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Brown spots are slowly fading
February 14, 2020
The product worked great on two of my dark spots within a few weeks. I can’t even see them anymore. Unfortunately it’s been a real slow process for the rest of my spots. I’ve been using the product for about 6 weeks. I’m not sure why they aren’t going away. Keeping my fingers crossed! I know it can work!

January 28, 2020
I've been eyeing this product for a couple of years now, espeically because I was noticing these little brown spots over taking my face and hands. I finally bought a supply of it during a big sale and I'm really glad I did! Now I'm only 33 and the spots-they are relatively minor but they were still creeping up everywhere. I've had a few stressful years and a lot of sun, 4 kids etc. etc. Anyway, I've used an entire bottle religiously every time I take a shower I put it on afterwards and I see a balancing of my skin color and exactly what the bottle says a "diminishing" of these spots. My skin is also very nourished looking and healthy now. I trust Dr. Gundry's formulations and advice because I've studied a lot of health books and what he researches and impliments is very cutting edge, current and genuine. THANKS DR. G!

July 1, 2019
I Used this product for 3 months and finally gave up. Did not work. Useless!

JUDY GOOLSBY April 07, 2020


dark spot remover
June 27, 2019
used it faithfully morn and night, no change. not worth it, they won't return your money unless within 90 days but then they tell you to use both bottle which takes more than 90 days.

I'm Impressed!
June 1, 2019
After using the Dark Spot Diminisher for 3 weeks, I have seen a noticeable difference. I've had these spots for many years, since I was a California girl, always out in the sun. The four spots on my face are significant'tly lighter, and the smaller spots on my arms and upper chest are gradually fading out. I am impressed with this wonderful product so far, and I'm looking forward to when the spots gone! I wish I started sooner. I'm so glad I purchased the multiple bottle set to complete the good work that was started 3 weeks ago. Thanks for this great product...JKB

Alice Villarreal June 16, 2019

I have had dark spots for years. I've tried everything from chemical peels to bleaching creames. I wear sunscreens to prevent them from getting worse. Everything that I tried I got minimal to no results. Makeup didn't solve the problem either. I started to use the spot diminisher and I was so happy to see the dark spots fade in the first week. I've been using this product for about a month now, and they seem to be getting better there are not notatally gone, but with makeup they now are hardly noticible. I hope maybe they will totally go away, only time will tell.

Suspicious of toxic "fragrance"
April 29, 2019
I received my dark spot diminisher today and immediately put it on my dark spots. However I was shocked by the strong scent. I couldn't believe that Dr Gundry would put synthetic fragrance in his formulation, as I'm sure he knows how toxic they are, but it is listed as a fragrance (parfum) on the ingredient label. Can we please have written confirmation as to whether this fragrance is from natural sources or if it is indeed a synthetic fragrance?

SallyO'Connor March 07, 2022

I don't like the odor either! I felt like my tongue was swelling after inhaling the odor for 1 day...(since the serum was on the dark spots located on my face and I was breathing it in all day long). I can't use it at night...the smell is too overwhelming!

A bit disappointed...
March 2, 2019

I started using it right away, and the first thing I noticed was that it is quite fragrant. I was nervous about that, as I have sensitivities, but applied it as instructed. Unfortunately, I found the fragrance too strong for night time application, so I've only been applying it for daytime. This has probably affected what results I might have noticed by now, although I have seen a bit of improvement.

Another thing I noticed is that the formula separates between uses and needs a vigorous shake before using, which isn't stated on the bottle.

I do like that it is packaged in a glass bottle, and that it arrived fairly quickly after I ordered it.

Hope this helps! Thanks!


Sandy Schmidt March 04, 2019

I bought 3 bottles of the Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher and followed the instructions. After nearly 2 bottles used, nothing changed. Zero. Completely disappointed. I should have listened to my instinct when initially inquiring.

Aria, Gundry MD March 12, 2019

Diane, I'm very sorry to hear that you haven't been seeing the result you had expected. As far as the fragrance and the formula, I will pass along your feedback to our Product Development team. I encourage you to continue using the product, but if you decide that you are unimproved or dissatisfied at any point, please email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to issue you a full refund.

Aria, Gundry MD March 12, 2019

Hi Sandy, I'm very sorry to hear this! We understand that everybody is different so we will always honor our money back guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] and I can initiate the refund process.

