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Danette May is a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor and nutritionist who for over a decade has been helping people achieve their health goals.  Through her company, Mindful Health, she has released a variety of multimedia resources, best selling books, and training tools.

Her philosophy focuses on approaching health through three pillars that are healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset.  This holistic approach includes everything from eating right to having the right psychology when it comes to weight loss goals.

Since her start as a fitness personality her business has expanded to offer Coaching, Live Events, Publishing, and a Superfoods Brand.

Products and Resources

Her programs are designed to be as efficient as possible so that you can cook healthy meals quickly and do full body workouts without having to spend hours at the gym.  This way real people with real lives can achieve their fitness goals.

Some of her original programs included:

The Bikini Body Detox - This is a high performance body reboot, this 3 day program will kickstart your health journey.  It features a full 3 day meal plan with recipes and shopping lists designed to eliminate toxins and boost metabolism.

This is combined with a 15 minute daily movement plan that will get your heart rate going and introduce your body to new ways of working out.  Cost: $7.99

7 Day Jumpstart - Building of the Bikini Detox program the 7 day version promises that you can lose up to seven pounds in seven days.  It also comes with an exact meal and recipe plan that focuses on eating anti-inflammatory foods that aid in weight loss and recovery. Cost: $17.00

Bikini Body Recipes - features 150 recipes that use few ingredients and are quick to make.  These healing meals will help you lose weight, increase energy, improve your mood, stabilize blood sugar levels, increase strength and provide mental clarity.  Cost $27.00

Flat Abs Fast DVD -  This is a promotional offer from Danette that is a great intro to healthy eating and exercise. Features 3 workout videos, 10-Day Meal Plan eBook, and a fast meals prep video.  Cost: DVD is Free but you pay the $5.95 shipping and handling fee.

Since the release of these products the company has refined their offerings to 3 key programs.

FitRise Membership - An overall workout and weight loss program that guides you through healthy movements and healthy eating.

Manifest Anything -  A lifestyle course for creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Danette May shares her methods for living with purpose, intention, and abundance.

21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge - A relationship course that focuses on mind, body and energy. A program designed to heal your traumas and prepare you for successful relationships.

Dannette May has also authored two books, “Embrace Abundance” and “The Rise.”

Customer Service

If you have any questions about her programs or coaching you can contact her at [email protected]  Some of the programs are on a subscription basis, you can always email support for cancelation or membership change requests.

Most of her physical products come with a 60 day money back refund period.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

While many people have found her resources very helpful there were a few complaints when it came to the recipes; some people found them lacking and focusing too much on smoothies and shakes.  

The main complaint being that there was nothing groundbreaking in them, just simple advice on how to eat healthier.

Her books have received overall positive reviews, with people feeling motivated and inspired by the personal stories to take charge of their health.  Some negative reviews stated that they felt the books were too much of a vehicle for promoting her products.

It seems that a lot of the negative reviews stemmed from her past products which involved sending out DVDs, these days the membership based online fitness courses don’t have the same customer service challenges or complaints.

Her main superfoods product Cacao Bliss has also received solid reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives

There is an overwhelming amount of information and gurus available online that all promise to help with weight loss, muscle building or just overall health.  It’s important to set your own goals first then find fitness programs that will help you get there.

Other quality all-in-one courses include the Primal Blueprint, The Paleo Way, and Dr. Josh Axe’s Real Food Diet.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up for Danette May’s courses at DanetteMay.com, TheFitRise.com, and her superfoods brand can be found at EarthEchoFoods.com.

If you have any experience with Danette May or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Danette May Customer Reviews

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WORST Customer Service From Dishonest Agents
December 1, 2022

This company blocked my number after their incompetent service rep cancelled my Black Friday order (deal) because I asked them to match the free shipping offer they post on their website. Then she tried to sell me the same stuff at an increased price. I repeatedly begged for a manager to two different reps but they refused to connect me. I did not ask for the order to be cancelled but explained the continual pages of offers on their long promotional piece was misleading. They post one summary-cost while inputting your credit card but charge more at the end. It felt deceptive.

