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Defunkify is an odor-reducing detergent and spray that the seller states is created with Green Chemistry, making it less toxic and safe for use around children and pets.

About Defunkify

Defunkify was created to add a non-toxic odor eliminator laundry detergent to the market. Additionally, Defunkify offers a sustainable approach to their products through the following ways:

  • Low Impact Formulas - domestically sourcing ingredients to reduce emissions
  • Plastic Neutral Operations - they measure their company’s plastic footprint, then offset their total footprint by funding plastic waste recovery destined for marine ecosystems.
  • Climate Neutral Operations - Defunkify eliminates carbon emissions and offsets everything by investing in carbon-free technologies.

Defunkify offers the following products in their non-toxic and sustainable line:

  • Powder Detergent
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Odor Remover Spray
  • Stain Remover Spray
  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of Defunkify products depends on which item you purchase. As an example, the following products have the corresponding cost:

  • Powder Detergent - $19.99
  • Liquid Detergent - $19.99
  • Odor Remover Spray -  $9.99
  • Stain Remover Spray - $8.99
  • All-Purpose Cleaner - $7.99

Defunkify also has a subscription program where you can order products consistently for a discounted price.

How Does Defunkify Work?

The company states that the product is created with a distinct protocol that allows it to work in an active wash cycle as other brands would.  They also claim to use:

  • Safer Ingredients: Defunkify is created with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program
  • Green Chemistry: Defunkify utilizes green chemistry to provide non-toxic formulas
  • Toxicity Testing: Specific tests are run to account for performance

To use, pour the desired amount of detergent into your washing machine and run your preferred cycle.

What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients in Defunkify laundry detergent include a blend of natural, non-toxic elements and essential oils. These ingredients are:

  • purified water
  • decyl glucoside
  • lauryl glucoside
  • sodium olefin sulfonate
  • tall oil fatty acid
  • vegetable glycerin
  • sodium citrate
  • sodium carbonate
  • enzyme blend
  • isopropylidene glycol
  • Carboxymethyl inulin
  • propanediol
  • potassium hydroxide
  • methylglycinediacetic acid
  • lauric acid
  • ethyl alcohol
  • calcium chloride
  • lavender scent (contains linalool)
  • lemongrass scent (contains citral)
  • fresh air scent (essential oil)

In the case of Defunkify liquid vs. powder, the key differences are in the scent (powder does not contain fragrance) and the ingredient makeup. Defunkify powder includes the following ingredients:

  • sodium sulfate
  • sodium carbonate
  • sodium citrate  
  • alkylbenzenesulfonate
  • alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate
  • sodium metasilicate
  • sodium percarbonate
  • sodium silicate
  • methylglycinediacetic acid
  • polyacrylic acid
  • tetraacetylethylenediamine
  • protease enzyme
  • amylase enzyme
  • cellulase enzyme

Customer Service

Defunkify provides many different options for contacting the company for issues or questions. 

  • Online Contact Form
  • Online Chat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (833) 233-3865

Physical Address:
350 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The reviews of Defunkify online are positive, with many customers applauding the effectiveness of the anti-odor detergent with non-toxic ingredients.

Although you don’t often find the product in stores (outside of Sprouts and REI), it is readily available on the company website and Amazon. Customers appreciate the ability to purchase the item in stores and online.

However, not all customers have walked away from their experience with Defunkify happy. Many have turned to the product to eliminate cigarette smells from clothes or mustiness from being in storage and have not had success in ridding their clothing of those scents.

Some customers also state that the ingredients cause irritations with their skin, even with the free and clear option.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using new products, it is vital to get as much information as possible about the company. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Defunkify:

Where Is Defunkify Based?

Defunkify was founded at its headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.

What Is Defunkify?

Defunkify is an odor-reducing detergent and stain remover that uses environmentally safe and non-toxic methods.

Does Defunkify Work?

Many customers have had great results with Defunkify. However, some customers have had skin reactions to the product and have been unable to eliminate undesirable odors.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several options available that are similar to Defunkify, including the following alternatives:

Defunkify vs. Oxiclean  -  Oxiclean is available on store shelves everywhere and is one of the most popular products for stain and odor removal. However, Oxiclean is not created as sustainable or toxin-free.

Defunkify vs. Lume  -  Lume is also a natural ingredient-based product but isn’t sold as a detergent. Lume comes in a laundry spray to help eliminate odors.

Defunkify vs. Dropps  -  Dropps takes the non-toxic and natural ingredient method further and incorporates zero-waste packaging.

The Bottom Line

It can be frustrating looking for a detergent that flat out works at removing undesirable odors and stains from clothing.

Additionally, if you want an option that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic but also gets the job done, possibilities become even more limited.

Defunkify comes with very high independent ratings and has worked wonderfully for many households.

Although there are a select few customers that have had reactions, it is not a common occurrence.  Most customers have positive results and are able to come away with fresh-smelling laundry.

For this reason, we feel that Defunkify is worth trying out if you’re looking for a safe option for odor reduction in your clothing.

With non-toxic ingredients and sustainable sourcing, you are not harming the environment by exploring Defunkify as an active wash for your home.

If you have any experience with Defunkify, please leave your reviews below.

Defunkify Customer Reviews

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The best eco friendly choice
April 24, 2023
Found this brand online after trying tons and was just amazed at how well it works! I am trying to have a baby and wanted something healthier but functional. I will be a loyal customer for good now. Also stoked to find out they are based in my town.