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DirectBuy is familiar to many people from their television commercials. They claim to have over 1 million products from 700 different brand names with zero hidden retail markups.

DirectBuy claims their members can save hundreds to thousands of dollars because of the lack of retail markups, and their customers have a superior shopping experience to other large stores because they are a private club and not a traditional retail space.

Because they are a private club, they claim there is no pressure to purchase anything in their sales room, and they offer play services for your children while you are in the store.

At the DirectBuy website you can enter your zip code and receive a free pass to your local DirectBuy store to attend an open house.

There is no membership information on the DirectBuy website because they prefer you to attend an open house and speak to their sales staff about their membership opportunities.

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Kim S.

Discounts abound, just look for them!

November29, 2011

Direct Buy is a pretty neat concept. I like it because it cuts out the middle man and you can see an actual savings--I mean savings numbering in the hundreds of dollars. Of course, that adds up so it's an awesome deal. I have one conveniently located in my area so it makes it that much easier to shop. My experience is that their categories are vast (home, electronics, furniture, etc.) and you can do this online too! I prefer to visit the showroom and I would suggest you do that if you have one close enough. The website is super user friendly and I love the showroom because staff have always been helpful. I've been a member for over 2 years and purchased furnishings for every room of the house. I truly think the prices beat the big box retailers. In my opinion, it's a better option because you can see the brands and check the quality independently before you buy--no pressure.

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