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About DatePlay by Vana

DatePlay by Vana, found online at, is a new online dating service which promises to give people all the fun of online game playing combined with the chance to find an excellent dating match in your local area.   

How Does It Work?

According to their website, DatePlay by Vana Koutsomitis is going to be the mobile application which combines online dating with another one of peoples’ favorite activities – gaming. 

Fans of the UK version of The Apprentice may recognize Vana Koutsomitis from one of their recent season where she was chosen as the runner up to the winner, and was often commented on as one of the more skilled and able contestants on that season. 

Though she did not win, her business idea outlasted the show and is currently in its early stages of being officially developed. Once it actually launches, the website says that the concept behind their premise is that they will use specially designed mini-games to identify their members’ personalities and preferences, and these results will then be used to match you with other application users. 

They claim that this approach to online and mobile dating is not only fun and entertaining, but will provide their members with much more reliable matches so they will no longer waste time on bad dates. 

Cost/Price Plans

At this time it is unclear what fees or prices will be associated with this mobile application and their services, and whether or not it will be a recurring monthly charge or a fee that you pay individually whenever you choose to play games or match with other members. What is clear, though, is that DatePlay is a profit seeking business so they will absolutely be requiring some kind of fees paid by their members, unlike some other dating services and mobile apps which are free to use.   

Refund Policy

Because this mobile application has not officially launched, they do not provide a publication of any of their official policies, nor of their official legal Terms & Conditions. However, it is extremely rare and uncommon for mobile applications and most dating websites and services to provide refunds to their customers. They generally provide certain features for free and expect that their customers understand what they are getting at the time of purchase, and that refunds are unnecessary. Until this application officially launches, though, we won’t know if this is how they will operate. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


As this company and product has not yet launched and still is in its funding stages, it might actually be fair to say that DatePlay currently has many more detractors and critics than it does supporters and celebrators. This is generally because they still have a significant number of unanswered questions about exactly how their app will operate left, which makes many people nervous.

The biggest concern for people who would be interested in using this application is exactly how many times they would be expected to play these mini-games. The way this opportunity is presented at this time is that you would play games with different people the app would present to you as possible matches, and these games would let the two of you know whether or not you were a good match for each other. 

This format has been described as “tedious” by some reviewers, who accurately point out that other established and well-respected dating sites like that use personality tests only ask their users to take a single test at one time – not take a test every time they want to potentially speak to someone on the site. And this test is arguably more in-depth than what can be determined from a couple mini-games, so if the personality match is important to users the reality is that there are already superior options available to them. 

The bottom line is that most customers simply will not know whether or not this mobile application will work for them until it officially launches and the way it operates becomes clear. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many, many different dating websites that focus on matching people by personality, like, or important values, like, as well as mobile applications like Tinder.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your DatePlay by Vana reviews below.

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