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DX.com is the online home of DealExtreme, an online shopping center that offers multiple different types of items, from electronics and gadgets to jewelry and other accessories.

DX.com states that they offer their users gadgets at attractive prices, and they ensure that each item is tested before it is every shipped to you, so that they know it’s in working order before you receive it.

If you find a lower price in another online shopping center, you can report it to DX.com and they will review their pricing and see if they can’t match the lower price you’ve found.

DX.com also offers a Deal section of their website, Dxoffers.com. If you have an existing account with DX.com, you may register for their Deals site. This site has daily offers of items priced with an extra discount.

Each item has a required quantity of items which must be sold in a specific time limit in order for the Deal to go through. If that quantity isn’t sold in the proper time frame, the Deal will become void and you won’t receive your item.

If for some reason you would like to return an item to DX.com, you must return the item in its original condition, unused and unopened, within 30 days of receiving it. Doing so will make you eligible for a full refund, less shipping and handling costs.

If you need to return an item longer than 30 days after receiving it due to a defect in the product, you will need to go to the DX.com site to find their specific return procedure, in order to ensure that you get your refund.

If you have any experience with DX.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Don't buy from them!!!!
September 12, 2021
I think they are just stealing credit card numbers. I tried to buy something with 2 different credit cards that I know are good. I had just checked my balance with the banks. Both cards were declined, telling me I need to use a mastercard or visa. These cards were both of those. I don't trust them to not use my credit cards numbers, especially after seeing all the bad reviews.

The site just gets scammier
September 15, 2020

(I know "scammier" isn't formally a word, but for dx.com, it should be.)

At one point in time, dx.com was a good place for cheap products. That time is gone. Now, if your order arrives broken (if it arrives at all), you won't get a refund. In your attempt to get a refund, you'll encounter bugs and dead ends. The site is designed and built to actively obfuscate things like who actually sold you the product, and how to get a refund. Fake reviews are posted under real user accounts, which could only be done by or with the cooperation of dx.com.

Avoid DX
November 1, 2019
Ordered a product that showed "in stock", did not receive it for a few weeks. Checked DealExtreme, they showed it out of stock. Contacted them, no support. Waited a month to get item to shipped status. Then item is delivered while we are away. They will not redirect to another address, so item is held. We try to pick it up when we get back, but item is now lost. DealExtreme refuses to refund. Opened a complaint with credit card company, still waiting for money back 4 months later.

They sell a fake USB hub
October 25, 2019

I was quite happy with dx.com but not anymore. I ordered this product:


It didn't work and I wanted to know why so I opened it up and saw this:


All USB sockets are just tied together and connected to the USB plug! This is not the way you make a USB hub. You need one or more integrated controllers (ICs) according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_hub.

When I complained they didn't acknowledge the problem and didn't want to solve it. They kept asking for pictures and even a video instead!

Horrible company, don't use them!
November 30, 2018
I ordered an item and received an email that stated that I should receive it in 15 - 20 days and that I should contact them if I don't receive it by then. I needed this item within a month as I was moving. I did not receive the item and by 20 days I contacted the company and was told that it usually takes 5 - 8 weeks! There was no tracking information on the package and no warning that it could take this long. Now I will be gone and I won't have the item for my trip which I really need. Now I will have to see if I can find it somewhere else with little time to find a replacement and I am out my money for the product. Please never use this company.

Buy from them and experience the worst online shopping ever!
October 12, 2018
There is no sopport thing with this website, and maybe after 10 days they just answer your tickets and play with you like a child. NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM DX.COM

Absolutely ridiculous
June 21, 2018

Ordered an alarm clock and it was out for shipment on the 9/5

Had several interactions with Crystal sui who did have found to be rude and very unhelpful. Contact them to say I hadn't received the item probably around the 20/5 and was told to wait for 3 weeks. Waited, contacted them and again and I have now been told to wait another week. Its now the 21/6.

As you can imagine I'm fuming.. had to purchase another alarm clock as it's a necessity and now they won't give me a refund! Worse customer service EVER !

Donna Green

Slow to deliver and worse
June 8, 2018

I ordered some small DC motors with magnetic encoders and paid the 'expedited' shipping.

More than three weeks later (instead of 4-5 days) I discovered the units were lost in China somewhere.

I re-ordered the motors and alerted DX to the missing shipment.

Three weeks later (again, not the 4-5 days promised) the motors arrived.

One was broken, one has bad bearings and one seems to work OK.

If painfully slow delivery and damaged goods are AOK with you, go ahead and buy from DX.

As Jess pointed out DX won't posy negative reviews.

Never, ever buy anything from DX.com! It will cost you much more than you have expected!
February 22, 2018

No clear information on taxes and post office costs!

I paid for my mobile phone 442 EUR euro (shipped to the Netherlands)!

