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About Draftmark Tap System

DraftMark.com is where you can find the Draftmark Tap System. With their proprietary technology, beer enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite beer on tap at home. For those who prefer beer on tap rather than glass bottles and cans, this provides the perfect solution. Only those whom are of legal drinking age may enter the site. 


The Draftmark Tap System requires batteries for operation. It is compact, so it fits into your refrigerator nicely without taking up too much room, meaning you can leave it in there permanently and it will always be ready to use. 


On Draftmark.com you can find an array of information to enhance your experience. Not only are their directions on how to set it up and use the system, but there is information to ensure the taste of your beer is exactly how you like it. You can learn how a perfect pour is done by watching the online video. Additionally, for maximum flavor, details on how to clean a glass, prior to use, is also described.


The system costs $49.99 and comes with a one year warranty. There is also a stand to stabilize it for an easier pour; it is available for an additional $39.99. The device is portable, and with the attachable gel wrap, for $19.99, you can keep your beer cold wherever you go.


They have a large inventory of different beers to choose from; each refill is priced around $15.00 and provides the equivalent of approximately 8 full glasses of beer. The list includes, but is not limited to, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Miller, Shock Top, Michelob, Bass, Heineken, and Goose Island. Through their site you can also find beer logo tap handles, apparel, home goods and other fun products.


Customers have been very content with the product and the selection of beer available as shown in online reviews. They found the Draftmark system was easy to set up, user-friendly and affordable. The only drawback customers encountered was achieving a perfect pour without the top layer of froth. 


The benefit of having the Draftmark Tap System enables customers to control their portions with less waste. It is also possible to change beer selections back and forth; although this can be a little tricky to do. Additionally, rather than driving to the local pub to enjoy beer on tap, it can now be enjoyed from the comfort of their own home.


If you don’t want to order the system and beer refills online, they can be purchased at retailers across the country. To find your local retailer simply use their search tool available on the website.

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Love the system, but last couple of refills have not worked properly

Reviewed By Mike Hodan on April 25, 2014, Charlotte NC

I have had this system for almost a year and have absolutely loved it. It has worked perfectly and I have had no problems with the refills, until the last two, which do not seem to be sealing properly. When the refill is seeded and the system is closed, the battery continues to run because the seal from the spout is not secure and air is leaking. Again, I have installed numerous refills successfully and know what I am doing. There is clearly something going on with these refills.

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