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DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports website, which offers regular fantasy contests in major league sports such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, and CFB, giving people a chance to win cash or prizes daily.

Daily fantasy sites are relatively new to the fantasy sports industry, having been established in 2007 and still gaining popularity. Daily fantasy sports sites allow you to draft a team of athletes for a particular day of sporting events – you can start over redrafting your team from scratch each day you wish to participate.

DraftKings.com offers a variety of types of daily fantasy contests on their website, including those you pay to enter, those which are free to enter, those which are Guaranteed, and those which are not.

Guaranteed contests will continue forward with the prizes being “guaranteed” to be awarded regardless of how many people enter the contest; contests that aren’t Guaranteed will be shut down if they don’t reach a minimum number of contestants.

Once you choose the contest you’d like to compete in, simply click the Draft Team button to enter. You will be given a salary cap of $50,000 to draft your team, and all the players will be assigned a salary in relation to their recent performance, and not their actual salary.

After you submit a roster, you can continue to modify it until the contest actually begins. If you win money in any contest, it will immediately be credited to your account and can be withdrawn via check or PayPal.

If you have any experience with DraftKings or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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September 18, 2021
These crooks will withhold your deposit if you do not gamble it all. Been waiting 10 days to receive my deposit back while they investigate me. It’s truly unbelievable. Will never use them again.

Little chance of winning on slots
July 16, 2020
It would be nice if Draftkings gave its slot machine players a fighting chance to win once in a while but the settings are so rigged for in their favor that it makes it nearly impossible to do anything but let them gobble up your money. The bonus rounds are sooo infrequent, the bonus spins so disappointing, and the regulars spins just a total ripoff. Nothing like regular casino odds at all!

poor support
January 26, 2019
Been using for years and every time I get a new device or get out of acct trying to get back in is impossible. Even was on chat support for an hour yesterday and they could not get me in. I'm fed up with trying. Being on fan duel!

Love It
January 3, 2017
I love Draftkings. I play it every NFL Sunday and frequently during the week with NBA. Sure, chances of winning aren't the greatest for beginners but they also have beginner leagues if you are a newbie. I would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy sports.

Changing Ownership Percentages
February 29, 2016
Has anybody ever wondered why ownership percentages change halfway during a contest of a player that's already played or is playing? It makes no sense since a player cannot be changed once their game has started, but I've seen time and time again where the percentages change. Leads to believe lineups are being created during contest for already played players. I've emailed DK about this and got zero responses.

Rick November 07, 2016

it won't even let me load the website on my lap top or phone and I have money in my account

J H January 03, 2017

That is very odd indeed. Thanks for the review.

PeteWood March 21, 2019

I just HAVE seen this with the GOLF CONTEST and i watch the % change as game went on many players .And they gave me a BS excuse Tyrrell Hatton started at 9.3% next as the game is being played he changed to 13.7% now he is at 10.3%

January 31, 2016
I think the company is legit. Sports betting is just highly competitive! After about two or three weeks I won $0.75. It could be that some of the players who win consistently use a paid database to help them pick lineups, or they believe in luck. Draft Kings is a fun betting tool because sports are fun in general. As with anything one key to success & contentment is not to put all of your eggs in one basket, therefore, a person should never gamble with money they need. So, if you are going to need the money I would suggest not putting it in your Draft Kings account. I care about other people most of the time so I would like to recommend a website called The Penny Hoarder at http://www.thepennyhoarder.com/. On the website you can find ways to get money matching deals like opening banks accounts where the bank will match your deposit immediately. Personally, I have gotten a better return investing my money in other vehicles. Good Luck & Good Fun Sports Bettors!

December 2, 2015

I have been playing for about 6 weeks. Every week I manage to win $30-$35 which allows me to keep playing. I cant't really say the game is fixed. There is no way to predict a player not being played or getting hurt. Their is luck involved......but not with the game. The luck has to do with how your players are played and how they do.

