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About is a new type of online dating site that specifically targets people who are only interested in fulfilling “discreet” online fantasies and finding a variety of no strings attached encounters.

According to their site, is the perfect dating site for people who are stuck in an unhappy relationship, are in open relationships, or are looking for affairs or one night stands.

The Terms and Conditions of the website state that due to the adult nature of the interactions that take place on their site, users and members must be at least 18 years of age to sign up, even for a free account.

There are many people who have objections to dating sites which are aimed at people who are already in relationships, and not just from a moral standpoint. Many of these sites, including and, have been called fake dating sites.

The reason why is because these sites actually employ people to setup profiles on their site and interact with both the paid and free members. At, they are called Online Cupids.

The job of Online Cupids, as described in the Terms and Conditions, is to interact with users to better encourage them to use all the potential features of the website. And in order to help their members, they mark the profiles of Online Cupids so they aren’t confused with legit members.

While this dating site does have basic free memberships, these memberships are limited in their features. In order to use this site to its full capability, you must register for a paid membership.

These memberships differ in price based on the level of service you are interested in, as well as long you want to subscribe for and whether you will pay the full subscription amount upfront or on a monthly basis.

Finally, one of the most important things to remember when signing up for any dating site is that when your subscription runs out, the site will simply renew it and charge your credit card again. You must cancel your subscription in writing before the date of your next billing cycle.

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