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About is your source for services and products you need to promote your business. Deluxe started out as a company that solely provided consumers with personalized checks and a check holder to match. Now they have checks and business products, print marketing, promotional products and business services. They serve the needs of small businesses as well as those of financial institutions. offers financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, many marketing options to choose from in order to increase their customer base. They also sell protection services to institutions with the intent of preventing security threats from new applicants. The banker’s dashboard, accessible at anytime from anywhere enables institutions to review their most current financial status.

Financial institutions can also visit the Knowledge Exchange Center for recent industry insights, to collaborate and share with others in the field, and even to conduct research. Their service fees, for financial institutions, are calculated based on the size of the institution, the service options chosen, and the length of time you sign up for.

Small business owners have a lot of work on their plate, especially during the beginning stages of startup. has a number of solutions to help put them on the road to success. Not only do they have small packages for customers with minimal needs but they also have larger service packages to accommodate those who need help with a slew of projects.

Business bundles range in scope, price and coverage. Some of the package prices are as follows: “Create Your Brand” with a start-up cost of $299.00 plus $32.00/ month; “Get Online” is $274.95/month; “Engage Your Customers” is $313.00/month; “Attract New Customers” costs $649.99/month; “Launch a New Product” for $764.00/month; and the “Get found” package is $600.00/ month.

Within the resource center there are many sources of information covering a range of topics for both financial institutions as well as businesses. The areas of subject matter primarily revolve around producing personalized checks, security fraud and identity theft, consumer protection and internet marketing.

Overall, the general consensus of online reviews highly rated for both its products and services. There were only a few complaints online and they simply stated that their checks are a tad bit more expensive than others. On the other hand, the reviews also stated that these customers were unaware of the cost for the checks because the agent did not tell them. Why didn’t they just ask for the price?

The company’s growth can be contributed to the relationships they established with their customers almost 100 years ago. Their checking account products were, and still are, a primary source of their revenue. This means that they have not compromised the quality of their products for a higher profit margin; it says a lot about the integrity of their business practices.

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