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Neil Anderson

Never Take Any Web Service from Discover Excellence India

April7, 2012

Discover Excellence, equipped with the worst web designers and PHP/MySQL developers, seems to me worst website design and Development Company in the industry. Their every work on wordpress design, seo, web development, Web design and wordpress theme appears to me very low quality.

Discover Excellence says it is not for fit for the poor and low minded businesses in India and fully dedicated to rich-class businesses belonging to California, but in reality they have lost their clientele there for account scamming, deceiving people and delivering low quality web work. All customers and clients those who got their work done once by DEX have left it immediately and never came back to Discover Excellence for the second time.

Likewise, I have got website done from DEX with high price and it proved to me a great loos. So I have promised never to take any web service from them in my lifetime.

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