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About Dr. Ho Cleanse

For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Ho has worked as a holistic physician, educating people on how to gain natural vitality and live more energetic lives. He believes that everything is linked to the gut and that your digestive troubles may be trying to tell you that you’re out of balance and potentially harboring a backup of toxic waste.

Dr. Ho created a gentle, purifying colon cleanse to help eliminate any toxic waste that can cause bloating, heaviness and discomfort. Dr. Ho’s cleansing system offers a different way to detox, without having to follow a special diet, consume any unpleasant drinks, or fasting.


Dr Ho Cleanse and Restore Powder Triple Action Formula

This gentle triple action cleanse is made with Dr. Ho’s own patented fiber formula, probiotic and proprietary magnesium. This drink can be consumed once daily as a full body cleanse to help relieve intestinal discomfort such as gas and bloating, as well as increase energy and vitality.

Dr. Ho Cleanse 10-Day Herbal Detox

One bottle comes with a 30-day supply of capsules that contain 16 different herbal ingredients. Taken twice daily, this formula helps to jump start and boost your digestive cleanse by supporting digestive health and pushing out built up waste that’s been sitting in the colon.

Dr. Ho Cleanse Calm and Cleanse Herbal Detox Tea

The Calm and Cleanse tea uses a combination of western and Asian herbs to calm the body and mind, promote restful sleep, and support a healthy digestive system. It also aids in reducing water retention in the body, helping to eliminate impurities.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Ho’s own 90% Soluble Fibest™ Fiber assists in nutrient absorption, helps your body feel fuller and promotes regular bowel movements.

The added magnesium also helps to support regularity by working at the cellular level to pull water into the intestine, which adds lubrication that helps waste to move more smoothly through the bowels.

Dr. Ho’s patented probiotics support a healthy microbiome, which helps to bring your gut back into balance and protect your immune system.

Cost and Price Plans

The promotion on the company website offers 3 full-size containers of Cleanse & Restore and 1 free bottle of Dr. Ho Cleanse Herbal Detox for $119.90 plus $9.95 for shipping and handling. This would normally cost you about $340 total, so the deal saves you $220.

If you end up loving it, you can set up the order of 3 on a auto-ship program that will automatically renew your order every 3 months. But if you don’t end up loving it so much, you’ve got a 90-day money back guarantee.

Just one canister of Cleanse & Restore comes with a free bottle of the Herbal Detox and costs $99.95 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling.

Online Reviews/Complaints

For the most part this product has received mixed reviews - some people claim to have truly found relief, while some others say that the product is not worth the steep price.

For those who found the product to be a success, there is much enthusiasm. Many people claimed that they experienced relief from constipation, bloating and began having more regular bowel movements. People also reported that after only using it for a short time, they experienced better sleep, improved moods and more energy.

Many people even praised the taste, either saying that they enjoyed it or that it was at least better than other cleansing/detox beverages they had tried.

For the number of good reviews, there’s about equal the amount of people who were unsatisfied. A lot of these customers said it just flat out didn’t do anything for them and that they thought it was a waste of money.

There has not been any mention of undesirable side effects so far.

Competitors and Alternatives

Home cleanses are as popular as ever and there are some alternatives on the market similar to the ones that Dr. Ho has to offer.

ColoPril is another all-natural cleanse with minimal side effects. This gentle formula comes in capsule form and includes holistic ingredients like fennel seed, cascara sagrada bark, ginger root, alfalfa leaf, mint leaf and garlic. It claims to eliminate digestive waste and toxin to relieve constipation. The bottle of ColoPril can be purchased on the companies website for $39.95.

Another popular alternative is Probiotic 40-Billion. This probiotic supplement improves digestive health by aiding in food absorption and balancing the levels of bacteria in the gut. The healthy balance of gut flora also protects you against viruses, fungi, yeast and parasites. For the affordable price of $46.37, you can get a bottle of 60 capsules.

Colon Green is another option. It’s a fiber supplement that also provides digestive enzymes and probiotics - and it’s 100% natural. The digestive enzymes are a great touch because they help to breakdown food and strengthen the colon. This is one of the most affordable options at just $9.99 for a bottle.

The natural ingredients in these alternatives really help to prevent the serious side effects that can often be associated with cleansing.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this Dr Ho’s cleansing system on the Dr. Ho’s website or calling the number on the infomercial, where you’ll find the promotional offer mentioned previously. It can also be bought on Amazon.


Dr. Ho Cleanse is a good option for people experiencing digestive discomfort such as constipation, gas, and bloating. The natural herbal ingredients allow it to gently detox and purify the body by removing harmful toxic waste.

The patented ingredients may even help improve mood, sleep and mental clarity. It is one of the pricier option for a cleanse, but the Dr. Ho website offers some good promotions if you’re buying in bulk. Which is great, because there are surely a lot of repeat purchases from the customers that found the cleanse to be a success.

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Mary Frison

May11, 2019

please discontinue my order.thank you

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