/

Dumb, So Dumb
September 7, 2020

There is not such thing as a "endless power principle".

Electric cars charge themselves when you are decelerating. They use the drive motor(s) as generators but, every generator requires a power input. That power can be a internal combustion engine, windmill blades or the energy of a moving mass which you convert to electricity by slowing the mass. Once the car stops, so does the generation of electricity.

If this works like an electric car, I don't see how you will be able to keep a mass moving while slowing it down by pulling energy out of it.

It's moronic, except, frustratingly, many have probably given their money to the rip-off artists and I guess that's not dumb for them!

Easy Power Plan .org - Not Genuine
July 31, 2020

Great Idea but most reviews I've read say they can't build it or get the right parts,

It seems that if the Designer was genuine and the product worked they would be mass producing it and selling it into the market or even the components, clearly, it doesn't work and the easy way is to sell an ebook and hold no accountability - so looks like a typical ebook that has scammed 87,000 customers - GP

ToonBudgie August 30, 2021

If you wish to file a complaint against the seller (or any online fraud) use IC3, the governments internet fraud website... https://www.ic3.gov/

Easy Power Plan
March 28, 2020

You are the only review I have seen, which mention that you can NOT get ay more energy out of a device than you put into it.

Good work.



duke April 30, 2020

Believe or not even otherwise sharp people fall for what in essence are "perpetual motion machines." Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. In the case of these type machines, the energy claimed to be "generated" is electrical. So now look for what is transformed to electrical: You see "mechanical energy" and some stored kinetic energy. But what else is there to support the claims of electrical energy produced? The law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside.

JoeCotter June 29, 2020

Thanks for a honest review. First non ad review without printing the company's hype. Joe

EdwardReiss May 19, 2021

If it is not true then why does the government not send fraud and internet scammers to jail. who is regulating this internet

ToonBudgie August 30, 2021

If you wish to file a complaint against the seller (or any online fraud) use IC3, the governments internet fraud website... https://www.ic3.gov/

TomRoberts December 30, 2022

Odd that none of the reviews says, "I bought the plan, and it worked." None of the reviews said, 'I bought the plan, and it did NOT work." Did anyone here actually try it? What were your results?

KennethLundgren March 03, 2023

It sounds like all the same claims as the "Ultimate Energy Guide". I bought that book from Walmart for $18 and will return it. It's total garbage and full of dangerous advice, like using microwave 2kV oven transformers with a spark gap, or 8 kV neon sign transformers with a spark gap. There are 6 warnings about how it could kill you if you don't have high voltage experience. There are three totally unworkable designs called "experiments". The book tells you to use "pickling paste" for soldering. It is made of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. There is no customer service number.Don't try this at home. And certainly don't spend money on it.