Dark Spot Remover
February 28, 2019

I have used this spot remover for 2 months now and even my husband notices my rough, scaley, dark brown spots on both cheeks and temples are completely gone! After years of beach living and working outdoors, usually unprotected from the sun, I am amazed it even worked. I use it on my entire face to prevent blotchiness. It leaves behind my natural redness, but that's healthy skin and much easier to cover!

BUT, the best and most unexpected surprise is what it has done for my skin! I am 66 and have struggled with oily skin and blackheads constantly since being a teen. NOTHING, and I have used it all, has even pretended to work.

I have extremely sensitive skin, as I am also a redhead. This is so gently, I use it twice per day. It has a subtle fragrance of grapefruit but no burn.

After only 2 weeks of using it and the reparative serum, the oil is lifted from the pores. The blackheads are rising to the surface, even where I did not see them present, and are easily washed away. I cannot thank you enough and will be ordering this on a regular basis from now on.

SamanthaNickel March 03, 2019

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks regularly. On my right hand and a couple of spots on my face. So far it's difficult to say as it's only been a short while. Second comment is the fragrance is very strong and as an aromatherapist, it smells very chemically and irritates my nose which is very sensitive. I do like the softening properties of the product.

Aria, Gundry MD March 12, 2019

Diana, I'm so happy to hear that you've seen improvements using this product! My email is [email protected] if at any time you have any questions or concerns.

Aria, Gundry MD March 12, 2019

Samantha, I'm sorry to hear that the fragrance is too strong! I will pass along your feedback to our Product Development team. If you are unable to continue taking the Dark Spot Diminisher, please email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to issue you a full refund.

LisaOllmann Mair April 29, 2019

I just received my dark spot diminisher and was very disappointed by the strong fragrance. The ingredients list "fragrance (parfum)" which usually indicates synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrance is a cocktail of estrogen mimickers, obesogens, and carcinogens, usually described as proprietary. Can we have written confirmation about whether the fragrance in this serum is synthetic or natural? Also, even if natural, it's way too strong.

BarbaraLopuszynski February 26, 2020

I agree. Love the product but way to much added perfume. Barbara L.

TerriWilson March 09, 2022

The overbearing fragrance and the nature of the "fragrance (parfum)" would concern me, as well, particularly any "carcinogens." Terri Wilson

So far, so good
February 27, 2019

I started using the product on my left forearm and back of my left hand four weeks ago. I wanted to see if fading of "sun spots" on the treated arm would be noticeably different from the untreated arm. As I started, both arms showed the signs of moderate to severe sun exposure during my days working construction while in college.

As of today, four weeks into the daily treatment, I can see moderate fading on the treated arm.

My only concern is that the little bottles don't hold enough liquid to complete treatment using the recommended, "dime-sized" applications. I'm well into the second of three bottles just treating one forearm and back of one hand.

CatherineBurge February 08, 2020

I agree--My only concern is that the little bottles don't hold enough liquid to complete treatment using the recommended, "dime-sized" applications. I'm well into the third week and ran out of product just treating one forearm and one small area of my face

Amazing Results in Just a Few Days!!
February 20, 2019

All I can say is WOW! I have some very noticeable dark spots on my nose and have tried dozens of products over the years. None were effective in removing or lightening the dark spots. None of them even showed any real improvement.

Within a few days of applying Dark Spot Diminisher I noticed an improved lightening of these dark spots. I have only used the product for a few weeks and will now move to dark spots on my hands and arms. Thank you, Dr. Gundry!!

ERIC January 17, 2020

I've been using the product on my face and legs for two and a half weeks and have noticed the dark spots on my legs beginning to fade. The spots on my face are fading too, but not as fast as the spots on my legs. Thank you.

PatrickMcGlynn January 17, 2020

63 year old male using product daily. Helped clear up dry patches and reduced/faded dark spots. Really liked the smell and product!


Angela January 22, 2020

I like the product. The first time I used it, noticed immediately some fading. Wish I had taken a before and after photo. Only thing not pleased with; wish the bottle was see through, so I can see how much of the product is left, and how much was in the bottle to begin with. After all, it is not cheap to purchase.

TerriWilson March 09, 2022

I, too, would prefer a see-through bottle.

