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Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets
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Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets are a type of dissolving laundry sheet marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergent.

Earth Breeze states they are a carbon neutral company and that the sheets come in plastic-free packaging, are hypoallergenic, and work in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency ones.

How Does it Work?

Earth Breeze Detergent is a new way to do laundry.  These powerful and effective laundry detergent sheets easily dissolve in hot or cold water, and eliminate the need for the traditional big plastic containers.

These sheets are extremely environmentally friendly – they are created with sustainability in mind, while being just as efficient as the industry standard. 


Liquid detergent can be up to 90% water, and since Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets are a lightweight strip, they are extremely concentrated while also being environmentally friendly. At the same time they can still remove even the toughest of stains.

These laundry sheets come in 2 scents – fragrance free and fresh scent – and are sensitive-skin approved. They also meet the standard for septic and greywater systems. They are concentrated, low-sudsing, and biodegradable.

The company is also very transparent about their ingredients and production practices. The detergent ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. Earth Breeze is manufactured in the U.S., and is based in Oregon.

How Is Earth Breeze Detergent Eco-Friendly?

Earth Breeze Detergent eco sheets come in a small, flat, 100% biodegradable package, that when composted will return to its organic components in 3 months time. 

That means not only is there zero plastic in the packaging, but 3 months after use, there is not even a trace of that detergent left if you compost it.

Additionally, there are 90% less carbon emissions involved in transporting Earth Breeze detergent. Because the package is so lightweight and small in size, far less fuel is required to transport it.

According to the Earth Breeze site, the fuel saved by switching to Earth Breeze is equivalent to taking 30 million cars off the road.

Cost and Price Plans

Earth Breeze Detergent averages out to roughly 20 cents per load of laundry.

You can purchase the eco strips by 60 loads or 360 loads, one time only or subscription.  A one-time purchase of 60 loads is $20, and that goes down to $12 with the subscription model.

Customer Service

There is a 24 hour support team ready to answer any questions. Simply go to the Contact Us page on their site, and fill out a request form for assistance.

There is also a customer service email ([email protected]) for any other questions you might have. If you sign up for the subscription, you can unsubscribe or cancel at any point.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, Earth Breeze also offers a money-back guarantee.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

At the time of this review Earth Breeze is not yet Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, and has a 3.5 star rating on the site. On Earth Breeze's own site there are over 5,000 reviews, averaging to 5 stars overall.

Overall, there are many happy customers who are excited about the efficacy of Earth Breeze as well as the environmentally driven nature of the product.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many things that set Earth Breeze Detergent apart, but first and foremost is their clear commitment to helping the environment – that means nature (by eliminating plastic packaging), other people (by donating loads of detergent), and even animals (vegan products).

There are certainly other companies doing eco-friendly, zero plastic laundry options, so we’ll walk through those alternatives.

It’s interesting to see the ways that companies are working to solve the plastics problem, and the variety of methods used to create plastic-free detergents.

Earth Breeze vs. Tru Earth - Tru Earth is certainly a leader in this space, and seems to be the most popular choice for laundry sheets.  The packaging also includes zero plastic and is compostable like Earth Breeze.

While you can only buy Earth Breeze on its own site, you can purchase Tru Earth on other sites, like Amazon, where it has almost 5,000 reviews, averaging a 4.5/5 stars.

The overall price is about double that of Earth Breeze, $15 for 32 loads, or about 46 cents per load. 

Earth Breeze vs. Dropps - Dropps is another popular choice for eco-friendly laundry.  They are offered in pods, however, and not sheets like Earth Breeze or Tru Earth.

Like Earth Breeze, the packaging is compostable and they partner with organizations to give back.

They also are 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping, as they work with 3Degrees to offset the carbon from every shipment.

Dropps is $24 for a 56 count (one time use, 42 cents per load), or you can save 30% by subscribing (30 cents per load).

Earth Breeze vs. Blueland Cleaning Products - Blueland comes in naked tablets (not wrapped in plastic).  The “starter set” comes with 40 fragrance free laundry tabs in a reusable steel tin, all for $18 (about 40 cents per load). 

There are some reviews that Blueland doesn’t dissolve well in cold water, but otherwise they are very effective.

The Bottom Line

If you're interested in a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergent, Earth Breeze Detergent is an amazing choice. 

There are more options than ever before to have zero-plastic or more environmentally friendly laundry, whether that is laundry detergent sheets like Earth Breeze, tablets or low-plastic pods in sustainable packing.

It’s important that we each recognize the amount of plastic we throw away annually and make small changes to our lifestyles where we can.

Switching to Earth Breeze is an excellent way to do something tangible without sacrificing efficiency in stain-removal, while also making your life easier.

It's a great choice for reducing your personal plastic usage - the planet and your clean laundry will thank you.

If you have any experience with Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets, please leave your reviews below.

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Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets Customer Reviews

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Smelly clothes still come out smelly
September 23, 2021
Just trying to do my part with a family of 7. Didn't work for us. Smelly clothes are still smelly after washing twice. Tried with two sheets, still smelly. We're sweating, heart working parents with teens. Sorry, but I need to get the smells out. It seems a little counter 'economical' to have to run that much water, and use that much more detergent to get a marginal clean. Won't buy again.

Great product.
August 17, 2021
I love this product, it works on all kind of laundry issues. I receive my product monthly and love not having to go to the store to buy laundry soap. I receive a monthly email that lets me know when the order will be sent, at that time I can alter the shipping date. I never run out of detergent.

What's not to love?
July 15, 2021
I love Earth Breeze! Zero plastic, shipped to my house whenever I need more, affordable, and my clothes are cleaner than with regular detergent! I also like that they donate to a charity of my choosing. What's not to love?

So easy!!!!
May 23, 2021
I didn't wait long to receive my package

Good Product
May 11, 2021

It took a couple of weeks to get, but other than the wait this product has been great for regular soiled loads of laundry. I'm nervous to try on any heavily soiled loads, but I need to if I'm going to go 100% plastic free!!!

I'm super excited to be switching (hopefully 100% soon) to a more eco friendly detergent. I'm really glad that I tried these, and at the cost, who wouldn't at least TRY the dang things! Between these and my dryer balls I feel like I'm doing my part in making a dent in the carbon emissions and plastic use of my family with EVERY load of laundry. It makes me feel good! If you're on the fence, just try them!

Great product
April 18, 2021
I love this product. I was hesitant to try but very pleased with the washing results when used.

Also still waiting to receive the product...
April 17, 2021
Not good so far, still waiting for the product to arrive

Still waiting to receive the shipping
March 7, 2021
I bought this product and I am still waiting to receive it.

KarenKempsell April 17, 2021

Me too, have contacted them and not heard anything back