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Doc Socks Compression Socks
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About Doc Socks Compression Socks

Doc Socks is designed to provide support to your feet like an insole. Although they look like a pair of regular socks that you can buy on the market, they are designed by a podiatrist to apply proper pressure to your feet.

The compression provided by the socks can help stabilize your ankles and feet, as well as alleviate pain and swelling.  The Doc Socks’ compression socks are made to promote blood circulation and soothe any sore in your feet.


Doc Socks' compression socks are specially designed by top experts in the industry to ease your pain. The compression sock sleeves are made of quality material to provide comfort and enhance the blood circulation in your foot.

How Does It Work?

Doc Socks' compression socks use a compression technology designed by an industry-leading Podiatrist, who has a lot of experience in treating foot pain. This technology is proven to inhibit swelling on feet and it works well for knee pain. For those who have weak veins from aging, Doc Socks' compression socks can enhance your blood circulation. 


In terms of neuropathy, Doc Socks' compression socks support the connective tissues from toes and heels, which help to prevent plantar fasciitis. For those who are already suffering from plantar fasciitis, Doc Socks' compression socks can speed up the process of healing when you strengthen your foot muscles through physical exercises, such as stretching and ball-rolling.

When you wear Doc Socks' compression socks, they gently lift and support the arch of your foot. This feature is particularly helpful to ease foot and back pain for people who are gaining weight and doing weight-bearing activities.

Wearing shoes of wrong sizes could be a pain. Similarly, wearing a pair of socks that fit can make a difference in your everyday life. Doc Socks use a one size fits all approach. You can wear it with or without your socks.

In order to provide structural compression to the different parts of your feet, there are seven targeted areas and three different levels of compression to relieve the sore and fatigue in your feet.

Cost and Price Plans

One pair of Doc Socks is $21.95. The more you purchase, the better deal you can get. For example, nine pairs of socks cost $164.79, meaning that each pair costs $18.31.

Doc Socks may offer discounts occasionally, such as annual sales and Cyber Monday. You need to watch closely on their website in order to grab the opportunity.

Customer Service

Doc Socks has a 30-day return policy. If your item is damaged or defective, you should email Doc Socks' customer service at mailto:[email protected] to obtain a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) and a shipping address for return. When processing your return, make sure to use the original packaging and mark the RMA number on the package.

After placing your order, you can also reach out to Doc socks' customer service team for order cancellation. If the item that you purchased is in stock, it will be ideal to contact Doc socks' customer service as soon as possible since their shipment usually processes within 24 hours.

If you prefer to call, the phone number of Doc socks' customer service is (855) 861-5328. They are in operation from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Some of you may wonder, is Doc Socks legit in delivering their claims? Many netizens who tried the products said the products are helpful for relieving the fatigue and pain in the foot.

On their website, you will find testimonies from their happy customers, ranging from teachers, moms, and people who suffer from foot problems.

Those who are happy with the products said that Doc Socks are lightweight and the same size fits everyone, both men and women. Also, it can be worn with or without socks.

Although Doc Socks seems to be a product that works based on many online reviews. However, there are some complaints - it is relatively expensive when comparing to other compression socks in the stores.

Besides, while the Doc Socks can improve blood circulation. It is important to note that they do not cure the problem, so you should still be visiting a podiatrist if needed.

Competitors and Alternatives

Apart from Doc Socks, there are some other similar products in the market that you can choose from. The Socks, formerly known as My-Happy Feet Socks, manufactures foot alignment socks. It reduces pain in your feet by stretching them.

Sometimes, people might use foot alignment socks for non-surgical treatment. If you have bunions, crooked toes, and heel pain, foot alignment socks might be helpful in reducing your pain and promote your flexibility.

Another alternative available in the market is Oapl. This brand has a new pair of compression sock called the Plantar Fasciitis Support sock. This new product is designed by a team of podiatrists to provide multi-zone compression in alleviating your hell and back pain. It can also prevent plantar fascial symptoms, like the Doc Socks.

Thorlos is another brand that sells socks for plantar fasciitis. Their product provides good arch support and it is clinically proven to be able to decrease pressure and pain in the foot. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products.

Where to Buy?

Making a purchase at Doc Socks is simple. You can visit their website at


If you’ve been suffering from foot pain, you may want to try some compression socks, such as the Doc Socks compression socks.

Doc Socks’ products are designed by a podiatrist and they are proven to be helpful for relieving fatigue and pain in your foot, as well as promoting blood circulation. You might want to try out the products and see if that improves your quality of life.

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Love my Doc socks
April 7, 2019
My feet would hurt just walking and standing, tried foot supports etc.bouggt Doc Socks and the pain went away the next day. I don't feel the need to wear them anymore but do once or twice a week or if zi know zi will be on my feet a lot or exercizing. I have bought some for my husband too now. The only thing bad is the tops have started to unravel. Hope they have fixed thst issue.

Impossible to reach you by phone
February 8, 2019

I have unsuccessfully been trying to reach you on Email and by phone. The # listed in this ad is 855 861 5328. The operator says this is not a valid #. I tried it twice. I also have attempted to send an email to you and the SEND would not work. I tried that three times. Wonder if someone could contact me at [email protected]? I have a problem with my order and need to report it.

Patricia Beaumont

940 1st St. NE D

Menahga, MN. 56464-2477

Looks as if the pkg. was mailed on JAN. 4th

Valarie C February 15, 2019

I'm sorry. That should be [email protected]

Valarie C February 15, 2019

Hi, Patricia. Please contact us at [email protected] We will answer you promptly.