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Having unwanted hair on your face can become the bane of your life and will sometimes lead to bigger problems if left untreated. There are many ways you can remove hair on your face but due to the location and the nature of it, you can’t just shave it cut it or shave it off. Doing this may result in damaging your skin or making the hair grow back faster and thicker.

You need to remove excess facial stubble carefully and there are many products online that claim to safely and effectively remove it.

In this article, we review DermaFlash and how effective it as a standalone product and against its competitors.

As seen on TV, DermaFlash claims to be an effective hair removal tool that does not come with the side effects of shaving. Along with removing hair, it also claims to be a great exfoliating facial treatment that leaves your skin feeling flawless after every use.


DermaFlash gives you two types of offers with two different products. Each offer comes with differences which is explained below.

The DermaFlash One is the base option that comes with the standard unit that comes with just 1 universal speed and less amount of treatment product such as the PREFLASH Cleanser & POSTFLASH Moisturizer. It comes with 4 blades as standard. Both offers offer a free gift of a travel kit and bag as a thanks for purchasing.

The other offer is the DermaFlash 2.0 Luxe that comes with a more advanced unit that has 2 speeds (gentle and invigorating) which also has a battery level indicator. This offer comes with more treatment products and an extra daily defense cream on top of the free items mentioned on the DermaFlash One offer.

Compared to the base offer, the Luxe package comes with 8 blades as standard.

How Does It Work?

While it is a great hair removal tool, people often ask, ‘Is DermaFlash just a razor?’. It is more than ‘just’ a razor. Its main feature is to safely remove any kinds of hair whether thick or thin, or from any ethnicities.

DermaFlash operates a close razor blades that cuts hair very close to its roots. Due to this, it also removes dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing while preventing a breakout of acne.

Cost and Price Plans

DermaFlash has made choosing which one to buy easier by just selling two offers. The base option comes with a standard hair removal device while the top tiers device is the recently released product that comes with 2 speeds to switch from what treatment you want to do.

The DermaFlash One costs just three easy payments of $49.95 and it comes with free shipping. You also get free gifts that add a value of $26.

The DermaFlash 2.0 Luxe is a little bit more expensive being offered with 3 easy payments of $66.65 and free shipping. The free gift is valued at $41.

Customer Service

Just like many reputable sellers online, DermaFlash has a customer service section on their website that includes contact details such as email and phone.

The website has a live chat feature to make contacting their customer service team easier should you have any queries or complaints.

Every purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and the process is simple. There is a contact number if you need assistance quickly such as cancelling an order.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Looking at online reviews is a great way of telling whether the product is good or if it from a reliable source. While scouring through Amazon for some verified reviews, DermaFlash receives mixed reception from customers with good and bad reviews.

Customers have reported that the products that have been delivered may have been faulty due to its production or its delivery method, but DermaFlash have quickly resolved the issue by replacing the item. Another issue is that the wrong blade sent doesn’t fit on the product they have.

The good reviews that DermaFlash receives is its effectiveness as an exfoliating device and a hair removal tool. Customers have raved about how it has made their facial skin feel and look so refreshed after every session.

Competitors and Alternatives

DermaFlash isn’t on its own in the market and below are some of the competitors and alternatives.


GloPro has a huge catalog of products dedicated to hair removal and skin exfoliating. The number of products you can buy can be its downfall. This can confuse many customers as to what they have to buy and ultimately end up buying the wrong item. The difference with DermaFlash vs GloPro is that the latter is designed as a roller which can be trickier to operate.


So how does DermaFlash fare against vs PMD? PMD operates differently it uses a suction vacuum and aluminum oxide crystal rotating disc used as an abrasive to clean your skin. Take note that PMD does not remove hair but only removes layers of dead skin.


So we look at DermaFlash vs Tinkle. Tinkle is a cheaper disposable alternative to DermaFlash. You can buy packs of razors for a lot cheaper but you will need to continue buying them. It offers the same benefits of DermaFlash, but you will need to purchase other products in conjunction with the razor to receive the full benefits.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy DermaFlash it from its website. It is the easiest way to purchase especially with its purchase options. You can purchase this product on other online retailers such as Amazon. Some reviews also said that they have bought it from TV as part of a shopping channel such as QVC.


There are many home use dermaplaning devices in the market. It used to be a procedure that was done by professionals with sterile tools. Now, thanks to technology, you can safely remove hair and exfoliate your skin.

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