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About DesignCrowd is the online home of DesignCrowd, a digital marketplace where graphic designers come to compete for the business of clients who need designs for their personal or business purposes. 

How Does It Work? says that their goal is to help their customers “get the perfect custom design, every time.” To do this, they have created an online marketplace where freelance graphic designers are ready to provide you with logo, website, print, and graphic design services.  

This website says that they have a market of more than 545,000 designers from around the world, which means that you can “tap into the very best international design talent available” but at a reasonable budget which you can set for yourself. 

To get started, all you have to do is use their basic form to describe your project and explain your ultimate vision for what you want to their designers. Designers will then begin sending designs right to your inbox for you to consider. You will then be able to share these designs with other people on your team or friends helping you, and provide the designers will feedback for their next draft. 

Cost/Price Plans

The costs and prices of using this service will directly depend on the type of project you are trying to receive designs for. Once you’ve provided the website with the basics of what you need for your project, you will need to select the size of package you would like to purchase. The prices of these packages will depend on the number of designers you are interested in working with, from one to unlimited, and the number of design drafts you want to go over, from three to 150 or more. 

The website does say that you will need to pay a posting fee of $59.00 no matter what kind of contest you decide to go with, but the choice of package and overall budget for your project is completely up to you. 

Refund Policy

This website says that they offer their customers a Money Back Guarantee on Design Contest project budgets, which means that any refund will exclude all posting and upgrade fees you pay when you initially launch your project. You will need to request your refund within 30 days of posting your project, though the website does ask that you give designers enough time to submit their designs. 

If you did not receive any designs submitted to your project at all, DesignCrowd says they will happily refund your project budget and all of the posting fees you paid to their website. 

Unfortunately, if you decided to launch a Committed/Guaranteed contest, you will not be eligible for any sort of Money Back Guarantee.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-377-6955 or by submitting them directly to their website. 


This company receives mixed reviews from both its designers and its clients, for a wide variety of reasons, but the most often quoted reason from their clients was that when they were not given what they asked for from their designers at all, DesignCrowd would not assist them.

People reported that their main problem was that they would provide designers with feedback which was ignored in future designs, and which ultimately meant that the designer was “wasting” the number of designs the client had purchased in their package. When this problem was explained to DesignCrowd, customers claimed that they were simply told if they were unhappy, they could use their Money Back Guarantee. 

Unfortunately, clients felt that it was unfair that they were still forced to pay the $59 posting fee when DesignCrowd would not assist them in dealing with their designers, nor would they offer them additional design proposals so the client could actually get a design, which was what they wanted more than a refund. 

DesignCrowd does clearly explain their Money Back Guarantee and that it does not include a refund of the posting fee, so customers will need to decide whether or not they feel this policy is fair and whether it’s a policy they feel comfortable with before using this site to find designers.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are some other companies available online which strive to provide clients with a similar solution to their graphic design needs, including,, CrowdSpring, DesignMantic, or even

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your DesignCrowd reviews below.

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Design work is ok, but the site itself sucks

October 3, 2018

I had some labels designed, i received a lot of really bad rubbish "designs" but in the end one or two that were knockout so i achieved my goal design-wise. However, some of the designers had quite a lot of attitude about doing reworks (some were lovely and went above and beyond) and one asked for more money directly from me at the end!

The reason i wouldn't recommend it is because the site itself SUCKS! It's super hard to navigate - you have to click through really strange, un obvious paths to even access your designs each time.. it also seemed to have a couple of strange bugs at times. I wouldn't recommend.

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March 6, 2018

A lot of junk for a very high price. The only good design turned out to be a ripoff from an already existing company, so it couldn't be trademarked. Then they wouldn't refund my money. Complete ripoff.

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You pay peanuts you get monkeys

March 4, 2018

DesignCrowd attracts unsophisticated clients and a majority of failed designers with no talent. The briefs are poor and the design solutions for most of the time are mediocre.

I suppose you get what you pay for.

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Scam and will not fully refund money if designer can not deliver

January 12, 2018

They kept $40 of my $99 I paid YES HALF MY MONEY after their designer could not finish the project. They called it a "Posting Fee"
The designer admitted that he was unable to do the job. I had sent over all of the information to him prior to using him. I needed a Scottish emblem in the LOGO. 3 drafts later it was missing the Scottish emblem. He was kind enough to let me know he did not know how.

I thanked him for his honesty and asked for the refund they advertise. They told me they keep $40 for a posting fee! WHAT I missed a deadline, your designer did not know how to complete the job, I ended up with NOTHING and you want to keep $40????

They said it was in the "fine" print.

SCAM.. BEWARE. Use Fiverr they really do off your a gaurantee.

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