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About E-Cloth

If you’re used to using harsh chemical cleaners to get things spic and span, you may have wondered what kinds of problems these cleaners are causing for your health - as well as what damages they might be causing to the surfaces in your home.

If that sounds like you, have you heard of the E-Cloth? This microfiber towel cleans with just water, requiring no chemicals or even soap or vinegar to get the job done.

How Does E-Cloth Work?

Cleaning couldn’t be any easier with the revolutionary E-Cloth. To get started, all you need to do is wet the rag thoroughly and wring it out. Use the cloth when it’s damp, and only use water. You can use the scrubbing pocket of the cloth to get rid of stuck-on residues. If you’re using brushed stainless steel, you can use the side with scrubbing stripes to wipe in the direction of the grain.

When your E-Cloth becomes grimy, all you need to do is machine wash it at medium temperature, using a mild detergent. You don’t need to use a lot of detergent, so you can always wash hot without detergent, too. You can even sterilize these ranges at boiling temperature.

These cloths remove dirt, grease, and 99% of bacteria - just with water. They come with a three-year guarantee, and when you purchase, you have several different options as to which cleaning cloths you select. There are cloths to clean appliances, kitchens, worktops, windows, bathrooms, and the rest of the house, too.

The specialist cloths, like those for window cleaning and the bath and shower pad, leave surfaces sparkling clean. You won’t have to worry about using any kinds of chemicals, as the power resides instead in the fibers of the cloth. Each cloth also comes with a three-year guarantee.

The cloths are made out of a mixture of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, and other materials that are specifically designed, chosen, and engineered to work with certain types of surfaces. When you purchase, you can choose between different cleaning rags for stainless steel, for cleaning glass (yes, there’s a glass and polishing cloth!), for window cleaning, and more. E-Cloth even makes a cleaning and dusting wand and a bathroom and tile mop.

That’s not all, though. There are also E-Cloth products to help you clean your pet, to use as alternatives to sponges, and to clean appliances. You can purchase scrubbers or value packs or even baby-safe products. There are even car cleaning and office cleaning packs, and products to help you clean your grill!

Cost and Price Plans

Ready to get cleaning? The E-Cloth is affordable, with multiple purchase options available on the company’s website. You can receive a starter pack for just $24.99. This comes with five cleaning cloths.

If you want, you can also upgrade to the home cleaning 8-pack for $39.99. This pack comes in several different colors, including gray, striped, green, yellow, and blue. Additionally, the company sells a four-pack of Glass and Polishing Cloths for just $19.99. An individual cloth will run you about $8, depending on which type you choose.

Competitors and Alternatives

Consumers often compare E-Cloth vs. Norwex. While both E-Cloth and Norwex produce high-quality microfiber cleaning products, the products offered by Norwex are slightly more expensive. You can also buy E-Cloth products directly, whereas Norwex requires you to go through a consultant.

Many people also wonder what the difference between E- Cloth vs. microfiber is. Microfiber is simply a material, and it’s used in the construction of the E-Cloth (it is made out of multiple fibers!). There are plenty of other microfiber cleaning cloths out there, too.

Finally, you might compare E-Cloth vs. Enjo. Enjo cloths are also quite expensive, coming in at around $30 or more apiece. However, these microfiber cleaning cloths come with the same features and abilities as both Norwex and E-Cloth cleaning cloths.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers love how well these E-Cloths work. Not only do they help change the speed and manner with which you clean, but they are also an affordable option for people on a limited budget. They work just as well as commercial cleaning rags without all of the chemicals. Even the kids can get involved in your cleaning chores!

The only complaint about E-Cloth is that it can sometimes cause a streaky finish. The most common culprit behind this problem is a rag that is too wet. An overly damp E-Cloth will not provide a streak-free finish. Instead, allow the rag to dry a bit, and fold it to use it as a pad when you are ready to go, as you will be provided with multiple cleaning sides.

E-Cloths last for up to 300 washes, about as long as the average rag.

Customer Service

E-Cloth prides itself on the creation of a company that is available, open, and easy to contact. You can easily give E-Cloth a call at (800) 677-4354 from Monday through Friday. You can also use the handy chat feature on the website or contact them via email. The company also has an active social media channels on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

E-Cloth also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you need to return an E-Cloth product, all you need to do is contact the Customer Service team. You can order from anywhere within the United States and Canada.

Where to Buy?

Not only can you purchase the E-Cloth via the manufacturer’s website, but it can also be purchased at WalMart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and on Amazon. Just keep in mind that the return and guarantee policies offered by E-Cloth may not be available when you purchase the products indirectly through these other channels.

Is E-Cloth Worth It?

What if you could give your home a better, deeper clean - by just using water? Water is nature’s cleaner, and its power is harnessed in the unique E-Cloth. Consider giving it a try today - you’ll appreciate all the money you save in not having to buy commercial cleaners or cleaning cloths.

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