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Data Entry From Home

Are There any Legitimate Work at Home Online Data Entry Jobs...?

The demand for Data Entry From Home jobs is so high that this industry has become one of the most saturated markets for all types of work at home programs, MLM schemes, and blatant scams.

In my time working online I've seen hundreds of programs masquerading as sources of real data entry work, when in fact they're really selling something completely different.  They basically stretch the meaning of data entry to include anything that involves using a keyboard online, which is false advertising.

The majority of these programs sell you outdated internet/affiliate marketing strategies that tell you to engage in direct advertising for online products.  When the ads say that you'll be filling out marketing forms for large companies, they neglect to mention that these forms belong to search engines like Google and Yahoo.

These marketing forms are part of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns in which your ads show up as sponsored listings in search engines.  However, you get charged anywhere between $0.10 - $5.00 any time someone clicks your ad.

These data entry companies deliberately hide this information from potential customers until after they purchase the program.  The truth is that it is very difficult to find real work from home data entry jobs.  This why there are so many substitute programs being advertised.

The information that these Data Entry From Home programs deliver consists of basic internet marketing methods.  In most cases it's even outdated and does not reflect the many changes of the industry.

Personally, I love internet marketing and recommend it as the best way to make an online living.  Although you would want to work with a course or program that specializes in this field and not a cheap knock of version pretending to be a data entry job.

This epidemic of false advertising has gotten so bad that the payment and advertising processors for these companies have quit doing business with them.  For Instance, ClickBank one of the largest sources for eBooks and digital information products has removed all programs posing as data entry work from their data base.

Moreover, Google has disallowed any advertising to be done for these types of misleading programs.  Here's what they have to say:

"Google policy does not permit advertisements for data entry affiliate programs. This includes ads which direct users to sites that promote the creation or data entry of other ads directing users to the same site. It has come to our attention that some of these sites fail to disclose that there may be significant costs to advertisers associated with these programs, such as the costs incurred in creating Pay-Per-Click accounts with programs like AdWords." - Adwords Support-

Despite this crack down on misleading Data Entry From Home jobs, marketers are finding clever alternative ways to keep promoting these programs to people looking for work from home jobs.  Sadly, these fake opportunities are making the search for legitimate data entry jobs all the more difficult.

If you're very serious about finding this type of work I would recommend looking for actual companies in need of employees, not third party sites trying to sell you information.  In the past I would've recommend checking online job search sites like Monster or Career Builder but the truth is those are also saturated with misleading and time wasting opportunities posing as real work from home jobs.

I can only speak from experience, which leads me to believe that it's not worth even trying to find Data Entry From Home Work.  If any one has been fortunate enough to find a real data entry job that they can do from home I would love to hear from them.  This site gets a considerable amount of visitors who would love to find one of these jobs.  If you Contact Me with a legit data entry job I will update this page with links to it.


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