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DHgate, located at www.DHgate.com, promises their users “great deals all day, every day” from their wide variety of overseas wholesale suppliers, as well as a secure payment system.

DHgate claims to be a safe, reliable connection to hundreds of potential wholesale sellers, and allows you to order items in large scale wholesale lots for your own personal use or for purposes of reselling, or you can order as little as one single item.

Their website allows you to search for what it is you need from all the options presented by the sellers they will connect you with. When you find the item you like the best, you simply place your order and give your payment to DHgate.

Once DHgate confirms to the seller that your payment has been received and is secured, the seller will then ship you the item or items you have ordered and send you a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your order while it is being shipped.

Once you receive the package, it is your job to fully check over the item and make sure you are happy with what you have received and there is no damage. Once you have completed that, you contact DHgate to give feedback, fill out a product review, and authorize DHgate to release your payment to the seller.

DHgate claims that this system allows you to find the best item at the best price, while giving you the most secure payment and shipping system available, to make sure that you are happy with your online purchases. 

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Never had any problems

June3, 2017

I love the customer service from this website, always helpful and a great range of profitable products can be sourced.

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June 03, 2017

Hi Danny,

Thank you for your feedback. Let us know if you have any concerns about your orders so that we can immediately assist you in resolving any issue.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link if you have any questions: http://dg.dhgate.com/contact/contactUs.do#pu1403-helptop-contactUs or send an email to [email protected] .

Customer Service Center

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1 Review

BEWARE! Do not trust this company or seller GoShoppingNow OUT OVER $1400 USA DOLLARS

July6, 2016

BEWARE! Do not trust this company or seller GoShoppingNow OUT OVER $1400 USA DOLLARS

I have been asking for DHGate's help on resolving this issue since purchase of a machine from seller goshoppingnow for over $1400 going on for over 8 months now.

We contacted DHGate via phone as no one in our clinic could ever get the machine to work, DHGate told us that they already released our money to the seller but said that they would monitor our messages and urge the seller to resolve the issue. The seller took forever to get back to us on simple instructions. Then when they did send us instructions the machine still would not work.

The seller continued to ask us to send videos of us trying to get the machine to turn on because there was NO SUCTION which is necessary to use the machine.and perform the treatment correctly. The guarantee and warranty on this machine clearly stated on the listing that the machine was guaranteed to be free of defects and had a 1 year full warranty.

The seller GoShoppingNow should have replaced the machine or according to the DHGate guarantee they should have given us a full refund. Instead, DHGate allowed the seller GoShoppingNow to drag their feet and never fixed the situation.

Instead of replacing the machine, the seller GoShoppingNow mailed us parts that they said they could see were missing on the machine after watching the numerous video's they requested we send. We had to pay an electrician to replace the parts that were sent to us. No where in the seller GoShoppingNow warranty does it state that the customer has to replace parts at their expense. The machine should have been replaced right away, instead parts continued to be sent and replaced at the customers expense for a brand new machine that has NEVER worked. That is not a warranty. Then after all that the machine still could not be fixed with the sellers replacement parts, and STILL DOES NOT WORK. All the while and hundreds of messages back and forth with both the seller GoShoppingNow and DHGate. The seller asked us to pay shipping fees to ship back the faulty machine. That would now almost bring my out of pocket costs to the price I originally paid for the machine. Under the DHGate guarantee this is not allowed. I can't believe DHGate or seller GOSHoppingNow believes that it is OK to do business this way and send a non-working machine after receiving full payment of over $1400 and then drags it feet when the machine NEVER works and then continues to send parts that are missing or not working to be replaced at the cost of the buyer that is fraudulent.

Then DHGate said that they would escalate my case and urge the seller to replace the machine. The seller GoShoppingNow sent us this: "we make a concession, you do not need ship back the machine , you just pay 358usd and we will pay some of it , then we can ship the new machine to you!" So then we agreed to pay this to the seller so we can get the a new machine. But when we try to pay the seller GoShoppingNow changes it's mind. Refuses to replace the machine, and instead now says will only give us a 40% discount. (By the way, the seller GoShoppingNow removed the 1 year warranty from my original listing. That is FRAUD, if you look at every other listing they have the 1 year warranty there.)


The way GOSHOPPINGNOW AND the DHGATE company has handled this whole situation does not warrant any trust to do business with either of them!


DHGATE is posting a canned response. However, here is a screen shot of the real response they gave me, NO INTENTION OF EVER HELPING ME HOWEVER THEY ARE THE ONES WHO KEPT URGING ME TO WORK IT OUT WITH THE SELLER FOR OVER 8 MONTHS NOW:

From: Customer Service 2016-07-04 16:46:02
This is Amy, the manager of Customer Service and I'm glad to receive your message.
I did the complete research for your case 1581380453,but I have to inform you that your case can't be handled anymore according to DHgate Dipsute Policy.
I totally understand your feelings as a customer and I wish there were more I could do for you but there isn't because we've already done everything in our power.
I'd really appreciate your understanding and I'd be more than happy to help you with any other concerns.

Kind regards,
DHgate Customer Service Center

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May1, 2016

There is a seller on DHGate called honeywedding. DO NOT purchase from this seller. I ordered a wedding dress from this seller. I got it, I loved it. I ordered it early as a precaution. Thank God I did. I went to pull the dress out of the closet and it had yellow stains all over it. On the appliques, on the back. The dress was defective. Most likely a cheap fabric was used that discolored. I took great care of this dress. It was stored in a garment protective bag. It was in a clean and dry closet that is not subject to temperature fluctuations. The dress is ruined. My wedding is in June and I had to buy a new dress. I contacted the seller and they told me that the stains were probably my fault and that I probably didn't take care of it. I then contacted DHGate. This site is completely geared toward SELLER PROTECTION not BUYER PROTECTION like that would try to have you believe. They told me that they couldn't do anything. That my order was closed and that the money had been released to the seller. All that I could do was come to an agreement with the seller, (which obviously isn't going to happen). I sent them the screenshot of what the seller said to me. They said that because we hadn't reached an agreement, they couldn't open a case. What is the point of opening a case if you have an agreement with the seller?! You need a case when you can't reach an agreement. I told them that if I couldn't get my money back, could I at least alter my review. They told me no. They said that only the seller could allow me to alter my review. How is ANY of this protecting the buyer? So, now I'm out the money for 2 wedding dresses. The one that they sent me that is cheap and defective and the new one that I had to purchase from a real and reputable business to replace it. DO NOT order form here. No one will help you. You will lose your money, you will receive a crappy product, and you will be told that there is nothing you can do. This is a complete and total scam. Period.

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