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About Double Wood Supplements

If you haven’t heard of nootropics yet, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Nootropics are essentially a group of natural and manmade drugs or chemicals that give a boost to the human brain. Nootropics help improve your ability to learn, remember, and function normally, and they present few or limited side effects. They also protect the brain from both physical and chemical assaults.

While there are multiple vendors out there that claim to be the best producer and retailer of nootropic products, Double Wood Supplements rises to the top as one of the companies you absolutely must consider.

What is Double Wood?

Double Wood Supplements has been around since 2014 and is based out of Philadelphia, PA. This company offers a range of products, including those such as sleep aids, antioxidants, focus and motivation supplements, choline supplements, remedies to reduce the effects of aging, those to improve your ability to lift heavy weights, and more.

Although this company started off small, it has since grown to become a large business offering a multitude of dietary supplements. With only one branch in Pennsylvania, the company remains small and produces high-quality supplements. All supplements come with certificates of analysis and third-party test results, with all products undergoing rigorous third-party and in-house testing.

Is Double Wood Supplements Legit?

When you purchase supplements online, you no doubt have some concerns about the validity of the products you are purchasing. Luckily, all of Double Wood’s supplements are backed by evidence-based research and plenty of third-party testing.

When you purchase your supplements, make sure you understand the difference between the many different products that Double Wood sells. You want to make sure you choose the supplement that will provide the best fit with your specific health needs.

Some of the most popular supplements include Adrafinil, Phosphatidylserine, and Cissus Quadrangularis. Adrafinil is the company's most popular product. It is a wakefulness agent designed to help combat the effects of sleep deprivation, and is a great choice for college students, new parents, and other sleepless consumers.

Cissus Quadrangularis is derived from a perennial plant in the grape family that was used to help heal ligaments, tendons, and bones. This supplement is a great choice for supporting your bone and joint health. Phosphatidylserine is designed to support your attention and focus, as well as your memory, processing speed and overall health.

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Cost and Price Plans

The cost of the various supplements manufactured by Double Wood varies. They are definitely not the cheapest supplier you can find, but they do offer free shipping to make the pricing a bit more affordable. Generally, a bottle of 30 capsules will cost $30, exclusive of all taxes. This is comparable to other supplements but with the free shipping thrown in, it’s definitely reasonable.

In addition, Double Wood offers ongoing promotions and discounts. For example, when you first pull up the company's website, you will be bombarded with a variety of coupons you can use. You can get fifteen percent off the first order if you check the subscribe and save button, for example.

Competitors and Alternatives

Double Wood Supplements is far from being the only retailer to sell nootropic supplements. Other common retailers include those manufactured by Performax Labs, LifeExtension, and NeuroFX.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Double Wood has wholly positive reviews, with a majority of online reviewers praising both the company’s products and customer service. With quick shipping and reliable customer support, the product backs all of their excellent products with reliable guarantees and assistance.

Customer Service

Double Wood is one of the few major manufactures left that maintain a commitment to retaining a close-knit business model. Despite the company’s comparatively small size, it offers exceptional customer service. The customer service department replies to emails quickly and has a good marketing model.

If you purchase a Double Wood supplement and aren't completely satisfied, take comfort in the fact that you can ship it back within thirty days. You can either get a replacement or a full refund. Unfortunately, you do have to pay the cost of shipping. It should be noted that it is difficult to purchase Double Wood supplements if you have a mailing address outside of the United States, too.

In addition, this company adheres carefully to all FDA regulations. For example, they recently retracted their sale of Phenibut, which was used to reduce anxiety and stress. To adhere with safety regulations, Double Wood pulled their products containing potentially banned ingredients immediately.

It is easy to get ahold of the customer service department at Double Wood. All you need to do is email them at [email protected] They also have a published phone number at (570) 437-0203 as well as a mailing address in Philadelphia. These products are all made in the United States.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase Double Wood supplements by visiting You can also contact the company directly to place an order.

Is Double Wood Worth It?

If you’re hoping to purchase some high-quality nootropics and want to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for, Double Wood may offer the perfect solution for you. This manufacturer goes out of its way to provide products that are proven to be high quality. With free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose when you place your trust in this popular retailer.

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1 Review

MACA Root experience

September26, 2020

Brought down my cortisol levels and I feel a huge decrease in stress!

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1 Review

PQQ Experience

March6, 2020

Helps with inflammation and pain. Helps me sleep sounder.

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Double Woods Suppletments

October18, 2019

the magnensium ltheronate works great to help with sleep

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