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Don Fishback is an experienced financial analyst and former stock broker. He has had a long career in the industry conducting trades, research, and training in various markets. These days Don Fishback operates his own firm, which focuses on volatility research and product development.

Don Fishback’s company offers a wealth of educational books, seminars, and web applications to assist traders. He explains that the foundation for his mathematical research stems from the bell curve analysis of the market.

Simplistically, it means that even though the prices on the market appear random over a period of time they settle into a normal distribution known as the bell curve.

The actual math behind Don Fishback's ODDS theory is complex but it’s based off this principal. Consequently he has applied his results into a high probability strategy called credit spread.

Even though Don Fishback has an “Options for Beginners” book the majority of his products carry a degree of complexity to them. For someone to benefit from his materials they need to have an understanding of options trading and the ability to perform certain calculations.

The reason for this is that Don Fishback’s materials show you how to compute the statistical probability that a price will reach a given target. Using this method, one can ultimately calculate an option's statistical probability of expiring "in the money".

The reason that his courses require a level of financial competence is that you are supposed to apply these results accordingly.

Don Fishback does not give you a step-by-step system to follow that tells you everything to do; you are trained in performing this function and advised on how to use it.

If you have any experience with Don Fishback or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Don Fishback
August 3, 2018
I have made more money with Don Fishback options trades than I ever have with any other advice subscription. His information is reliable, and I might add you must use judgement re: a stock or ETF in addition to the trades he recommends. His rec's are made on the basis of calculations from a formula he openly reveals. He delivers what he promises.

MikeKleinsteuber April 23, 2020

This is the guy who was charged with fraud in 2001 and had to pay a fine of $75,000 for misrepresentation. In other words the totally lied about the profits he made when the fact was his system lost money....

It is legal to scam someone in America.
July 10, 2017
If you jump through all the legal required hoops that are disclaimers and if you either really believe, but have no proof, or you have no problem asking for money with no refund intended and keeping it, then you can legally solicit money from people over an idea, and not an actual benefit in America. As always and sadly, it is buyer beware, when legalities are presented properly, as Don Fishback present the legalities every so properly. !!!! Buyer Beware!!!! Because that is the truth going on here. It is not a Win-Win Trade, it is, A Win-Loose Trade....and you are the loser of your money, 95% guaranteed!!! Until there is Federal Consumer Protection where a body of people goes in and evaluates "The Product" in terms of "Advertised Value" we will always have scammers....and in America, We have an enormous amount of scammers....which is a cruel act to conduct on your fellow mankind. Its Sad.

Just Another Scammer Peddling False Promises
October 17, 2016

I was ripped off by this guy when he was using this specific FALSE advertising material:

"The trades recommended by Respondents’ ODDS system did not make the profits and minimize losses as stated in their solicitation material. In fact, a number of customers who traded according to the ODDS recommendations suffered trading losses. Moreover, the profits claimed were based solely on simulated trading. Fishback has never actually traded soybeans, cocoa, British Pounds, T-Bonds or any other commodity options using his ODDS system. Thus, Respondents’ claims in their solicitation material that the ODDS system had "generated [profitable] trades" and that customers would "trade right along with [Fishback]," misleadingly implied that Respondents’ reported trading results were based upon actual trading, when in fact, they were based, at best, only upon simulated trading." "Respondents also solicited prospective customers by placing ads in a national magazine targeted to options trading customers. Respondents’ ads claimed that by using Respondents’ ODDS system, a customer could "virtually eliminate losing trades." In fact, some customers consistently sustained losses prior to and during the time these ads appeared."

"Fishback made material misrepresentations, including, but not limited to, statements that suggested that the ODDS system had achieved substantial profits through actual trading when such profits were, at best, based only on hypothetical or simulated trading, and false statements regarding his trading experience."

The above is not meant to be a complete list of CFTC Actions against Don Fishback. Do your own due diligence before investing with Don Fishback.

Jason February 15, 2018

On February 5th, 2018 this guy damn near lost everyone, almost every single person, registered in his Simple VIX Profits system 90% of their account value. Don likes to put on a lot of high risk trades, which looks enticing. And it might be an enticing offer. But his entire system is based on being able to time when to get out of the market. He cannot do it. Time and time again he misses the mark. While you will win 86% of your trades, the 14% you miss will wipe out your earnings in about 3 days if not sooner.

I have everything documented. I'd stay away. I went to his seminar in Chicago in 2006. It has cost me ever since.

If You Have A Crystal Ball, Don Fishback Will Be Your Friend
December 7, 2013

Fishback's deceptive tactics remove any credibility he might otherwise be due for his options prowess. Each of the brochures I've got from him had some version of this (from "Now I Will Give You An Average Of 3 Actionable, Potential Winners Each Week" brochure:

Total Gains Possible: $2,422,355

Average Annualized Return Per Trade: 301%

Profit Win Rate: 95.9%

Full Table of Results on page 5.

What's on page 5? His method, that's what:

"Invest 10% of available option buying power..."

