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About DreamTrips

DreamTrips, found online at DreamTrips.com, is a new travel club which promises people the opportunity purchase amazing trips at great prices because they pay a monthly membership to have exclusive access. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, DreamTrips.com claims to be “the ultimate travel club community,” which gives people the ability to travel anytime, anywhere. DreamTrips offers customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at restaurants, clubs, and hotels. 

For their members, every Friday they will launch new DreamTrips that you can choose from. Once you choose a trip, their website promises that booking is easy. You can even search through all available experiences by the features that you decide are most important.

When you’ve found your perfect trip, you select it and then use the available tabs to learn all about that particular trip’s details and policies as well as “What’s Included.” 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently customers have two membership options: Gold Membership and Platinum Membership. The Gold Membership has a $249.98 initial membership fee with a monthly membership fee of $54.99. The Platinum Membership has an initial fee of $399.98 with a monthly fee of $99.99.

Platinum members will have additional membership benefits, including seven-day advance booking access to all DreamTrips, access to exclusive experiences, trip specific upgrades, the ability to use 50% more DreamTrips points, and emergency evacuation services.

It is also important to point out that DreamTrips rates are based on two adults per room. If you are booking a trip for just yourself or yourself and a child, the room rate will often be different.

Refund Policy

Because this company operates as a travel club, they have multiple different Refund Policies. They offer a policy regarding membership fees and a different policy which covers the trips themselves. Both of these policies will have differences based on your state of residence and the different laws DreamTrips will be required to comply with. In addition, different parts of your trip – upgrades, Platinum experiences – will be covered under a separate Refund Policy. Customers will want to take the time and effort look over these extensive policies with a fine tooth comb. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by using their website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available. 


DreamTrips is a subsidiary of WorldVentures, which is a company that oversees a group of travel clubs. WorldVentures doesn’t have a very positive reputation at this point; over the years they have had many travel club subsidiaries that have a long list of unhappy customers.

DreamTrips.com, on the other hand, appears to have fairly positive reviews for a travel club, despite their association with WorldVentures. It seems that many of their customers are happy with the benefits they receive from being a part of this club.

Still, customers will want to read over this company’s multiple sets of Terms and Conditions very closely before they decide to purchase a membership, especially the areas where terms differ based on your state of residence.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are many different travel clubs available in the United States and abroad, but many of them have had issues and problems in their past. Prospective customers will want to put in the time and effort to researching each of these opportunities before they commit to investing. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your DreamTrips reviews below.

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