Price DX.com website = 354.57EUR

Taxes = 74.46 EUR

Post Office costs = 13 EUR

Total price = 442 EUR

You can take a taxes insurance for ca. 20 euro, then you will get back 40 euro… but you have paid 20 euro already, so you get 20 euro back. Therefore, even with taxes insurance, you will pay for purchases at DX.com much more than you expected. In my case 67 euro extra!

There is no warning against extra costs, and this make DX.com completely unreliable webshop! Never, ever buy anything from them!

I have ordered many times and got almost all the goods on time
February 20, 2018

To order from dx.com means the product will always arrive within 4-5 weeks. Sometimes it takes three weeks but it is unusual. Sometimes the goods are sent the following day and arrive in 5 weeks. Sometimes the goods are shipped after 4 weeks and arrive in a week.

It is quite normal that the order is not processed in a week or two. Just take it easy. After two weeks, you can ask a question through the chat and see how it works. Then you will be told they are waiting for one or two items. I always want everything to be sent at the same time, then you get a tracking code.

I always order multiple items at the same time and it is always what you most want, which takes long time :(

Although it takes a long time, I am very pleased with dx.com. They handle all my complaints in a good way and send new product or pay back the money if something has been broken.

I recommend the company if you have time to wait for a month before you get your product.

December 7, 2017
Placed an order for 10$ and it's been 5 weeks and no delivery. Now they say wait for 6 weeks. I think it's a WASTE OF TIME & MONEY. This site falls in scam catageory.

They cancel orders without notification
November 6, 2017

I've placed the order two weeks ago. The order was processing for two weeks.... and then they cancel it without any notice. They did not have the item in stock, why do you have it on sell then if you don't have the item in stock??

Don't waste your time with DX.com

They Do Not Accept Bad Review
November 6, 2017

I bought a pocket watch, the number fell of the dial of the watch within one week. I tried to write a bad review about the watch, including photo and they refused to approve it.

What a sham. The reviews are a sham. Here is the message I got from DX.

"Your recent review title"Numbers fell off Dial on 1st week!",which contains SKU 424401 has been unapproved for some reasons"

Its one of the bad site no support money is never refunded
October 7, 2017

Its one of the bad site no support money is never refunded if the product is not recvd even after raising several concerns its a 100% fraud company guys don't buy it

my order no 170905001068789120

my name rajneesh shetty

Bought the product never got delivery of the product neither the refund.

VadimTeglenenco November 24, 2017

I ordered something for $137 and never got the product wtf is this they gonn take your money and mess you up DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

You have to pay taxes in EU
December 29, 2016

I ordered an Android phone and I received the good after one month. The product is fine but I had to pay Duane tax.

For EU people: take care when you order it, because you have to pay Duane taxes. At the value of 300EUR you have to pay 76EUR in addition.

Stupid DX.com
December 27, 2016

They never had faith with their business. I ordered a mobile and was charge by customs and further i ordered some products around 30$ and that also charge by customs . but they are saying that most of their products are not charged by customs.

How it is possible.......... DX.com

idk (whether customs are friends of DX.com, When they saw that this order is from DX.com and don't put tax on them let them go without customs)

What a silly promise with customers.

Reference: order 161103001087475178

order 160521001091724384



It's called China company people...
December 18, 2016
Duhhhhhh!!!! They deserve to make money off ya morons what are you gonna do have UN request about this??

Bunch of lies
December 18, 2016

I have bought a camer which I needed for my work. They put an information that dispatch will be done in 2 -3 days and that the parcel will travel 7 working days. After a month of waiting I investigated that the dispatch was done 28 days after the purchase and it is already traveling additional 25 days as it is from China and supposedly it was send by ship.

They offer me 5 euro recompensation in Vaucher, as if I would ever buy anything from them and meanwhile the price of this camera dropped by 25 euro.

I really hate this China services

Is not a good place to order
November 5, 2016

I placed a order some weeks and paid with my credit card, but now when I tried to trace in my DX account I received a error... is imposible to trace!

I will go to my bank to delete the transaction!


Is a great problem with this fake site!

Avoid this company
September 27, 2016

Avoid this company like the Plague!!! I ordered a Lenovo smart phone and a 128GB memory card. payed via visa debit card and I received the email stating payment completed successfully. The next day I received another email asking me for a photo copy of both sides of the my visa debit card and a photocopy of my passport. At this point I suspected all was not well with this company. I refused to provide photocopies of my card and passport. If you send them a Email the mail is returned undelivered. There online chat is a joke!! I was advised I failed verification and my order was cancelled, presumably because I wouldnt supply them with copies of passport and visa debit........ (who in the right frame of mind would) I advised the online chat agent that my funds were being held, her response was "you must contact your bank" There website looks professional but as a company they aren't.