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DegreeTree, found online at, is a website who says their goal is to help people who are interested in a college degree find the best school and program for them.

According to their Mission Statement, DegreeTree believes that degrees beyond a high school education improves the earnings power and standard of living for everyone, and is within the reach of everyone as well.

In order to help people who may be considering a college degree, the website says they promise to deliver the necessary information as well as a database of school choices that offer programs in a wide range of both practical and popular areas of study.

DegreeTree says that their search feature is easy to use, and allows you to search by programs, school, or degree, or a combination of the three.

If you are using DegreeTree to find a school, you should be aware that while they say the schools they represent are all accredited, most of the schools you will find featured on this website are for-profit universities.

For-profit universities are a controversial subject in the United States. Often they are more expensive than their non-profit counterparts, and while they may be accredited in certain areas, they often offer non-accredited programs as well.

It is important when dealing with for-profit universities that you look up your specific program accreditation with a third party, independent resource.

In addition, people who need financial aid may find it more difficult to attain loans when attending for-profit universities, since government studies have determined that while only around 10% of students attend for-profit universities, they account for almost 50% of defaulted student loans in the country, often without attaining a degree.

DegreeTree is completely free to use, and it is free to request information from individual schools as well. If you find a school that interests you, you just need to submit a simple contact form on their website, and an Admissions representative from that school will contact you.

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