I ended up screaming at them after repeated procrastination from one rep who kept lying to me about the status of speaking to her superior. Her story changed repeatedly. She called me back with an offer that would expire in "14 minutes." I still didn't have a $320 credit they issued although I told them I didn't want to cancel. The bank said it could take two weeks to post!

How could I afford to re-purchase? This was the WORST service I have EVER received from any company. And they are a designer, overpriced brand. No one ever returned my call all day. I also explained my situation in CHAT where I was also promised a manager call-back. Instead, they have a message that I am "not allowed to call this company" when I dial them. JP Sears recommends the AWFUL company.

I will unsubscribe from anyone who promotes this arrogant blond with a scam company. They made this experience time consuming, miserable, frustrating and ridiculous. Their agents are from India with accompanying accents and had difficulty forming sentences in English. They gave me a colossal run-around. It really ruined my day.

Becareful, you might be buying something you don't want
January 30, 2022

I would be writing a good review but I just ordered the book but it doesn't just take you to the end you have to go through 4 different "Wait you can also get...." well at the end it ordered something for me that I said no to.

Now I am having to jump through hoops to cancel it. I am very disappointed and feel that all this is is a scam to get you to buy other products you don't want.

Unsavory/Unscrupulous Purchasing Experience. Buyer Beware.
December 18, 2019

Last week, wanted to place an order to purchase one canister of Danette May's Cacoa Bliss. The system jumped to the next screen. To order an additional three. When, I reverted back to the original screen. The computer driven device already implemented the order for four.

Immediately, contacted a Representative. To straighten out my order. She achieved processing, and initiating my complaint expeditiously. She was articulate about refunding my credit card.

Upon receipt of the order. There was four. Immediatedly, contacted the company via email. Expressing being the recipient of four. At present, am under severe weather constraints. With having spontaneous icy snowstorms. The company expects me to bring it to the P.O. Although, it were their mistake. I acted in good faith, telling them to make the necessary provisions to pick up from my front porch. Everyday, am receiving nasty gram emails treating me like a villain/culprit.

They never sent me dvd
April 26, 2019
They never sent me dvd. Total scam

January 20, 2019

They charge you for shipping and never send the DVD. They are just raking in money. Nothing is free! Why would they send you a DVD for just shipping anyway. Always the motto, when it sounds too good to be true, it is not true.... I thought maybe just one DVD and then you would be hooked on her series, but it's all fake!

They send you a bunch of emails, USPS tracking and it tracks to STATUS UNAVAILABLE... Because they don't ship anything! They just take everyone's money...

February 13, 2018
Never got the DVD but they refused to help me! Refused to pay credit card for the purchase!! This seems to be a common theme with this company!!!

October 20, 2017

Free dvd sounded like too good to be true, but I was so pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love it!!!! I have been using it for over a year. At the beginning I wasn't able to do it all perfectly, but after couple months I could feel my stomach squeezed in, my posture is better, and so is my mood because it makes me feel good. And it only takes minutes!!! I don't have to drive anywhere, and no monthly memberships. It's great for busy people who would otherwise have no exercise at all.

Sometimes I do advanced in the morning and intermediate in the evening, or other way around, depending how I feel.

I could not be happier!! And I certainly look leaner than I was before. Just to be able to pull my stomach in was exciting to me :-)

I also like Danette's tips for quick meals and weekly meal planning (it's part of the dvd). I just watched it again today and I am going to download the 10 Day Meal Plan. Danette also gives out a good energy. She has lots of youtube videos. I like her recipe for ginger turmeric tea.

I am so grateful!!! Thank you Danette :-)

Rip off
September 25, 2017
They took my money and keep telling me they love me and know how frustrated I am but they won't send me my DVD!

Fitness and food program
August 4, 2017

She uses a lot of shake type drinks to get the weight off.

