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About Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy LLC was founded on the idea of providing you with the best concepts and knowledge on how to become successful and stay on top of your game.

Through their seminars, courses and events, you will learn, grow, invest and create a better future for yourself and your business. The idea came from Darren Hardy, the leading man behind the “Success” magazine.

He started his entrepreneur career very young - at only 18 years old - and managed to create a real empire over the past 25 years.

His mentor, Jim Rohn, taught him the importance of networking and pretty soon, Darren became friends with a number of leaders in the success industry.

From that point on, he interviewed many successful people, such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Welch and many more, spent time with them and published their stories.

Along the way, he managed to get insight on their ideas and strategies. Now, he has developed a number of coaching techniques to help you become successful in your field, against all odds.


Darren Hardy has developed a program that he divided in three different categories, named: “Engage,” “Improve” and “Experience.”

Under the “Engage” section, you will find books and reading materials that will help you develop a successful business strategy, achieve your goals and find motivation and strength along the way.

To jumpstart your income, life and success, consider igniting the Compound Effect, a book that describes the winning strategies, teaches you the secrets of the super achievers as well as the core values they strive for.

It also helps you recognize and eliminate your bad habits that are putting you down and suppressing your progress.

The second book, “Living Your Best Year Ever,” is a guide that will help you achieve your goals in eight basic steps, using tools such as life assessment worksheets, goal designing programs and a weekly, monthly and quarterly achievement management system.

In addition, you will learn to set three main goals you are able to target and achieve through an adequate strategy. The rest is considered to be a part of the devils vortex, where you usually only waste your time and energy.

The third book, which he named “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster,” reveals that most small businesses fail not due to some external volatile factors, but due to the emotional rollercoaster people go through when involved in managing their business.

In this book, he describes all of the potential problems, fears and emotions you will face on your journey and gives you the techniques to overcome them and put them into good use. Instead of letting them ruin your hard work, make emotions work for you.

Under the “Improve” section, Darren Hardy offers interactive programs as well as a unique training system, which will help you reach the highest productivity and thrive as an entrepreneur.

“Experience” lets you join a live event, where all of these techniques are discussed and presented to you in order to teach you how to survive and thrive in the market today.

Darren Hardy is a special ACN speaker as well and with them, he shares the secrets and reasons why he started doing what he does in the first place. He is also a part of the MLM/network marketing hall of fame.

Cost and Price Plans

You can sign up for a free daily mentoring and join more than 200 thousand satisfied achievers. “The Compound Effect” is $6.77 for Kindle, Audiobook is sold for $40.45 and hardcover and paperback editions are available for $11.74 and $10.71, respectively.

“Living Your Best Year” can be yours for $49.95, while the hardcover copy of the “Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” will cost you $51.07.

As for the prices of participation in interactive programs and live events, they are unfortunately not disclosed on the official website.

Customer Service

If you have a question, you can visit several FAQ pages on the Darren Hardy official webpage. You can also subscribe to free daily mentoring by providing basic information such as your first name and email address.

The fastest way to reach their customer support team is through emailing them at [email protected] Simply submit a question and you will receive a response as quickly as possible.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Each year, more and more people read Darren Hardy’s books and join his live events.

In the end, they always come out as super achievers that have managed to increase their productivity, while generating a better response to the internal and external changes in their careers at the same time.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you wish to learn the secrets of how to be a successful entrepreneur and overcome fears, insecurities and problems that will inevitably arise on your journey, compare Darren Hardy’s philosophy vs Tony Robbins ideas, for example.

You can also search for other takes on the same problems and visit the webpages of other experts such as David Neagle and Luke Scott.

Where to Buy?

To purchase a book or sign up for a live event, go to Darren Hardy’s official webpage at https://darrenhardy.com/.


Being an entrepreneur has many challenges. What Darren Hardy discovered through his 20+ years’ journey is that most things are under our control.

Most importantly, there are techniques you can use to not only survive, but also develop your business through increased income, productivity and client satisfaction. In his books, seminars and events, he shares this knowledge with you.

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