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About is a website which promises to help potential students find the “perfect degree,” whether from an online or campus institution, so you can get ahead in life.

This website says that, using your background, interests, and career goals, they can help you discover new career opportunities which will utilize degrees from “top accredited colleges and universities.”

And for customers who would like further information, they have a series of articles on subjects like the process of finding a school, or about the details of financing a college education or comparing an online education to a campus based education.

When you are ready to have the website match you with the appropriate degree programs, you have to provide them with a variety of information, beginning with your age, and the year you got your high school diploma or GED.

Then you will have to let them know you current level of education, your desired degree level, when you want to begin your new degree program, and whether you would prefer an online or campus based education.

Finally, you’ll have to have a pre-determined area of interest, be a US citizen, and let them know whether or not you are currently affiliated with the military.

Once you have submitted this information and provided them with your email address, mailing address, and phone number, you will then be ready for them to begin sending you possible degree program matches.

However, once you have provided them with all this information, be prepared for them to share your information with their third party partners who may then contact you with advertisements via email, telephone, and other means.

This is important for you to understand before you submit any of your information, so that you can be prepared for the marketing and advertising contacts you’ll be receiving. You may want to provide them with a specific email address or phone number where you would prefer to receive contact, so you can avoid spam.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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difficult to escape

February7, 2017

I was switched to this website through advertisement and signed up while thinking that it was something else. In the last day I have received 2 phone calls which Ive specified I don't want to be reached out to. When looking at the website- AFTER having to ask the representative that called me the second time, 3+ times- I was unable to find anything about where to delete my account with this website. I could not find a phone number to contact or a link to unsubscribe. I then called a phone number on a separate website that was supposed to be linked to this and when answered I explained that I wanted all of my information taken off of this website. She simply said I will take care of it, have a nice day. She didn't ask for information because she was unable to take care of deleting my info further than putting me on a no call list. She did not have anyone that I could be transferred to to help, and when I emailed the link given in the privacy clause of the website (the ONLY email on the website) it came back as not being sendable because the email did not exist. This is both bazaar and terrible if its a legitimate business.

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