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The Dukan Diet, found online at DukanDiet.com, is a popular diet which claims that they can help their users lose up to ten pounds in ten days, and make and maintain their goal weight without ever feeling hungry again.

The Dukan Diet is a four phase diet plan, with the first two phases designed to help you lose weight and the second two phases are designed to help you maintain your new weight. 

The focus of this diet is on something they call "Your True Weight." Your True Weight is defined as the weight you can reach without struggling, negatively affecting your mood or your health.

Your True Weight is also the weight that they believe you can maintain long term without difficulty, being hungry, or restricting your eating.

To find this weight they take information that is specific to you, including your gender, age, highest weight, lowest weight, desired weight, average weight, heredity, bone structure, and number of pregnancies.

Once they have determined your True Weight, they will break down your weight loss plan into the phases of your diet so you can clearly see your goals outlined over all the four phases.

Their website has many different resources for their users, including the 100 Foods you should be eating, a guide to the scientific evidence that backs up their diet, and comparisons of their diet to other similar diets.

The website emphasizes that their real success is in their coaching program, where you will be given specific instruction and support in meeting your personal weight loss goals, all for just $29.95.

People who are wondering if this diet and coaching program is right for you can go to their website and calculate their True Weight, as well as a quiz which will help you determine whether or not the coaching program would be a good fit for you.

If you have any experience with this diet program, please leave your Dukan Diet reviews below.

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33 kgs in 5 months

January24, 2013

I lost a total of 33 kgs in five months following this diet. While at times i got bored with food selections as i don't eat shellfish i was never hungry so this enabled me to stick with it.
My husband has lost 16 kgs at the same time and is very happy with is also.

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Abysmally poor coaching, total waste of money

November22, 2011

The Dukan Diet itself works extremely well. However, my experience with the very expensive, supposedly "personalised" coaching programme offered on the UK Dukan Diet website was dreadful.

For a start, the programme is NOT personalised. It consists of a series of automatically generated messages that are emailed to you each day. The content of these messages is often patronising, crass and even tactless. It is generated on the basis of a questionnaire you fill in at the start.You cannot inform the message robot if your circumstances change and thus you may keep getting inappropriate, and sometimes even highly upsetting messages.

Communication with the live "coaches" on the site is abysmal. It can take days to get a response to an email. They are not native speakers of English, and it shows. They often do not seem aware of all the details of the diet, and you will often get contradictory information both in answers to your messages and in those given during the chat sessions.

Many of the highly touted "hundreds" of recipes are more than useless for people in the UK. A large number are for 6 or even 8 servings, which is no help if you are dieting alone. Despite being instructed to consume no more than 3 egg yolks per week, you will find very many of recipes include eggs.

The forum is heavily censored and many of the more critical messages are deleted. In my time there, many people were unhappy about the extremely limited time in which refund can be obtained. They only realised the extent to which they had been robbed after a week or so on the site, which is too late to make a claim.

There is no fixed fee. It all depends on the length of the dieting period calculated for you. You have to pay it up front. Many people find they are asked to pay well over £100.

Do not bother with this. Buy the book if you want to do the diet. The tiny amount of extra information you might find by digging through this poorly organised site is not worth the huge amount of money you will have to pay for it. You can find most of the newer rules, tolerated foods, etc, by searching on the Web. There are also several support forums available on the Web that you can join free of charge.

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