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Discover it is a new credit card that doesn’t have an annual fee like most other credit cards. Discoverit’s approval process is based on each individual’s credit history, financial strength and their earnings potential.  Those who have less than perfect credit may also be approved, but extended a lower line of credit to start with. You can also transfer your money to Discover it, for only a 3% fee, which is less than other card transfer fees of 4-5%. This is especially attractive to those who have been interested in switching their credit card provider.

Discover it has accommodating features for paying your bill. First off, you have the ability to choose your own payment due date so it fits into your personal pay schedule. Pay the bill can be conveniently done online or over the phone up until midnight on the due date. If you miss a payment, the first offense will be forgiven and there will not be a late payment fee. If you miss additional payments then you will incur a $35.00 fee.

With Discover it, you will be able to access your account online from anywhere at any time. Through your online account you can view your account activity, browse through your statements, search for specific transactions and also take advantage of “The Discover Spend Analyzer”.

This analyzer is a highly unique feature of the Discover card services. With this analyzer you can view up to 24 months of your credit card activity to see where you are spending your money. A pie chart, divided into categories, is also displayed for a clearer visual of where you money is going.

A great reward program also comes with the Discover it card and there are many reward options to choose from. If you choose the cash back reward you can apply it to your statement as a credit or have it deposited into your bank account. You can also use your rewards to get gift cards or merchandise. If you use your card at specified retailers listed on their site you can maximize your rewards to earn even more.

There is an edition of the Discover it card especially designed for students. Students who wish to start building credit will benefit if they use the card continuously and pay their bills on time. This can essentially help when they go to apply for a loan. With this card, students can earn 5% cash rebates on purchases and up to 20% cash back on purchases made through Discover’s online mall.

There are only a couple of drawbacks to the Discover it card. Even though they don’t charge a lot of fees and they have a lenient payment policy, the company still reports to all three credit bureaus, so late payments will affect your credit. Also, the Discover card is not accepted at as many locations as the other credit card companies.

The benefits of having this credit card are some of the best that any credit card company has to offer. They go above and beyond to work with you to manage your payments and interest rate should you lose your job. This card offers purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection and return protection. Most importantly they have 24/7 customer support and reviews online, from customers, were overall pleasantly surprised with the helpful and attentive customer service team.

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Discover It card Overall

April12, 2013

This is one of the best card I can say over my years of dealing with the sneaking coniving credit companies. This card the customer service and the online service is absolutely OUTSTANDING !! when you see the commercials on TV I thought " they have to be kidding right, no they are correct the right on the money " when they say your first time and forgiveness for first time of being late on a payment THEY ACCUALLY DO MEAN IT!!! AND THEY DO REPORT TO ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAU'S ! they have tools on-line to help you pay your bill down quickly , I really cannot say anything bad about this card it really has alot of benifits and great extra's!! Pretty strange from me stateing all this great information due to the fact that I really "HATE DISCOVER!!! " But this card I will take any day! Okay well if your looking for a great card with great quailities I would choose this one it has all it staes! :-)

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