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You are probably aware of how important dental care is for your overall health and well-being – it’s why we brush, floss, and keep regular dental appointments, after all. But did you know that dental care is important for your pups too? That’s right – the same health issues that exist when humans exercise poor dental hygiene can be dangerous for little Rover or Fido as well.

These include everything from trivial problems like bad breath to serious concerns like heart disease. Studies have even shown a link between gum disease and heart disease in dogs.

What Is It?

By now, you might be balking at the thought of having to clean your dog’s teeth more often and we understand why. It’s not the most enjoyable activity for you or your best friend – your pup might squirm, bark, or even bite during brushing.

If you are a pet parent that avoids brushing your dog’s teeth, don’t feel guilty because you are not alone. 70% of dog parents report never having taken a toothbrush to their dog’s fangs. So, what is a loving pet parent to do when faced with such a dilemma? Veterinarian Doctor Jeff Werber believes that he has found the solution. His company, aptly named Doctor Jeff, creates supplements to help optimize your pet’s health with wholesome, natural ingredients. 


What Products Does Doctor Jeff Make?

The company currently sells two products: Doctor Jeff Daily Canine Care and Doctor Jeff Optimum.

Doctor Jeff Daily Canine Care is a supplement with tons of feel-good benefits. The canine care powder can be mixed with your dog’s regular food and addresses common pup health concerns. It promotes increased energy, healthy weight, digestive health, immune health, and of course, healthy teeth and breath.

The chosen ingredients in the formulation ensure that your dog has what they need to defeat allergy issues, reach optimum activity levels, get all their vitamins, and live their best life. Dr. Jeff’s Canine Care supplement has probiotics, which experts say can help dogs produce more good bacteria, sea kelp which has tons of benefits and can be used for itching problems,  and the amino acid L-Carnitine which helps maintain weight, energy levels and repair joints & hips.

Doctor Jeff Optimum is a chemical-free food topper formulated with a delicious combination of proteins, healthy grains, and Omega-3’s to help your dog get the nutrition they need to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Cost and Price Plans

You can get one jar of Dr. Jeff’s Canine Care Supplement for $42.75 for a one-time purchase or save 10% per jar if you sign up for auto pay. One bag of Dr Jeff Optimum costs $33.00, again with a 10% savings option for auto pay orders.

Customer Service

To contact a representative with questions or concerns, e-mail [email protected] or call 1-888-580-5099.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Doctor Jeff has earned great customer reviews overall from several different sources. Customers on their own website, for example, rave about the various health benefits their pups experienced after starting to use Doctor Jeff products. The great results include higher energy levels, shiner coats, fewer ear infections, fresher breath, cleaner teeth, more consistent bowel movements, less anxiety, and a calmer demeanor.

Trustpilot reviewers agree, with over 100 customers offering wide praise of Doctor Jeff. While most users say that the’ products worked for their dog and they noticed excellent results, some complained that there were issues with an unresponsive, unhelpful customer service department and that delivery times were slow. We should note, however, that most reviews on Trustpilot were overwhelmingly positive.

Finally, Amazon customers offered rave reviews of Doctor Jeff’s Canine Care Powder. They gave the product a 4/5-star rating overall and praised the supplement for delivering quick results, satisfying their dogs, and providing tangible health benefits.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking to improve your dog’s health, there are many other companies that might be able to help you.

One main player in the pet health industry is Dr. Marty Pets. Dr Marty Pets is another veterinarian- founded company that creates healthy products to help pets optimize their quality of life. Dr. Marty has more product options than Doctor Jeff’s including dry dog food and treats. Like Dr. Jeff, the company also sells supplements which range in price from $54.95-$69.95.

Unlike Doctor Jeff, Dr. Marty also creates products specially designed for cat health. Dr. Marty has been well received and has earned excellent reviews on sites like the BBB, where consumers say that their pets loved the products and praise how quickly they noticed results. While Dr. Marty has not gotten a ton of negative reviews, some customers complain about shipping issues, customer service problems, and underwhelming results.

If you are looking for ways to boost your dog’s health, you might consider checking out Amazon’s pet supplement division. The Dental Daily Supplement from Nutrition Strength and the Natural Supplement from Pet Wellbeing have earned positive reviews. Both have similar price points to Doctor Jeff’s supplements with the Nutrition Strength option coming in at $43.95 for 120 tablets and the Pet Wellbeing product coming in at $41.95. Amazon customers offer glowing reviews for both products, claiming that they loved the natural, herbal ingredients found in the supplements and praising the overall efficacy of the products.

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Where to Buy?

You can order Doctor Jeff’s products through their website or Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

Your pet means the world to you and you want to help them live a long, healthy life. As times change, more pet owners are willing to spend more on their pet’s health while looking toward research and science to help them choose pet food and supplements.

If you are an adoring pet parent who wants to do your part to ensure that your dogs have the healthy lifestyles they deserve, Doctor Jeff is a great company to help you on your mission of complete canine health. The products have earned thousands of positive customer reviews from consumers like you who prioritize pet health, and are made from natural, healthy ingredients proven to work.

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