After reviewing a huge spreadsheet of stats every week.....I still can see winning more than $30......one day. There are many variables involved that need to be reviewed ( who is on bye, who is probable/questionable, who will cover those that are hurt, what their relationship is with the team, what the weather is, is it being played indoors, etc.) Yes it's tough and a game! Crossing my fingers to win $30 :) It makes Sundays way more fun!

Most the player do not all exists
November 10, 2015
Letter to DraftKings, no reply… Can you clarify why you have large gaps when listing the participates in your games. I have been exporting/down loading your player list throughout the games list every quarter and I copy and paste the results into a separate spreadsheet because your site does not allow me to save the results and I found this process is a way around it. I also have taken pictures and videotaped my doing this. . Your site will jump in the thousands. The list I down load shows all the players that are missing from your website but when you enter these players name into FIND A RIVAL their names to not come up. I have hundreds of excels sheets that document this. I will provide an example. Game ending 0n 11/10/15 NFL $1.25M PLAY-ACTION [$1.25 MILLION GUARANTEED- you go from player 28460, straight to 55214, then to 95412. When I take the player names off the excel sheets in between these placing they don’t come up on you find rival list. Here are a very few list of players that come up on the excel sheets I have but I can’t pull up on the rival list, player- 4760 JStek64 , tilerty, DON5222,. d228833, quadrunner4, rewilson, msliwins. This is just not even a fraction of the names I been checking since starting your site, every player that falls in a gap does not come up when I enter their name in the find rival list to see what team they are playing or won with. I have thousands of rivals that I have been playing against that do not show up on your site to see what teams they really picked or if these players really exist. Again I copy and paste the excel sheets during the game and after. None of the players listed in the gaps of players that you exclude on you website, come up on your site even though they come up on these hundreds of excel sheet that I have created off your site. I think there are investigations going on about your website where there are people that will be very interested in seeing all these hundreds of excel sheet that I have pulled off your website. Can you explain why the people listed in these gap of winner won’t come up on your website but only on the excel sheets. I am a quality expert and I am concerned about this, and very willing to take this information to right people to make sure that these thousands of players that I have saved excel sheet really do exist. I think you should have some answer to my question. I do enjoy playing and will continue, but I feel your just need some type on regulations and needs to be over seen to verify everything is legit. I will continue playing on your site, but will want this information looked at by some real experts. They never answered. But try it, most the player do not all exists

Chris November 29, 2015

I agree with you. You don't see these players at all, then all if a sudden they always seem to be in the running to win the tournament. I think there is something shady going on. Think the employees at Draft Kings are putting made up teams in the contests after the games start, so they don't have to pay out the big money. Plus I see a lot of winners have 6, 7, 8 players 10% owned or less. There's no way someone can figure out who is going to be the lowest owned before the games start. Just like this past Saturday in college football, I was in first place in two separate tournaments until the 4th quarter of the games. All of a sudden, I end up 910th place and 280th place. All these mysterious teams that weren't even in the top 1000 pass me at the last minute. Go from thinking I'm going to win some good money, to barely winning any money at all. Something is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

Denise December 04, 2015

I agree with you too. There is a window here for non transparency. After reading your post I can see where you are coming from. The game I play typically has approximately 300,000 people. If this a "dashboard" type set up that information should be available. I'm not a software expert so...... If they are sampling to save space..... Could that be a possibility? I don't know. I do take snapshots of the top winners every week and on average the player values vary..... So I usually can't afford all the winners the following week. I will keep it in mind when I play..... Thank you

not scam
November 6, 2015
I have been playing for about 2 months. I have won about $10 and a free ticket. It's like anything you have luck. Just like at a casino you can win or you can loose. (I am a first time player, but have friends who also play this and I have seen there checks they have won over $2000) I found this site from friends and a promotion during Sunday night football....(TV) . I am usually skeptical and I do my research before playing. I have to say I can't find anything that says it's a scam. It's like any other place. You don't win it's a scam. Then don't play.

