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About DVD Now Kiosks

DVD Now Kiosks, found online at DVDNow.net, is a company whose mission is to assist entrepreneurs from all over the country develop money making networks of independently owned and operated rental kiosks.

According to their website, DVDNow Kiosks claims that automated DVD rental kiosks have “all but replaced traditional video stores,” with well over thirty percent of video rentals today taking place at kiosks.

And within the DVD kiosk industry, this company claims to have the “finest automated DVD rental program available today,” by providing a fast, efficient, and convenient way to either rent or purchase the newest movies and video games.

If you are interested in learning more about this industry and how you can possibly purchase a franchise, they have a five step system to getting involved.

First, you must register for their Business Ownership Webinar, which will answer all your initial questions regarding cost of purchasing and possible profitability. Once you have completed the webinar, you must fill out your Confidential Profile to receive your ownership package material.

Once that is finished, you can arrange an interview with a DVDNow specialist, who will answer all of your remaining questions, such as how you should decide how to price your rentable materials and how much owners make within the first few years.

After you have completed the first three steps, you will then have to be approved by the DVD Now Kiosk team before you can move forward in the ownership process, but they assure their potential owners that they work hard to assist their franchisees build successful networks of kiosks.

The company gives all their owners the ability to manage their network remotely; everything you need to oversee and monitor your kiosks will be done through online access, so there will be no physical limit to how far you can extend your network.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your DVD Now Kiosks reviews below.

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