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About is one of the newest online websites where you can find everything imaginable for your dog. They have healthy dog food, unique toys, healthy treats, dog clothing and much more. Not only are their products discounted at up to 25%-75% of retail prices, but they also maintain a high quality selection of especially hand-picked items they sell on the site.

Joining the DoggyLoot website is free; daily emails with coupons to both local and national stores for dog products and services are sent to all of their members. As a DoggyLoot member you also gain access to their growing selection of products and free shipping on all of your online orders.

Although they have a no-refund, no-return policy, you may contact them within 30 days of receiving your shipment should you have any issues with the products you received. They will do their best to resolve the issue and make you a satisfied customer.

One of the aspects that they point out is that they do not buy products from China. Most of their products are made in the USA, especially their edibles. They provide nutritious treats and nutritious dog food that is healthier for dogs than processed foods with fillers and additives.

When it comes to online information pertaining to your dog whether it is product information, caring for your dog, information about health and information about dog breeds, DoggyLoot has a wealth of resources for you to search through. It provides members with lots of tips and guides for making their dog’s lives better including information on hygiene, dog breeds, how to take care of a new puppy and so much more.

Members of DoggyLoot have posted online reviews regarding this website and they have nothing but great things to say about their experiences. These reviews show an overall satisfaction with the products, prices and the service they received.

One of the most popular items on their site is the Mystery Box of Dog Loot that costs $22.00. You don’t know what is going to be in the box but it always includes an assortment of treats, toys and accessories.

DoggyLoot is a company that aims to provide you the best service and the best value for your money and they live up to their word. It is important make sure your dog is happy and healthy, so take care of them and treat them well.

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Not As Good As It Used To Be

April6, 2016

When Doggyloot first started out you could find very good deals on pet products. The Customer service was also good. They were acquired by another company several years ago and I no longer
buy anything from them. They raised their prices making them no different then buying from your local pet store.

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Doggy Loot

May9, 2013

I have been able to try some amazing products thanks to deals I found on Doggy Loot. I love that aspect of the site.
However, the deals are based on the full retail price and I find many of them at regular cheaper prices online so it always pays to check the Deal price to the online prices (including shipping which is free on Doggy Loot).

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theresa kovatch
July 06, 2013

i have seen things that say the site is good,but until the day i can see the site WITHOUT having to answer questions in a pop-up that will not let me in unless i tell them things about myself and my pets that are NONE of their business.if the products are so good then they can let their site speak for itself.considering i spend well over 30 thousand a year on products purchased online it would be a great idea to let me see the site .

Nancy Crowden
July 13, 2013

Prices are higher than retail................. and they say 75% off...HA!!!

August 20, 2013

I do a lot of doggie shopping on Amazon, and have noticed myself that a lot of the items on Doggie Loot are the same as or more than Amazon. Also the thing with them not buying things from China must be old because I noticed when I was looking today they had several toys that are labeled "Made in China"
I've only kept it bookmarked to watch for new interesting doggie items.

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