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About Dream11.com

Dream11.com is a website that operates internationally and provides their members with a place to easily participate in fantasy leagues for cricket, soccer, or rugby where they can compete against their friends. 

How Does It Work?

Dream11.com describes itself as the world’s largest fantasy cricket website with a user base of more than one million members at this time. They recently added soccer and rugby to their platform, which has brought in brand new users and given current members even more avenues for fantasy sports competitions.

This website works like many other online fantasy sports companies. They invite their customers to create a fantasy team comprised entirely of their chosen players from their chosen sport, and then participate in contests.

These contests can be Dream11.com sponsored or they can be a part of a league that you create with your friends and then compete against each other in rounds that take place throughout the chosen season.

Cost/Price Plans

It is free to sign up for a Dream11.com account and then customers are required to make a monetary deposit into their account to be an active member, though they do not say whether or not they have a minimum deposit limit.

When you decide to withdraw your money from your account, you must have participated in at least one paid for competition, and you must be able to withdraw a minimum of $10, and no more than $250 at a single time.   

Refund Policy

As a company that functions entirely with money you have deposited into your own account, there is really no need for them to offer refunds, since customers can withdraw their money whenever they choose. If you feel that a technical problem has occurred that is the responsibility of their company and that this justifies you for a refund, then you should contact their Customer Service team as soon as possible.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 


This company seems to have fairly mixed reviews at this time, making it difficult for new and prospective customers to determine whether or not they are interested in becoming a member of Dream11.com at this time.

An issue that should be considered, however, is that there are a handful of complaints from customers who requested that funds be withdrawn from their account and that these requests were not honored – they had to contact the company repeatedly before the withdraw request went through, and some customers complained that to date they still had not been sent their money. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites that cater to the fantasy sports community, including DraftKings.com, FanDuel.com, DraftStreet.com, though these websites focus on domestic sports like football, baseball, and hockey. As far as fantasy websites that focus on cricket, soccer, and rugby, there are some others like Telegraph, or ESPN will help you host your own personal fantasy league.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Dream11.com reviews below.

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Cricket fans would love this

June8, 2017

Dream11 hosts a bunch of games: football, hockey, soccer, etc but I am especially drawn to the cricket games there. Sure I've won cash prizes because of my expertise in the game but in gambling, good luck is always needed. I found out about this game through TrustIvy where i saw the overall rankings and ratings of this and similar games.

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