This really works
February 17, 2019
I’m always leery of products making promises to reverse aging; but I’ve been using Dr. Gundry’s Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher for just a month and definitely see an improvement. I’m 58 with olive skin, covered in spots! I’ve tried other Gundry products I love and others not so much. With their great customer service and 90-day guarantee it’s a no-brainer. I have gotten full refunds from Dr Gundry on products that don’t work for me...but for the ones that do...I’m a lifer! Looking forward to seeing my skin 2 months from now! Thanks Dr Gundry team for great products and customer service.

Sandra Zapp March 04, 2019

I love this spot Diminisher. it really works.i hope it will last!

spots be gone!
February 15, 2019
After years of standing outside doing school recess duty..I have many age spots..several very dark on my cheek. I've tried other products which were too harsh on my skin. The Gundry remover has started to fade the very dark spots. I am sure it will take longer than usual but I see progress. I do love the bottle design with the easy to apply and not wasteful of the creamy product. Thanks!

It works
January 26, 2019
I decided to do my own experiment. I used the product on one side of my face, twice a day, and used my regular moisturizer on the other side. It took about 5 weeks, but I can see a noticeable difference. The side of my face where I used this lotion has much less visible age lines, and the dark circles under my eye has faded. I am going to get another bottle, and use it on my whole face this time.

Dr Gundry's Dark Spot Diminisher
January 23, 2019

I am always wary about purchasing online from American/overseas sites that send parcels all the way to New Zealand. I never know if it will be a slow journey by boat and take weeks to get here, or be lost in transit, or not sent at all because of fake websites and scams.

I took a chance and purchased Dr Gundry's product. I received the parcel very quickly, with updates about where the parcel was in transit regularly.

I started using the product as directed on a dark spot I have on the skin on my cheek bone, about the size of a dime. Low and behold, the spot is disappearing before my eyes. Every day it is getting less and less brown and breaking up with light skin showing through. The spot is nearly half gone now and it has been three weeks so far. It literally started disappearing two-three days into the starting the treatment.

I absolutely recommend this product and am very pleased with the progress. (I am also aiming to start Dr Gundry's way of eating in the next two weeks).

I am very happy, that even in New Zealand, halfway around the world from where I am, I can easily gain access to products, where shipping would have been out of my price range a couple of years ago.

Thanks Dr Gundry!

Dark spots
January 18, 2019

I have been using the formula almost a full month, I have ordered another month's supply. My dark spots were very hearty so they are taking some time to disappear. They are much lighter than they're and I hope with continue use they will disappear completely.

I have tried other formulas including Mary Kay, Merle Norman, and L'Oreal without much success. I am hoping this formula will help me achieve my goal.

Brown spots are fading!
January 18, 2019
I am a 53 year old woman that has tried many products for the brown spots that I have on my face due to something called a "pregnancy mask" I got after my second pregnancy in my early thirties. It has been 20 years of looking for an answer to help this condition. I have used 1 1/2 bottles of Dr. Gundry's dark spot diminisher and I have seen a 50 percent improvement. I am going to continue the use of this product and can't wait to see how I look a few months from now!!

January 17, 2019
I was very happy that my dark spot is getting a little lighter after I used the product for a little over a month. Hopefully my dark spot will go away after a few more months.

DeannaBergman February 05, 2019

My dark spots did get a little lighter but I was hoping that it would work a bit better than the medication my dermatologist had given...It works exactly the same.

Very Good Spot Remover!
January 13, 2019
I tried this spot remover very skeptical that it would work as well as claimed. I am 59 years old and have had several very dark age spots on my hands and face for at least 10 years. I used it twice a day as directed. This product has reduced the darkness of my age spots by more than half in just the 30 days. I am looking forward to seeing what results the next month of using it will bring. Even if the spots don’t lighten any more, I am very pleased that they are not as noticeable and blend in with my skin tone much better. I definitely recommend giving this spot remover a try.

Great product!
January 13, 2019
This product really work!! My dark spots have greatly faded and it makes my skin so soft. Thank you!!

Looking better!
January 12, 2019
I’m a fairly critical when it come to reviews and a straight shooter. I have brown spots a few places on my face which seem to be improved. The area at the top of my brow bone and just above my left eyebrow seem to have the slowest improvement howevef I do see some. I don’t think it’s been 60 days so I will continue to use in hopes of greater results and possible complete resolve. Hopeful. Not sure what’s in this product but I have not had any irritation to my sensitive skin. Ask me again in another month?