"Enter at the closing bid if selling, ask if buying"

"Exit at the most favorable price based on the above assumption"

Exit at MOST FAVORABLE PRICE? What kind of method is that? They should just correct the method to read as follows:

"Invest 10% of available option buying power..."

"Enter at the closing bid if selling, ask if buying"

"See the future"

"Find the best possible exit point based on your view of the future"

"Publish your trading results"

My method is similar but I don't charge as much:

"Start with only a $500 account"

"Buy 10 shares of our recommended stock. Sell it 1 week later"

"Find $10,000 in unmarked $100 bills on the sidewalk each day and deposit this into your account."

"Watch your account grow"

Now, how can you trust anything that comes out of an organization that does stuff like that in its promotional materal?

Good luck.

Wesley Hawkins January 21, 2015

How can you trust Blake Kessler when he is using negative advertising to sell you something.

Wesley Hawkins January 21, 2015

How can you trust Blake Kessler when he is using negative advertising to sell you something.

October 13, 2012
First of all Eric, his name is Don, and second of all to every one, he is not a scam. He is a really good teacher! I loved his teachings. Whenever I don't understand anything, he knows how to explain it to me, and I told my friends, and they say the same. I get it if you don't get how to do it. Some of my friends say its a scam also, but it is only their fault on not understanding it, and not allowing don to teach them how easily. And to all the people criticizing about the refund, he tells you before you pay that you get no refund, so it's your fault for not listening! Don and I have been working together for 4 years, and if you knew the guy, you would know he keeps his word and he isn't a scam.

Pete January 11, 2013

The dead give away is "Don and I have been working together for 4 years." What do you think he is going to say?

Wesley Hawkins January 21, 2015

ya Pete, People who take the time to learn what Don does, are always satisfied, just like i was.

March 19, 2012
I have made more money more consistently with Don Fishback than any other adviser I've used. His trades are easy to execute and the number of trades is right for me, approximately 2 to 6 trades per month. I like the fact that he doesn't feel obligated to provide trades every week, but rather waits for the right conditions. I was in ODDS Correlation Trader at first and there weren't many trades. I called them and they allowed me to switch to a different program which has proven very effective. I have no connection with him; I'm just a simple trader who finds that his trades win the vast majority of the time, probably more than ninety percent.

R. Blake Kessler July 27, 2014

Which of his services did you subscribe to and take trades in when you were successful with this, Dave?

October 11, 2010
Total Scam -- stay away. Much too good to be true. Do some research on Fishback and you will see he has been indicted on other scams.

Marcstarr January 15, 2013

i dont know don fishback and I dont know chas. However, as im looking into options education I came accross this site. This review is terrible. If donss been indicted its public info. Please elaborate. Indicted on what, for what... ? This seems like a grudge comment.

Wesley Hawkins January 21, 2015

Great Point Marcstarr.. You won't be able to find anything

August 21, 2010
Fishback's ODDS InsInt is money in the bank. We have used it for over two years and it is the only service we can depend on! The 80% success ratio is the real deal! We are satisfied paying customers.

August 10, 2010
Thanks for your honest opinion. My search of these sort of mass marketers have shown that not even one in the past 30 years proven to be worthwhile. Avoid them all.

Marcstarr January 15, 2013

again, as i wrote above, this is a dumb comment. Its a generalization with NO application to don. Have you traded his system? Didi it fail? If not, you just want to see your words in writing

James C February 13, 2013

Yes, it failed with me.

March 13, 2010

I purchased the ODD Correlation Trader signals in Nov 2009. This is a daily service where Don personally provides a buy or sell on the S&P and you can trade the ETF or options. So far after four month of this service there have only been 2-3 signals and none so far have produced any positive returns. All other signals have been neutral, meaning no confirmed direction.

I obviously did not due any research on his service but instead trusted the Don Fishback name as he has been around forever. His claims about doubling your money using his personal daily signals on the S&P have not yet proven to be worth my time. I currently don’t have enough confidence in this service to even act on a new signal. I paid a ton of money for this service so far not worth ten cents. I have asked for a pro rated return and have been denied. Please be warned about this service and anything else he is selling.

Anthony January 08, 2013

I found the email interesting and the trading system enticing. We have two schools of thought here. One school( the Fans of Don) are happy with the service and say that he does what he claims in providing accurate trades which make money. The other schoold says he is a constant scammer who does not provide the content he claims; that you waste your money by joining him and that if you ask for your money back you do not get it. I am a potential consumer. The logic sounds good but there are those concerns. Is there anyone out there who can really provide a real and unbiased assessment of the PROFITABILTY of what is one offer with some convincing SPECIFIC examples and times of trades? This would be very helpful to us all perhaps? Anthony

Jim January 16, 2013

I would be interested in any replies to Anthony

February 18, 2010
Dan Fishback customer service is terrible. I asked for a refund after missing a renewal date by 1 day and was refused. Their $60 monthly fee was worth more to them than a happy customer. Warning: do not do business with these people.

James C February 13, 2013

Fishback is a crook.