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The worst customer 'service' ever experienced
May 31, 2016

If I could rate it a 0 I would!

I've been having customer service issues with this company since the beginning, and I finally gave up after the latest encounter. Literally for years I have been trying to get them to update my info, they could never manage to get a simple address correction straight.

They're so-called 'auto-ship' means that you have to call yourself whenever you are getting low on the product, they've never once gotten it to me without me calling.

Even though I decided to finally cancel on the phone after the incredible rudeness of the person I was speaking to last time, they still charged me and shipped it to me, resulting in me having to pay to ship it back. The person I spoke to today about it said 'You have to pay to send it back, I don't know what else to tell you.'

Don't deal with this company, their products may or may not be good, but the horrendous 'service' is totally not worth the hassle.

100% Money-Back Guarantee is a SCAM
May 19, 2016

100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee is a JOKE! We returned the product but they refused payment saying we needed our order number. My husband ordered the product online and used his Capitol Credit Card.

How many orders could they have processed on that day with his name? They say they have no way to track it, yet we get the literature every month and they had our return address on the packed that was returned - we have a USPS tracking document showing it was delivered to the receptionist's desk. This is 3 months later. Avoid this palace like a Plague!!

Kate May 28, 2016

Try disputing the charge at Capitol One. I believe you can do this within 90 days of purchase.

Also see if they're registered with on and dispute with the Better Business Bureau. Both avenues have worked for me.

Bobby May 29, 2016

Write the Attorney General's Office for Deceptive Trade Practice. That's how I got my money back. This does not put me to sleep, but when I wake in 3 or 4 hours to go to the bathroom it does help me go back to sleep along with a 1/4 Metalation., most of the time. This waking to go to the bath room is age related and areal bummer to have to get old.

Mike July 27, 2016

you're bent out of shape because they needed your order number? some companies have their tracking set up by order number and nothing else... sounds like you guys are just being babies.

Sw4gl0rd49 August 03, 2016

its a big scam dudes.

Brian l August 15, 2017

it is a big scam they do not refund your money

Paula G October 28, 2019

TRUTH! My aunt knows too.

Excellent Products but not efficient enough CS
November 25, 2015

I have been taking 3 different Dr. Sears' products for over 3 months and have renewed by supply through his Autoship. In addition, I get is daily emails.

I am over 60, am not gullible, and have actually switched from other proven and trustworthy supplement providers because of the "better mix" of ingredients from Dr Sears.

I unequivocally recommend the products I have been taking, namely, PROSTA-VIVE BetaQ, Omega Rejuvenol and Ultra Accel with PQQ etc. I have also just received a shipment of the 4th product - Estro-Cleanse Plus, and frankly, I am expecting excellent results as well.

I am sorry to say however, that in getting started up front and another couple times I accessed or tried to access the customer service, I found it inefficient. It is as if it is contracted out and not integrated in the main business because it felt very disjointed to me, when I did get through. I persevered, because my research had led me to these products to be excellent, and I am not sorry I have persevered through the inefficient customer service.

I have also introduced the Omega Rejuvenol with the excellent mixture of Calamarine (Squid) Oil with Krill Oil, to another and he is more than satisfied too and have repeated his order. This mixture of of both oils as best sources of Omega 3, is in my opinion from over a year of research, is the best mix, but all other products have seem to offer only one or the other, and maybe along with the ugly and less potent fish oil.

I thought I was going to die.
November 11, 2015

I bought Al Sear's Primal Force Anti-aging "Omega Rejuvenol" in September, it arrived on time and I began to take the softgel daily as recommended. After 6 or 7 days I was getting headaches..... really bad. Massive 'explosions' lasting just a split second......... hundreds of times a day. I really thought "this is it, I am about to have a stroke".

I didn't realize the connection at first so I continued with Primal Force, until I spoke with my Doctor... he suggested I drop the Primal Force, as it was the only thing new to my routine... drop it for a few days, to see if the pain would stop... and it did, at the end of the second day without Primal Force all the headaches stopped........... and for more than a week now, no headaches.

I contacted the Primal Force office and they said they would pass my message on to the Doctor......... a week has passed and zip from the guru......... except that someone from the office sent me a message explaining how I can get a refund... by sending the products back to the USA........ am still waiting for any contact with the Doctor.........

I would have thought that what happened to me could happen to others, and with even worse outcomes.

I will never buy from Dr Sears again.

Nora December 27, 2015

I love the product, have no problem with it and will order again

Unclejohnforever February 10, 2016

Perhaps a detox reaction? Or, most supplements are formulated with ingredients that are suppose to interact with synergy, i.e. they compliment each other, There may be an ingredient added that you are allergic to or is just not right for your body. Remember no two people are alike and what is good for one person may not be for another,

The first thing i would do if I was you would be to be tested for each ingredient in Omega Rejuvenol to see if some ingredient was detrimental for you. then avoid that ingredient(s) in any other supplement you may try.

In my opinion the best way to determine what supplements are good for you and those that are not is with muscle testing, kinesiology.

You may also find that the Omega Rejuvenol recommended dose on the container was too much for your system . Perhaps you only nrrded it every other or every third day. Again a oood kinesiologist could help you determine this.

Oh, and in case you are wondering Keith, I am not affiliated with Dr. Sears in any way. Just trying to help

The best thing I can see from your whole incident is : one, you were smart enough to check with your doctor and see what was going on. Always have a health care professional near by when you change anything in your health regime. And two, you were fortunate to have a doctor that realizes that over medication or the wrong medication can be just as bad for you as no medication.

P. B April 03, 2016

Excellent comment, advice and conclusion

Archangel July 14, 2016


Victor September 08, 2016

Lol the above comment is retarded....what does this persons comment about another persons comment have to do with anything.

Janice January 11, 2017

Retarded? You used the word 'retarded'?!!

Old b March 28, 2019

just because cs says they will pass it on DOES NOT MEAN the dr will contact you.

The Company is dishonest
June 12, 2015
The Company practices 'Switch and Bait'. When I first logged on their site I saw the bottle of Primal Force Ultra Accel that contains 90 capsules. Yet when I ordered I received a bottle with 30 capsules.

scam about giving you free book when you order Estro.cleanse plus
February 5, 2015

It's a scam never happened. Spoke to

representative Maria who said quote

I will take care of your problem

Never happened

Dr Marchel

Disillusionment and dishonesty
November 30, 2014

My brother in law is an aged pensioner and is owed over $A1200.00 for over supply of supplements. Over recent months several emails have been sent regarding this matter with little or no, but definitely not prompt, responses.

All attempts to ring on the oft advertised free phone number are met with engaged tone and never a human voice.

His guarantee of satisfaction and full refund if not completely satisfied, is displayed in full colour here,there and everywhere but is obviously not intended to be taken seriously.

This lack of ability to make contact either by email or with a human voice is extremely frustrating and we really don't know what to do next.

Australia is a long way away and so it seems we just have to wear it while AL continues to dishonestly accumulate his riches.


Yours in fury, frustration and disappointment.

Lal Greentree