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DegreeLeap is a website located at and says that your future is within your reach with their educational search engine which will match you with appropriate educational options.

Websites which take your information and match you with degree seeking educational programs are extremely common. It is a simple way for schools to get access to potential students and those looking to expand their skill sets.

In order to be appropriately matched with a degree program, you’ll need to give the website a variety of information. Your age, the year you graduated from high school, your highest level of education, and the degree you are seeking.

You will also need to explain when you are hoping to begin your program, whether you prefer a campus based or online education, your current citizenship status, Military status, and your area of interest and specialization.

Once you have given the website that information, they will be ready to match you with a variety of educational providers. They promise that you can view up to ten school matches, request information on up to 3 schools, and have the option to request a personal consultation.

However, before you can receive your list of school matches you will need to provide the website with all of your current contact information. When you do so, you are agreeing to let affiliates and third parties contact you via email, telephone, direct mail, text, or prerecorded messages for offers and services.

With these online school finder services, the thing you need to be most aware of is that sometimes these services are sponsored by for-profit universities, who work very hard to recruit students and may have higher than average costs.

Ultimately, even though a matching service has told you they feel a particular school is a good fit for you, it is still necessary for you to do your own personal research into the reputation of a school, especially whether or not the specific program you are interested in has accreditation from the proper sources.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Degree Leap reviews below.

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