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On hot sunny days, our eyes stand a chance of being irritated by the glare of sun rays. While this glare is annoying, if you are driving and wearing no appropriate eye protection, the glare might hamper your vision, causing serious accidents in the worst-case scenario.

Founded and nurtured by love, Diff eyewear offers a whole range of eyewear which is substantially different from other brands on the market. Using an effective sale process which cuts out all middlemen, the brand can offer high-quality products, on par to any designer glasses now, at very discounted prices.

Furthermore, for every pair of glasses sold, the brand will donate a pair to charity, making this business not only sustainable but also ethical and responsible for community development.


Diff Eyewear’s principal products are sunglasses. The website sources high-quality and fashionable sunglasses from other noticeable brands, offering to their customers a great breadth of variety to choose from. All pairs of glasses are made with gradient lenses to allow reduce the intensity of the sun’s glare effect.

A pair of aviator sunglasses will never be out of mode. Classic and classy, these sunglasses are a bold fashion statement, serving as the wow factor for your outfit whenever you appear at a party. If you are interested in these products, there are numerous lens colors for you to choose from like blue, pink, gold, grey, etc.

Almost all lenses are polarized so as to keep the glare effect under check, but there is also the option of choosing a clear lens if you want to show off your lovely eyes as well.

Everyone reads on LCD screens in their life, be it on a phone or laptop screens, but these screens can cause some serious eye problems if left unchecked. These devices emit blue light, and this particular light, when flashed directly in your eyes, can weaken them.

Diff Eyewear offers you a simple solution through their blue light optical glasses. These glasses, with blue light blocking technology integrated, will let you comfortably enjoy your reading sessions without any worries.

It is the holiday season, and the website is offering many great seasonal pieces. Add a dash of naughtiness with the Koko pair, or a touch of sassiness through your Ruby pair. The options are limitless!

If you like to live it dangerously, check out the celebrity mystery box collection for a pleasant surprise. This package also comes with an $85 pair of mystery glasses.

The website is not for ladies only, as gentlemen are guaranteed to find lots of good choices on the site. Some of the most famous men models include the Ace aviator model and the Harley model. All models can come in many colors and level of gradience, offering you a nice degree of customization.

Cost and Price Plans

Unlike traditional business models which rely on unreliable and outdated marketing, DIFF Eyewear is operated in accordance with a streamlined and one-stop model, enabling the website to provide items with exceptional values to its customers.

Most gradient sunglasses are priced at around $85, and blue light blocking sunglasses line is available from just $65. Currently, there is a site-wide sale for some products, so chances are that you will find great deals on the site.

Customer Service

Like all retailers, customer service is a must-have for DIFF Eyewear. Before you contact them, be sure to check out the FAQ for essential information first, as there are helpful answers on the brand’s shipping and return policies. To open a support ticket, simply fill out the form on their contact us section. Support is available from Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

All products include a warranty of 1 year, not including scratches, misuse, or general accidental damage. In case you are not happy with your products, returns are possible within 30 days of your purchase. Sale items are not eligible for returns, except for Holiday Return items. It could take up to 3 weeks for the return to be processed.

Online Reviews/Complaints

DIFF Eyewear has received compliments on its customer service. Many past customers describe the customer service as responsive, fast, and patient. A customer even got lens replacement when her pair had been broken by her child.

However, the business has also received numerous serious complaints. Most of these complaints aimed at the brand’s poor taste in style, and even the celebrities endorsing it do not seem to help much. Customers are also particularly vexed at the overly large frame, meaning the glasses will not always stay comfortably above your nose.

Competitors and Alternatives

In case you are looking for an alternative, there are plenty available. The first one is Quay Australia Sunglasses. 
Vs Quay, DIFF’s products are a bit more expensive.

Next is the famous Ray-Ban from the USA. VS Ray-Ban, DIFF’s products are not as famous, but much cheaper. It depends on what you’re looking for – top quality at top prices or value for money.

Finally, you could opt for Warby Parker which works on the same buy one give one pair to charity principle.

Where to Buy?

DIFF’s products are available on its website and in retail chains such as Nordstrom or Dillard. There are also DIFF stores as well, and to find your nearest retailers, simply go to their website and use their helpful retailer locator. You just have to input your ZIP code, and the locator will do the rest to make sure you will not have to walk a lot to try on your eyewear.


Fashionably eyewear is usually associated with luxury, so people tend not to use them on daily basis. However, with the myriad benefits these glasses bring, it would be difficult to pass them on. Now that DIFF offers you high-quality sunglasses at very lucrative prices, there should be no reason not to try out a pair of classy sunglasses.


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