I do like the fitness as it is short and not too hard and versitle.

Stop the Spam Please!
July 18, 2017
I made a mistake of using my work email when signing up. Ever since, I have started receiving dozens of Diet and Weight Loss Spam Emails. Normally I never use my work email--guess I was tired. Does she sell out the registered email addresses?

April 7, 2017
I am so pleased with her 30 day program. I did not read the fine print when I ordered the protein powder, as I did not realize that it was an auto ship. That makes it convenient, but I had ordered 4! lol My bad. Easy enough to remedy and not on Danette at all. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. She provides plans, recipes, meditations, and I love the workouts! Short and sweet, targeting everything! The support in the FB community is amazing and seeing everyone's results has been really uplifting! It sounds crazy, but people are not just shedding weight, but baggage. She is so supportive in her videos and the mentors that she has in our FB group have been great too. I highly recommend this program!

Ordered flat abs dvd
March 31, 2017
I paid the 6.95 to get the dvd. I did not receive the dvd and am getting a refund but not from the vendor as they cannot be reached. Wish i had never done it and will never do it again. This is not right to do people this way. I hope this gets shut down.

Never recrived 15 minute movement plan
March 29, 2017
Im on day 2 of the detox. All i wanna do is sleep. I have not experienced any bursts of energy. I am starving on this detox. The gum on the ground is looking good at this point! In her links to buy the 3 day detox it states that ypu will also have access to her 15 minute mivement plan. Nope, not true!!! It's false advertising. Buyer beware.

Be patient it's worth it!
March 26, 2017
It took a minute to come but the DVD did come! I think it's was like 3 weeks but for as cheap as it's being offered I felt it worth the wait. I also went ahead & got the full body workout with it which came with another dvd that contained something called "flow" it was a happy combination of yoga & Pilate's. I felt challenged & yet capable of doing all of the moves at least 80% of the time (mind you, I'm super out of shape, my last work out routine was well over a year ago & I have been sitting in a desk for 40 hours a week during said time). I did not realize how effective this seemingly simple routine was! I am super sore! But in that way that you know you worked for that soreness & I can't remember the last time I enjoyed being sore from a workout if ever. & lastly, she is so kind in her videos...I cried a little during my workout with her flow video but it was a good cry, cleansing myself of my poor self image. If you want a workout that is the whole package, easy to do, fun to do & effective this is the one! (& believe me, I would know I've bought a bunch over the years... Cheapest & yet best one I've ever used!)

March 24, 2017

Please don’t use this process, it cannot be trusted and you have no guarantee of product delivery. they are only a reseller of a company called Spring of Life located in PA. Review of the company shows poor response as to customer complaints.


Phone number 888.269.3650

Call and cancel your orders now. We never signed up for this and we are being billed illegally.

Paid S&H for free DVD and never received
March 19, 2017
I ordered the free My flat belly fat DVD on 2/19/17. I paid $6.95 for shipping and handling and never received the DVD

30 Day Challenge
March 17, 2017

I am on the 30 day Challenge. It is not just a diet it is a lifestyle change. There are routines of exercises that allow you to have the occasional cheat meal with out packing on the pounds. There are alternatives to my usual unhealthy snacks that satisfy my sweet tooth and this is great. The exercise routines are designed to help you burn off the excess if you do cheat.

What more can we ask for . I will recommend this to anyone who is interested in making a permanent change to body and overall health.

March 12, 2017
I have never received this and it was supposed to be available right away! I think this is a scam! I'm contacting my credit card company

Not for Everyone!
March 9, 2017
VERY POOR customer service when it comes to needing to return for a refund!!!

Paid S&H and never received DVD, as promised.
March 8, 2017

Paid for DVD S&H and almost one month later have not received anything. It's always a sign when customer service writes: "It normally no less than 14 "business" days in the US with no snafus in transit."

Snafus, via USPS, this sounds like the checks in the mail.