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DuoLingo.com is a free language learning web-based computer program, the lessons are also integrated with a game-like component to offer a challenge to its users. DuoLingo.com offers lessons in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian; they are gradually adding new language options.

New DuoLingo.com users, whom are also starting a language lesson for the first time, immediately start with basic word and phrase translations. These lessons continue on to verb conjugations and then progress on to structuring sentences.

As you pass from one lesson to the next, three hearts are awarded to you for your success. One heart is deducted, from your accumulated bank of hearts, each time you make a mistake in a lesson. If you make four mistakes, that particular lesson will restart.

DuoLingo.com offers a different approach to learning than its competitors. The DuoLingo.com service operates as a learning tool around a process that eventually leads learners to translation capabilities. By providing their users documents of word content from websites, they are able to help others, across the world, access Internet sites and be able to read them in their own language.

Rosetta Stone includes more interactive software materials and has a long list of languages to learn. Its primary focus is centralized around phrase retention. So while users can repeat phrases, they don’t quite know how the conjugation was formed. Not only is Rosetta Stone one of the most expensive programs but it is one of the longest standing reputable language learning programs.

LiveMocha also has many more languages than DuoLingo.com. Their methodology revolves around learning how to write in a different language. The lessons in their program lead up to being able to draft your own documents. As you start to form written documents, interactive platforms on their site enable you to submit your writing for review to someone who is fluent in that particular language.

Complaints on DuoLingo.com’s lessons showed that some users grew bored from the lessons. They also noticed many errors in the learning materials. Those who progressed through DuoLingo.com’s lessons, and proceeded onto the optional web translations, found it difficult to perform the translations.

On a final note, check local libraries to see if they offer free memberships to language learning websites. Since different programs target people who have different learning styles, users must understand the importance of choosing the appropriate option to meet their learning needs.

Even though there is no substitute for learning a language by speaking with natives who are fluent in that language, other resources and tools are available. These include podcasts, radio stations, chat rooms, forums, websites, TV shows and movies. Taking a little bit of time each day to practice a new language will speed up your comprehension of the material but you must also be patient throughout the process.

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Might be a problem with the new update

March14, 2013

I absolutely love using duolingo and I'm glad that in the new update they put in a way for you to gauge your pronunciation. The problem at this point is that I thing the new update on the phone app messed up the sound because as soon as I updated it I couldn't hear anything when I pressed the button to hear the sentence.

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