Crystal October 08, 2020

It's a scam. My boyfriend won $10,000 and they sent him a outdated check from six months ago that says you have to cash within the 90days of the date of check.

Login in Scam
October 26, 2015
I have been playing on this site for a few weeks. Never won no money here. Now they are having technical issues. Can't login in account and you contact their support line, they send you a reference page that requires you to log in, duh. How does that work? If I could log in then I wouldn't be contacting technical support. Don't put your money here. You'll lose it or they will steal it. There are no millionaire winners, its a joke.

King_Charles October 29, 2015

Same here haven't been able to log in since last week & no response to 4 customer service tickets. AVOID !

Definite scam
October 6, 2015

I was really excited about the whole concept of draft kings daily fantasy games but after playing you will soon realize that they are definitely rigged. The winners always seem to pick the perfect lineup of bums week after week. There is no way someone would have the foresight to choose no names over the "cream of the crop" players.

Are we supposed to believe that anyone would pick a undrafted second year player out of RAM ROD UNIVERSITY who just so happened to have a career game that day? ( i.e. 10 receptions for 168 yards and 2 TDs). I understand that there are sleepers and they can be the difference between winning and losing but to have 3 or 4 guys nobody has ever heard of on your roster over the household names and win constantly is insane.

Which can only mean that they generate fake user lineups and update them with players who are doing well throughout the day.

Mark my words there shady methods will soon come to light!!!!!

Chris October 25, 2015

I agree with you. Think it's a scam also

WINSLOW November 05, 2015



don January 21, 2017

I think its a scam too

Genius Scam
October 1, 2015
All of these fantasy sports sites are BS. There is a few huge players that monopolize the big payout tournaments. I'm under the firm belief these "huge players" are actually accounts that are opened and managed by individuals associated with the fantasy sport site. The site is just winning their money back to themselves. Eventually this will all come to light.

October 1, 2015
SHOCKER ALERT! People lose when they gamble. One person can not win a million dollars unless many many many others lose. I won $1,500 my first week and $425 the second week and was paid promptly and efficiently. Of course you can not see other people's lineups...if you could it wouldn't be fair. These scrubs that people are talking about that perform well and cause people to win have a name; they are called SLEEPERS!

Ron November 21, 2015

Yes you can see other people's lineups. I wrote down the winning player's lineup from my league three weeks ago. Afterwards I went in and tried to replicate that same lineup and it cost $59,000 to build - so how can that person have this lineup when the salary cap is $50,000. After this week I will never play online sports games again - so rigged !!!!!! Someone needs to be held accountable.

Rob October 07, 2016

Player salaries change from week to week, especially if they have a breakout game one week. Sleepers salaries will jump considerably high with 2-3 good weeks under their belT.

What people have to realize is there are degenerate gamblers out there that spend all their time betting in the same games as you and throw 10x as much money into these games than you. They have your lineup plus 10 alternate version of that same lineup. With a few tweaks here and there and a winning defense they've just blown you out of the water by 30 points.

Those who have the money, the time, and are willing to "go big" every week are gonna continue to win. Unfortunately that's not good for the casual gamblers that put in $10-20-30 a wk. Try putting in $1,000 and spending 100hrs of research, utilizing all the top paid fantasy help sites.

If you can do it that way you're almost guaranteed to win big every week.

Just remember there are "Degenerate gamblers!" out there where this is all they do. Good luck trying to beat them.

