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About Dentitox Pro

Everywhere we go, we see images of people with perfect, beautiful smiles. Not only do we see them on billboards and commercials, but also magazine covers in the grocery store checkout lanes. These instances don’t even include book covers, television shows, and movies.

These images of perfection constantly surround us, making it hard to be content with the smile and teeth that we were gifted. It’s important to remember that those perfect smiles didn’t come naturally. There are many different options on the market to help you acquire the perfect teeth you desire.

One of the products available is Dentitox Pro. With just a drop of the specially created formula, you can strengthen and whiten your teeth. But what needs to be known about Dentitox Pro - does it work?


Dentitox Pro is a product created by Marc Hall, who lives just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. He made the formula with his love of plant-based ingredients in mind, intending to develop a beneficial solution for those desiring or needing additional oral hygiene assistance. 


Dentitox Pro incorporates three different priorities from the creator himself: 

    • Natural ingredients, sourced from local growers that let plants reach their full maturity and use no chemical treatments
    • They are mixed in the right way and in the right amount to keep their properties intact
    • Are processed under strict sterile standards with regularly disinfected equipment

After Hall was able to accomplish the three different priorities, he prepared the formula for distribution.

What Does Dentitox Pro Do?

Dentitox Pro utilizes a combination of specific natural and plant-based ingredients to improve the quality of your oral hygiene in the following ways:

    • Support Gum and Teeth Health
    • Fight Bacteria and Plaque
    • Promote Fresh Breath
    • Whiten Teeth

The specific formula interacts in a particular way, through four separate steps:

Step 1: Rapid Stabilization - Stop inflammation, pain, and possibly even bleeding with the ER Team, including potassium, collagen, and vitamins A and C. This powerful collaboration of ingredients helps thwart demineralization and help heal damaged gums to get your oral health into recovery mode.

Step 2: The Total Cleanse - Detoxify your smile and power up against the dangerous bacteria, toxins, and even chemicals in your mouth with the Tribal 5. These long-held-secret tribal ingredients are thought to solve multiple dental issues. NEEM, sage, elderberry, licorice, and cinnamon offer antimicrobial, purifying properties to eradicate dangerous agents that are often behind bad breath.

Step 3: Fast Reconstruction - Rebuild and reinforce your gums, your smile, and even your jawbones with Architectural Nutrients like micro-encapsulated calcium, phosphorous, vitamin K2, and vitamin D. You'll see maximum bone strength and enamel repair with a decrease in inflammation of your gums. Plus, K2 helps eliminate plaque and prevents it from reforming on your teeth.

Step 4: The Absolute Defense - Ensure your smile is practically bulletproof and protected from the dangerous chemicals and bacteria that enter your mouth with the X-Army: xylitol. Xylitol has been shown in scientific studies to reduce bacteria, deter decay, and lower your risks of infection.

What Are The Active Ingredients?

As a plant-based formula, Dentitox Pro contains many natural ingredients, including:

    • Vitamins A, C, D3 & K2
    • Phosphorous
    • Potassium
    • Zinc
    • Micro-encapsulated calcium (MEC)
    • Xylitol
    • Collagen
    • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    • Spearmint/peppermint

How To Use:

Dentitox Pro is formulated as drops that you apply to the tooth. The instructions are not explicitly provided on the company website. However, it does state that you apply a drop to the affected tooth and rub it in to thoroughly coat the tooth. 

Following that, you use your toothbrush to brush over the tooth gently. You finish the process by rinsing with warm water.

The website states that you will be able to see results quickly within a matter of days.

Cost and Price Plans

To purchase a 30-day supply of Dentitox Pro, you will pay a one-time fee of $69. However, the price does decrease when you buy higher quantities.

One Dentitox Pro Bottle - $69.00
Three Dentitox Pro Bottles - $177.00
Six Dentitox Pro Bottles - $294.00

All orders through the company website come with free shipping and a money-back guarantee.

How Is The Customer Service?

Dentitox Pro offers one form of contact for customers for product issues and one form of communication for order issues.

Product Issues: Send the vendor a message through the contact form on their website

Order Issues: Participate in a live chat through ClickBank

Dentitox does not have a significant online presence. There are many social media accounts for the brand, but none of them have comments or reviews. Therefore, it is hard to understand any customer service issues with the lack of independent reviews.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

As previously stated, Dentitox does not have a significant online presence. Because of that and the lack of third-party reviews, it is hard to get an accurate indication as to whether the company delivers what it promises or not.

Although Dentitox does not have a profile through the BBB, it is listed on another review site, with a low score of 3.2 stars. The only written review states that Dentitox is just another scam that you shouldn’t purchase.

Dentitox is also listed on Amazon but has only one review on the site.

Competitors and Alternatives

Several products are similar to Dentitox Pro on the market, including the following:

Dentitox Pro vs. NaturaRx Dentizyme: NaturaRx is an organic enzyme that helps to promote healthy gums and lessen tooth decay. It is available on Amazon and is ⅓ the price of Dentitox with a high level of positive reviews.

Vs. Goodbye Gum Disease: Goodbye Gum Disease has an essential oil base that helps prevent decay and gum disease. It has high reviews on Amazon, as well as a lower price point than Dentitox Pro.

Vs. Tooth and Gums Tonic: Sold as a mouthwash, Tooth and Gums Tonic has herbal ingredients that naturally help fight dental issues.

Where To Buy?

To take advantage of free shipping, bulk orders, and the money-back guarantee, you must purchase Dentitox Pro through its company website.

Additionally, you can purchase the product on Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

The primary issue with Dentitox Pro is the lack of transparent information. Not only do we not have access to the instructions on how to use the product, but we also cannot read independent reviews from other customers that have purchased and used the product. 

Additionally, the way that information is stated is deceiving. The website says that the product is created in an FDA-approved lab. That statement leads people to think that Dentitox Pro is FDA approved. However, it is not. 

The company website is littered with grammar issues and is not displayed professionally. Between that and the lack of customer service options, as well as minimal access to transparent information and reviews, we feel that Dentitox Pro is not worth it.

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