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About DrinkMate Breathalyzer

The DrinkMate Breathalyzer is a new, soon to be available product that describes itself as "the smallest breathalyzer in the world" and which can attach to your phone to keep users informed and safe. 

How Does It Work?

The DrinkMate Breathalyzer is a small device that plugs directly into your phone and uses its coordinating mobile application to allow users to perform their own Blood Alcohol Analysis.

Once the device has been plugged into the phone, users blow into the vented end of the plastic (without actually putting their mouth on the device) and the mobile app will quickly do an analysis and provide you with your reading, so you can always be responsible while having fun. 

Mobile Options

Currently this product is only being designed as compatible with Android smartphones. The website does state that once their Android application is successfully up and running, they will begin working on an iOS application.

Cost/Price Plans

Customers who choose to donate at least $25 to their Kickstarter campaign will receive a DrinkMate Breathalyzer at the lowest price it will ever be offered. The earliest possible delivery date is set at December 2014; no word on when it will be available on the open market. 

Refund Policy

Since this product is not yet available for regular purchase on the open market, there is also no Refund Policy which has been published or detailed at this time.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by going to their Kickstarter page and using the link at the bottom of their project information which says "Ask a Question."


Since this product is not yet available for purchase, there are not really any customer reviews available at this time, though there are some blogs and websites that are expressing excitement about its potential.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different applications available on all mobile formats that offer BAC calculators for people who keep track of inputting their drinks throughout the night, though these calculators may not be as effective as an actual breathalyzer analysis. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your DrinkMate Breathalyzer reviews below.

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3 ‘DrinkMate Breathalyzer’ Reviews
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1 Review

Unfortunately, simply DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY

February16, 2017

After rigorously following instructions, the DrinkMate Breathalyzer is a total deception.
Readings are fully inaccurate.
Customer service that were quick to respond before the purchase now just do not respond at all to very polite inquiry about the dysfunctions of my DrinkMate.
I am very sorry about that, I was hoping that I was doing business with honest and caring people.

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2 Reviews

Final assessment is GREAT!

February13, 2016

OK, the DRINKMATE did not seat in the iPhone Lightening port with my Otterbox case on it. So I purchased a Lightning Pass-through Adapter and the DRINKMATE works great.
I have done two tests.
1. After ordering my pass-through adapter, I took the case off and tested the DRINKMATE. It worked flawlessly and my BAC was 0% as it should be on that first test. Yes removing and replacing the case was a little difficult and time consuming. Yes doing so each time to use the DRINKMATE would be a hindrance.
2. Then my Lightning Pass-through Adapter arrived. It extended the lighting female port beyond the case and the DRINKMATE device seated properly and the app recognized the device. Another test with a BAC of 0% - again as is should have been.

Success using a third party adapter. So I highly recommend the DRINKMATE Breathalyzer by Edge Tech Labs, LLC when you are out and having a good time.
As Edge Tech Labs recommends in it's Device manual:
"Alcohol is a depressant...[that] causes your body to relax...this includes your brain. Your judgments and actions are affected in a negative manner....Driving is never recommended after consuming alcohol."
Drink and Behave responsibly.

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2 Reviews

Great idea for a product with a major design flaw.

February11, 2016

It would probably be ok if I could use it.
First of all how many people have a protective case on their iPhones?
Secondly, the DrinkMate Breathalyzer arrived today 11 February 2016 after 6 months waiting (Ordered 14 August 2015). I realize they had FDA and Apple obstacles to overcome and resolve for approval.
But there was a major design flaw. If you have a protective case on your iPhone, the dongle won't fit; it was designed for naked phones. DUH! Even sober people tend to drop their phone. Most iPhones I see have a protective case. So to use the DrinkMate, you have to undress your protected phone and insert the dongle. My Otterbox case is difficult to remove and install but has saved my iPhone 6S several times when clumsy. I am not sure I will be keeping this product unless they create a solution -- like an extension lightening adapter.
We are talking having added 4 to 6 mm of plastic to the base of the lightening connector to make this compatible with phones enclosed in a protective case. There is already a 1 mm bump out at the base of the lightening connector so they must have run into some issue on the naked iPhone.
How simple a design oversight can ruin an otherwise great idea. After the months of design and testing did not one person on the team think about cases or have a case on their phone when they were playing with prototypes and beta versions?

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February 11, 2016

Well there seems to be no way to edit orrevise my review. Big oversight and unfair to products reviewed.
As to the DrinkMate Breathalyzer, there seems to be an aftermarket product for Apple lightening products that "is a case adapter designed to reach inside protective cases like Ottorbox AND small enough to work with thousands of Lightning (8-pin) audio docks and charge stations." I found one on Amazon and a few other sources but nothing at the Apple Store. So when the product arrives I will see if the product works with the Breathalyzer. Unfortunately now there are two pieces to carry to use the Breathalyzer - the dongle itself and an adapter, more to carry, fuss with and loose. I will let you know how the Breathalyzer actually works if this solution functions.

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