We need a real sports betting website
August 28, 2015

This site is straight garbage lol I get

U ain't gotta play n it's always a change,

but damn don't make it so easy tell that ur

Crooked and don't really got a legit chance

to win something substantial ( not like the

Commercial) haha.. Damn I need to start

up my own sports website,(ya right)

Where normal people actually have a

Chance, haha.. Just be careful guys n girls

Draftkings froze my money out of nowhere
February 20, 2015
I originally funded my account with my girlfriends paypal. I used my own credit card for several months after that with no problem and out of nowhere Draftkings froze my account, I wouldnt play here again if you paid me to

What's the fuss about?
December 15, 2014
I know everyone would love to think this site is a scam because you're not winning. I was in the same boat. Ive played every night for the past two months. Daily NBA Fantasy games. Won a few dollars here and there.... Then last Friday... I took first place and won 5k. At the end of the day this site is 90% luck still. Depending on which players go off and the randomness of that. But I assure you, I (an average nba fan) one 5k last week and I am stoked about it!

Misleading and crooked!
November 2, 2014

Your deposit is not matched in any shape or form! You have to play over $300 for your $25 deposit to be released!

I deposited $25 fully expecting to get an additnal $25 in my account right away. When that didn't happen I thought ok well maybe this takes a couple days no big deal. Checked back a week later no dice.

Sent email told me it is released based on how much u play. Wtf! I got $1 released for playing $35!

This is a scam in the full definition! They are ruining the supposed to be fun game of fantasy sports!

October 22, 2014

Yes, you will win some money on this website, but you will never win "the big one".

Like already stated by others, number of users suddenly jumps in huge numbers few mins before a contest starts.

I believe they add their own lineups and adjust players during the contest as no user is going to go thru over 90,000+ lineups to check on this.

Usually the winners will have players in their lineups nobody has any business knowing their names but happened to perform that week. It is impossible for me to believe somebody actually put those players in their lineup.

You will never win against an online website that can see your cards (your lineups), but you cannot see it's cards.

Stay away.

Bobby Melick October 23, 2014

Sorry man I think your wrong I have won over 20 thousand playing dk and I'm an everyday guy like yourself looking for an honest living and playing dk has been a hobby of mine I have had zero troubles

Joe King November 17, 2014

Hey Bobby in that case, can u offer any tips? I've been playing for several weeks and although I've won(only $80)playing millionaire contest, I've lost $154, so I'm $74 in the hole.

Michael October 05, 2015

Bobby is full of it. Here's a response I posted to another site about my experience tonight.

Entries are not publicly viewable. You can only see what players they are using at the time of those players' games. You can only view other line ups AFTER the games have started. Also a player with the user name trashedRC was able to manipulate his line up after the players' games were over. In a WR spot in his line up he had Colts ' WR Moncreif. I checked again in five minutes and noticed that now Redskins' WR Garçon was in the slot where Moncreif was. This line up where I noticed this was in first place. Later in the night after the Sunday night game a line up appeared out of nowhere in a top spot that had a list of players all with high scores. Some of those players were not starters but had a good game! I compared my lineup's standings to the first place line up quite often and this new line up was nowhere around until the end of the game! I'm having major doubts about the legitimacy of draft kings! This is something that needs to be investigated (especially line up manipulation activity at draft kings) immediately. Along with the line up manipulation, I believe that a lot of the players in contests are computer generated with computer generated line ups. A lawsuit shout also be filed.

Complete Scam !!
October 3, 2014
l tried MANY free games that they offer. They all appear to be scams !!. l entered NFL, and CFL games. Every time that l enter into these games there are around 200 or 300 people entered. However, after the game is over and l check the results there are suddenly 800 or more people entered and l wind up in the 800 range ! This happens EVERY TIME that l enter these free games at DRAFT KING. ls this just a coincidence ? l think not ! last week, l entered TEN FREE GAMES. The results were exactly the same as before. l also gave their 25 cent games a try. The result was EXACTLY the same. Beware of sports betting sites that claim that they have a " LARGE FAN BASE ". This is just another way of saying that their phantom " large fan base " will always beat you !!

SCAM !!!
April 5, 2014

Don't do it !! They do not let you see the other lineups until the contests are over. This gives them a chance to insert the best players from that day. You'll notice the same users win almost every single contest.

Also, if you have a problem such as substituting a player last minute, you will be met with a rude email and be called a liar.