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It’s not uncommon to hear your closest friends and family speak about wanting to establish healthy eating patterns, yet being restricted by the amount of preparation needed or the lack of ideas. Some companies empathize with this problem, and they have built a small empire on helping others overcome the time constrictions.

For instance, Daily Harvest operates as a subscription service designed to deliver pre-portioned cups of do-it-yourself foods, including soups, frozen smoothies, breakfast bowls, and more. The best part of it all? You’ll have it on your doorstep on the day of your choosing. Gone are the days of counting calories or ordering expensive yet unhealthy foods that are filled with additives and fillers.


Daily Harvest boasts a substantial number of choices, meaning that there is something for everyone, big or small. The company prides itself on working with farmers with the purpose of freezing produce on-site within hours of harvest –helping retain their taste, nutritional value, and texture.

In other words, not only are their products full of nutrient-rich ingredients, but they can also help overcome a diet filled with additives, fillers, preservatives, and other issues found in conventional supermarket foods.

When taking about their products, Daily Harvest has a healthy selection of soups, smoothies, harvest bowls, chia parfaits, sundaes, overnight oats, and lattes too. There is almost no fruit or vegetable that this company hasn’t worked with, and that can speak miles about quality and nutrition information.

How Does It Work?

If you’re confused about the entire process, don’t be! Everything is designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, and it works by Daily Harvest sending you a box full of goodies, either on a weekly or monthly basis –depending on what you select.

You can even choose the delivery day and time, and the company will send you detailed tracking information by either using OnTrac or Fedex once the box is shipped. Possibly one of the main unique selling points about Daily Harvest is that you skip a shipment, change the assortment or meals you’re getting, all depending on your needs and wants.

This means that knowing how to cancel will no longer ever be a problem, and you can then enjoy peace of mind.

Cost and Price Plans

In terms of costs and prices, they differ in accordance to the products you’re selecting. But, if you are brand new customer, you can benefit from a wide selection of discounts, unique codes, and other little bits and pieces during checkout.

Customer Service

Another excellent bonus of Daily Harvest is that their customer service is second to none, meaning that you can quickly and efficiently email their customer service team for all related questions or concerns –using their [email protected] email address.

Plus, you can also cancel your plan in full or delete the entirety of your account information by changing the information available in the “my plan” tab, selecting the option “manage plan”. That’s where you can also make other changes to your meal plans; put a delivery on hold, and others.

Online Reviews/Complaints

After carefully researching Daily Harvest’s brand, it appears that opinions are divided in regards to their products. On the one hand, some have praised how the wide variety of products can help you clean up your dietary habits, create long-lasting effects which are not possible with conventional supermarket drinks or meals, and how there is excellent value for money considering the nutritional gains.

On the other hands, there are a handful of customers who weren’t as impressed with the company’s cancellation policies and the amount of plastic used in their containers. In other words, if you are an environmentalist who isn’t keen on throwing tons of plastic in the bin, you might want to search for alternatives, which brings us to our next point.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many other companies following the same noble aim that Daily Harvest goes by, and so if you’re searching for choices, here are three alternatives that will peak your interest. The first one is Green Blender, a company that offers plant-powered smoothies and cereal recipes following your own nutritional goals.

Their menu is quite expansive, and since there are multiple organic ingredients you can rely on, in addition to the inexpensive delivery, you don’t need to worry about ever keeping products past their expiration date.

The second option is The Honestly Good Smoothie Company, who follow a sustainable, transparent, and reliable approach to healthy eating. Their smoothie review shows that customers are impressed with the value for money offered by these drinks, which might explain the company’s rising popularity.

Last but not least, Goodie offers news customers five free smoothies so that you can see what the company is all about. There is a bit of competition between this brand and others, particularly the Goodie vs Green blender dilemma, but at the end of the daily, both include a wide range of superfoods and butters that keep you in tip-top shape.

Where to Buy?

If you’re sold on Daily Harvest and want to give them a go, then you can find their products and create your own unique box by using their main website. Build your order using your favorite superfoods, then track the package and see it reach your door in a few days.


To sum up, creating healthy eating habits is now easier than ever, and subscription-based services such as Daily Harvest and others are excellent at covering all your vitamin and nutritional goals in no-time. Plus, since they boast convenient prices and a spotless delivery service, there is absolutely no reason to not give them a go.

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